Weatherford Antiques and Americana Auction - Online Only

Commercial Auction in EASY Online Bidding, Weatherford Texas, United States

19 Wednesday
July 19th, 2017

Weatherford Antiques and Americana Auction - Online Only

Commercial Auction in EASY Online Bidding, Weatherford Texas, United States

Wednesday at - 19th July , 2017


Items in this Auction are located in WEATHERFORD, TX

All bidders agree to be bound by this bidder contract by placing a bid. PLEASE SCROLL & READ ALL TERMS LISTED BELOW, INCLUDING PREVIEW, PICKUP, SHIPPING, and DELIVERY INFORMATION.

* TERMS OF SALE: 10% Buyer Fee added to high bid at invoice. All items are being sold ‘AS IS, WHERE IS’, No Warranties or Guarantees of any kind. No Returns, No Refunds. A paid invoice receipt from Texas Auction & Realty is required prior to pickup and removal. Buyers assume all responsibility and hold Seller and Auctioneer harmless for introducing any item or part of item into the stream of commerce. Photographs and Descriptions are provided as a guide, and a guide only. Bidders to verify correctness of ANY advertised information to their satisfaction as to use for any particular purpose. Any bid placed by a Bidder is based solely upon the Bidder’s personal inspection and opinion. Failure to inspect the property does not relieve bidder of responsibility for payment and removal as stated in these terms. All bids are a binding contract according to these terms. Bidder acknowledges that once a bid is offered, the Bidder shall be bound by the bid amount. Bids cannot be withdrawn or retracted. Verify your information entered (bid amount) before submitting your bids. Auction is subject to additions and or deletions prior to auction closing.

* INVOICES & PAYMENT TERMS: All Invoices are due and payable upon receipt. Buyer authorizes Ross Bandy Auctioneers, LLC dba Texas Auction & Realty to charge buyers credit card to pay invoices up to $2,500. A Cashier’s Check will be required for invoices over $2,500. You may pay in Cash when you pickup your items. If you have a preference in how you wish to pay, please let the Auctioneer know before the auction ends! Otherwise, all cards will be charged after the conclusion of the online auction. We continue to offer delivery to central locations in Ballinger and Midland Texas. There will be a $3 per lot charge for shipping or delivery. Any additional shipping charges we incur above that amount will be charged to your card for any shortages in the actual shipping cost.

* SALES TAX: Sales tax will be collected on taxable items at the appropriate sales tax rate unless you have filled out a valid Texas Resale Exemption form. You may fax your form to: (817) 594-0585. We must have this on file in order to exclude sales tax from your purchases on your final invoice.

* EXTENDED BIDDING / DYNAMIC CLOSING: If a bid is entered within the last five minutes of the closing of an item, the closing time will be extended by five minutes to ensure sufficient time for bidders to submit their bids. Extended Bidding will continue until all bidding has ceased.

* PREVIEW & INSPECTION: The Preview and Inspection Schedule is available, and can be found in the Auction Listing Tab on the Auction Page. Individuals previewing items are personally responsible for any breakage/damage to items they are handling and will be charged appraised value for item(s). All people previewing assume all responsibility for their own safety. Auctioneer & Seller are not responsible for accidents.

* PICK UP TIME / REMOVAL: The Pickup Time / Removal Schedule is available, and can be found on the Auction Listing Tab on the Auction Page, and must be adhered to specifically. Any bid placed by a Bidder should be based on their ability to comply with the schedule as listed. Any Item(s) noted as *LOCAL PICKUP ONLY* indicates that Auctioneer will NOT move the item from the current location of the item(s), AND no shipping or delivery is available. Buyers MUST pickup these items and provide any additional personnel or equipment required to move the item. IF YOU CANNOT PICK UP THE ITEM DURING THE SCHEDULED PICKUP TIME --- DO NOT BID! Buyer is responsible for providing the supplies, boxes, packing material, tools, equipment, etc. necessary, as well as the physical labor for dismantling, rigging, crating, loading and hauling at their own expense. ANY ITEM NOT PICKED UP WITHIN 5 DAYS WILL BE CONSIDERED ABANDONED. IF THE BUYER INVOICE IS NOT PAID, THE DEFAULTING BIDDERS ACCOUNT WILL BE CLOSED FOR ALL MARKNET ALLIANCE AUCTIONS.

SHIPPING: is available on small items and can be grouped. Please send us an email at the conclusion of the auction if you need your items shipped, and include the address you wish the items shipped to. The delivery fee will be added in another line of your invoice. If that amount is not sufficient to cover the shipping expense, we may contact you for additional payment to cover the actual dollar amount required to get the package to the address provided.

DELIVERY: is by quotation at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled close of the auction.

By placing any bid, each Bidder or Buyer -
1) understands that Auctioneer or Seller incurs actual damages by non-performing Bidders or Buyers.
2) understands that Auctioneer or Seller may repossess any property not paid for by midnight on the 5th day after auction ends, and may close the non-paying Bidder account.
3) understands that Auctioneer or Seller may repossess any property not picked up by the Buyer or his/her representative on the 5th day after auction ends regardless of invoice payment status. A Storage Fee equal to any payments, may be levied at midnight on the 5th day after auction ends. Defaulting Buyer account may be closed, and a ‘black flag’ notification may be sent to the MarkNet Alliance.
4) understands that Auctioneer or Seller may request assistance from a third party to recover damages incurred as the result of a non-performing Bidder or Buyer.

Texas Auction & Realty makes no warranty that:
1) your use of the site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
2) the results that may be obtained from the use of the site will be accurate or reliable.
3) the quality of any information or other material obtained by you through the site will meet your expectations.
4) the use or the inability to use the site; unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data; statements or conduct of any third party on this site; or any other matter relating to the site.
5) in case of any errors or malfunctions of hardware or software, Texas Auction & Realty reserves the right to cancel any transaction even if you have received confirmation of the transaction by email.
We strive to make this system as stable as possible, however errors and equipment malfunctions are possible and may happen without notice. We cannot and will not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site or its services.

*FIREARMS TERMS: The General Terms above apply to all Firearms, as well as the following:
Sale of these Firearms are governed by Federal Firearms Law and Buyer will have to pass the required background check.
Firearm Purchases are open to Texas Residents that are United States Citizens only.
To preview any firearms, please go to Clearview Firearms at 333 York Avenue in Weatherford, Tx during normal business hours and ask to see the items up for auction at Texas Auction & Realty.
If Buyer does not pass the background check, buyer is still responsible & under contract to pay for the item.
If buyer does not pass the background check, property & monies return to the seller.
There is a $20.00 FFL Transfer Fee on this firearm.
Clearview Firearms is handling the transfer of this firearm. Buyer must go to Clearview Firearms and fill out paperwork to transfer this firearm.
Buyer is responsible for the $20 transfer fee payable directly to Clearview Firearms.
Buyer is responsible for the shipping to a FFL Holder if needed.
Firearm is being sold in compliance with Federal and State Law.
Clearview Firearms is located at 333 York Avenue, Weatherford, Texas 76086. Phone 817-966-3050. A Paid Invoice from Texas Auction & Realty is required before beginning any transfer.

Bidders on the Firearms at Texas Auction & Realty confirm by their bid that:
The REGISTERED BIDDER MUST be the SAME person picking up purchases of firearms.
No out of state purchases.
I swear/affirm that the following is true:
I am the actual purchaser of this firearm.
I am Not under indictment or information in any court for a Felony, or any other crime, for which the judge could imprison me for more than one year.
I have Not been convicted in any court of a Felony, or any other crime for which the judge could imprison me for more than one year.
I am Not a fugitive from Justice.
I am Not an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana, or any depressant, illegal narcotic or any other controlled substance.
I have Not been adjudicated mentally defective or mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution.
I have Not been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the Armed Forces.
I am Not subject to a court order restraining me from harassing, stalking, or threatening my child or an intimate partner or child of such partner.
I have Not ever been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
I have Never renounced my United States Citizenship.
I am Not an alien illegally in the United States.
My state of residence is Texas.
My country of citizenship is the United States of America.
I will Not operate the firearm until the firearm is checked out by a gunsmith.
I agree to indemnify Ross Bandy Auctioneers, LLC dba Texas Auction & Realty, and the seller or any agent/employee thereof against any loss/damage/injury/death to myself or any other person due to/because of the purchase/use of this/these firearms.



Location has been calculated by address and may not be 100% accurate.

Auction Items For Sale

Lot#: 0


Lot#: 2406

Entertainment / Computer Center

Lot#: 2407

Antique Inlaid Wood Fireplace Mantle with Beveled Mirror

Lot#: 2408

Long Handled Wood Peel

Lot#: 2409

McDougall Porcelain Top Hoosier Cabinet with Flour Sifter

Lot#: 2410

Framed, Matted, Signed and Numbered Original Sculpture - Washakie - Doug and Sandra McDonald - 13/150

Lot#: 2411

Mission Oak Desk with Drawer

Lot#: 2412

Steamer Trunk

Lot#: 2413

Corn Grinder

Lot#: 2414

Vintage Eyewear and Cases

Lot#: 2415

Colt 1928 Police Positive Special .32-20 WCF Caliber

Lot#: 2416

Kitchen Cabinet - Otto & Co. Washington, MO

Lot#: 2417

Antique Tiered Shelf Glass Top Showcase

Lot#: 2418

Wood Quilt Rack

Lot#: 2419

Piano Seat with Glass Ball and Claw Feet

Lot#: 2420

Framed, Matted and Signed Art Print - Julie Kramer Cole - c.1986

Lot#: 2421

12ft English Library Ladder

Lot#: 2422

Primitive Cabinet

Lot#: 2423

Wood Framed Screen Door

Lot#: 2424

Caned Wood Rocker

Lot#: 2425

Smith & Wesson Model 38 M&P 4th Model .38 Special Caliber

Lot#: 2426

Forged Iron Base Revolving Trivet

Lot#: 2427

Large Buggy Whip Rack

Lot#: 2428

Rolltop Desk

Lot#: 2429

Forged Iron Small Game Roaster

Lot#: 2430

Framed, Matted, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Art Print - Julie Kramer Cole - c.1988 - 150/950

Lot#: 2431

Pot Belly Cabinet

Lot#: 2432

8ft Library Ladder with Hardware

Lot#: 2433

Wood Drive Pulley

Lot#: 2434

Bottom Cabinet

Lot#: 2435

Smith & Wesson Model SW CTG Lemon Squeezer .38 S&W Caliber

Lot#: 2436

Iron Water Pump Faucet

Lot#: 2437

Wall Mount Cabinet

Lot#: 2438

Anheuser-Busch Wood Box

Lot#: 2439

Wood Grain Scoop

Lot#: 2440

Framed, Matted, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Art Print - Julie Kramer Cole - c.1988 - 865/950

Lot#: 2441

Lawson Iron Gas Water Heater - Room Heater

Lot#: 2442

Wood Library Ladder

Lot#: 2443

John Deere 191 Horse Drawn Plow

Lot#: 2444

Glenmore Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Jug

Lot#: 2445

Smith & Wesson Model 1889 Double Action Revolver .38 S&W Special Caliber

Lot#: 2446

Serpentine Front Dresser with Wood Framed Bevel Mirror

Lot#: 2447

Joseph Posch Brass Air Pump

Lot#: 2448

Red Wing No.5 Jug

Lot#: 2449

Wood Corner Cabinet

Lot#: 2450

Framed and Matted Original Paper Sculpture

Lot#: 2451

Ice Water No.3 Crock with Spigot

Lot#: 2452

Iron Water Pump Faucet

Lot#: 2453

Handled Pottery Jug with Spout

Lot#: 2454

Red Wing Stone Mason Fruit Jar

Lot#: 2455

Smith & Wesson Model 1-1/2 Single Action .32 Caliber

Lot#: 2456

Ice Tongs

Lot#: 2457

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine in Wood Case

Lot#: 2458

Shaker Dining Table

Lot#: 2459

Hinged Lid Wood Box

Lot#: 2460

Eagle Oiler Can

Lot#: 2461

Wood Oxen Yoke

Lot#: 2462

Coal Bucket with Shovel

Lot#: 2463

Climax No.1 Grinder

Lot#: 2464

Bentwood Chair - Mondus and J. & J. Kohn, Ltd

Lot#: 2465

Thompson Center Contender .44 Magnum Caliber

Lot#: 2466


Lot#: 2467

Antique National Cash Register - Heavy Brass

Lot#: 2468

Antique Hoitt Special Wood Ice Box

Lot#: 2469

Red Wing No.8 Crock

Lot#: 2470

Butter Churn

Lot#: 2471

Red Wing No.4 Crock

Lot#: 2472

Combe Alarm Clock

Lot#: 2473

Hepplewhite One Drawer Table

Lot#: 2474

Dietz Acme Inspector Lamp

Lot#: 2475

Thompson Center Contender .44 Magnum Caliber

Lot#: 2476

Bow Saw

Lot#: 2477

Cream Can - 8 Quart

Lot#: 2478

Golden Rod Oiler Can

Lot#: 2479

Metal Hay Claw

Lot#: 2480

Decorative Pendulum

Lot#: 2481

French Bank Porcelain Sign

Lot#: 2482

Child's School Desk

Lot#: 2483

Cast Iron Serving Tray

Lot#: 2484

Victorian Mop Wringer - Patented July 28, 1891

Lot#: 2485

New Aral Arms Model AR-343 12ga Shotgun

Lot#: 2486

Iron Pitchfork with Wood Handle

Lot#: 2487

Wood Plunger

Lot#: 2488

Ice Tongs with Chain Handle

Lot#: 2489

Rapid Washer

Lot#: 2490

Cream Can

Lot#: 2491

Hy-San Art Slate Home Teaching Board

Lot#: 2492

Wood Handled Mold

Lot#: 2493

Crystal Coffee Wood Bin

Lot#: 2494

Rolling Swivel Office Chair

Lot#: 2495

Spencer Maching Gun Double Barrel 12ga Side x Side Shotgun

Lot#: 2496

Pewter Pitcher Collection

Lot#: 2497

Pewter Kitchen Assortment

Lot#: 2498

Pewter Cup and Plate

Lot#: 2499


Lot#: 2500

Kitchen Knife

Lot#: 2501

Pewter Kitchen Assortment

Lot#: 2502

Adjustable Wood Table

Lot#: 2503

Jenbro Oiler - Made in England

Lot#: 2504

Pewter Serving Plate and Cups

Lot#: 2505

Chinese Rifle with Integral Fold Out Bayonet

Lot#: 2506

Dempster Mill Mfg Co Water Pump

Lot#: 2507

Enterprise Mfg Co Press

Lot#: 2508

Pewter Serving Plate and Cups

Lot#: 2509

Rotary Dial Phone and Desk Set

Lot#: 2510

Pair of Wood and Brass Table Lamps

Lot#: 2511


Lot#: 2512

Wood Mallet and Hand Grinder

Lot#: 2513

Pewter Kitchen Assortment

Lot#: 2514

Large Steam Whistle

Lot#: 2515

Optima P10 Pro Magnum .50cal Black Powder with Red Head 3-9x40 Scope

Lot#: 2516

Medium Steam Whistle

Lot#: 2517

Small Steam Whistle

Lot#: 2518

Large Rolling Pin

Lot#: 2519

Metal Hinged Lid Box

Lot#: 2520

Shaker Pencil Bed c.1700's

Lot#: 2521

Oak Bed Frame

Lot#: 2522

White Enamelware Chamber Pot

Lot#: 2523

Wood Tea Cart with Serving Tray

Lot#: 2524

Wood Spools

Lot#: 2525

New Aral Arms Model AR-343 12ga Shotgun

Lot#: 2526

White Enamelware Kitchen Items

Lot#: 2527

Chicago Train Station Scale Cabinet with Babe Ruth Autograph

Lot#: 2528

White Enamelware Pans

Lot#: 2529

Vintage Snuff Jars and Liniment Bottle

Lot#: 2530

French's Mustard Glass Jar and Butter Nut Glass Jar

Lot#: 2531

Grain Shovel - No.35 Bonanza - Owosso Mfg Co

Lot#: 2532

Pullman Railroad Car Rack

Lot#: 2533

No.12 Crock with Blue Writing and Wood Spigot

Lot#: 2534

Susu Salted Nuts Jar

Lot#: 2535

4 Boxes Centurion 5mm Rimfire Magnum 30gr JHP

Lot#: 2536

Blanton Creamo Butterine Crock

Lot#: 2537

Splash Proof Buttermilk Feeder and Poultry Fountain

Lot#: 2538

Monkey Grinder Statue - John Rogers - School Days - New York 1877

Lot#: 2539

Hearth Skewer Set c.1700's

Lot#: 2540

Antique Slanted Glass Bubble Candy Jar

Lot#: 2541

Enamelware Canner

Lot#: 2542

Easy Lift Potts Dubuque Sad Iron

Lot#: 2543

Double Flax Spinning Wheel

Lot#: 2544

Universal O14 Coffee Mill

Lot#: 2545

4 Boxes Hornady 7mm-08 REM 139gr SST

Lot#: 2546

Copper Pan

Lot#: 2547

Cut Crystal Centerpiece Bowl

Lot#: 2548

Hearth Skewer Set c.1700's

Lot#: 2549

Medicine Cabinet

Lot#: 2550

1 Gallon Brown Jug

Lot#: 2551

2 Antique Pint Milk Bottles

Lot#: 2552

Red Wing No.10 Crock

Lot#: 2553

Brass Carmello Plaque

Lot#: 2554

Copper Plaque

Lot#: 2555

3 Boxes 7.62 x 45mm 123gr FMJ

Lot#: 2556

Honfleur PB&S Platter

Lot#: 2557

Very Old Bubble Glass Shakers

Lot#: 2558

Parker Coffee Grinder - Chuck Wagon Side Mount

Lot#: 2559

Alfred Meakin Royal Ironstone China Platter

Lot#: 2560

Cut Crystal Candlesticks

Lot#: 2561

White Mountain Apple Peeler

Lot#: 2562

McComb Crock Jar with Metal Lid

Lot#: 2563

Salt Glaze Jug with Handle

Lot#: 2564

Hepplewhite One Drawer Table

Lot#: 2565

3 Boxes Winchester 223 WSSM 55gr Fragmenting Polymer Tip

Lot#: 2566

Union Leader Smoking Tobacco Tin Sign

Lot#: 2567

Heavy Wire Egg Basket

Lot#: 2568

Very Old Metal Container with Threaded Lid

Lot#: 2569

3 Wood Dining Chairs

Lot#: 2570

Woodman Bee Smoker

Lot#: 2571

Old Metal Tea Canister

Lot#: 2572

2 Bentwood Chairs - Mondus and J.&J.Kohn Ltd.

Lot#: 2573

Carson Pewter Pitcher and 6 Goblets

Lot#: 2574

Oval Top Wood Occasional Table with Drawer

Lot#: 2575

2 Boxes Winchester 300 WSM 150gr Polymer Tip

Lot#: 2576

Brass Throttle and Spark Controller

Lot#: 2577

Antique Pulley Block

Lot#: 2578

Oak Dining Chair

Lot#: 2579

Antique Wood Pulley

Lot#: 2580

Betty Lamp

Lot#: 2581

Albert Pick & Co. 8oz. Nickel Silverplated Teapot

Lot#: 2582

Wood Dining Chair

Lot#: 2583

Remington Model 8 - .32 Remington Caliber

Lot#: 2584

Peat Shovel

Lot#: 2585

2 Boxes Lawman 45 GAP 200gr and 180gr TMJ

Lot#: 2586

Lighted Sign - 12ft x 3ft

Lot#: 2587

Army Dipper

Lot#: 2588

Custom Built K98 Mauser with a Remington 22-250 Barrel

Lot#: 2590

Three Pulley Block

Lot#: 2591

Lighted Sign - 8ft x 3ft

Lot#: 2593

Pewter Cups and Decor

Lot#: 2595

2 Boxes Winchester 357 SIG 125gr FMJ

Lot#: 2596

Large Army Ladle - L&G Mfg. Co.

Lot#: 2599

Antique Hand Saw

Lot#: 2601

Hand Crank Food Slicer

Lot#: 2602

Lunkenheimer Oiler

Lot#: 2603

Clabber Girl 10lb Baking Powder Can

Lot#: 2604

4 Currier & Ives 8in Collector Plates

Lot#: 2605

4 Boxes Hornady 454 CASULL 300gr XTP MAG

Lot#: 2606

Reading Hardware Co. Apple Peeler

Lot#: 2607

Automatic Oiler

Lot#: 2608

Army Ladle

Lot#: 2609

Small Buggy Whip Rack

Lot#: 2610

Early Frito Lay Potato Chip Can

Lot#: 2611

Western Stoneware Jug - 2Qt

Lot#: 2612

Yarn Doll

Lot#: 2613

Rope Winder

Lot#: 2614

Crock Jug with Bale and Wood Handle

Lot#: 2615

3 Boxes Hornady 460 S&W 200gr FTX

Lot#: 2616

Tin Licorice Can

Lot#: 2617

5 Rockdale Union Stoneware Spice Crocks

Lot#: 2618

Red Wing Ko-Rec Stoneware Feeder

Lot#: 2619

Square Glass Jar with Metal Lid

Lot#: 2620

Single Handle Bean Pot No.1 with Lid

Lot#: 2621

Timber Socket Framing Chisel - G.M. Reid

Lot#: 2622

2 Borden's Baby Milk Bottles

Lot#: 2623

Sinclair Apple Peeler

Lot#: 2624

Antique Trammel

Lot#: 2625

2 Boxes PMC .50 Cal 660gr FMJ

Lot#: 2626

Cole's Original Ash / Coal Shovel

Lot#: 2627

Wood Measuring Stick with Brass Tip

Lot#: 2628

Pewter Kitchenware Assortment includes Pewtarex and Carson Brands

Lot#: 2629

3 Blue & White Enamelware Kitchen Tools

Lot#: 2630

Stoneware Handled Jug

Lot#: 2632

Hand Forged Peel or Scraper

Lot#: 2633

Hinged Tongs

Lot#: 2634

Pewter Kitchenware Assortment includes Pewtarex Brand

Lot#: 2635

3 Boxes TulAmmo .308 WIN 150gr FMJ

Lot#: 2636

U.S.Q.M.C No.55 Large Metal Soup Ladle - Marked C.T. Hertzsch Jeffersonville IND

Lot#: 2637

Glass Coffee Jar with Metal Lid

Lot#: 2638

Asparagus Bundler - The Philadelphia Buncher

Lot#: 2639

E. Miller Co. Oil Lamp

Lot#: 2640

12in Compass

Lot#: 2641

2 Glass Coffee Jars with Lids

Lot#: 2642

Wood Block Hand Plane

Lot#: 2643

Primitive Graniteware Oil/Water Container

Lot#: 2644

Hair Mourning Art in Oval Shadowbox - Dated 1935

Lot#: 2646

Ceramic Pitcher - Marked E-4212

Lot#: 2647

Heavy Wood Mallet

Lot#: 2648

2Qt Metal Can with Funnel

Lot#: 2649

2 Pewter Ladles with Wood Handles

Lot#: 2650

Brass Clock Face Salter Scale - 300#

Lot#: 2651

Carson Pewter Teapot, Creamer and Sugar

Lot#: 2652

Cheese Slicer

Lot#: 2653

Donald Duck Crayons Metal Box

Lot#: 2654

Donald Duck Paint Box Metal Box

Lot#: 2656

Root and Vegetable Cutter

Lot#: 2657

Bowed Wood Hanging Device with Iron Hardware

Lot#: 2658

Brass Clock Face Salter Scale - 20# - No.80T

Lot#: 2659

Metal Strainer and Funnel

Lot#: 2660

Brass Price/Value Scale Arm

Lot#: 2661

Brass Plaque - The Computing Scale Co.

Lot#: 2662

Betty Lamp

Lot#: 2663

Crown & Rose Cast Pewter 3pc Sealing Humidor

Lot#: 2664

3 Pewtarex Brand Pewter Skillets

Lot#: 2666

Henderson 1912 Foot Warmer

Lot#: 2667

Brass Clock Face Salter Scale - 100#

Lot#: 2668

Brass Ball and 2 Lamp Bases

Lot#: 2669

Brass Salter Scale - 20#

Lot#: 2670

Beech Nut Gum Factory Tool

Lot#: 2671

Automatic Oiler - The D.T. Williams Valve Co. - Tacoma No.6

Lot#: 2672

Lukenheimer Automatic Oiler Parts

Lot#: 2673

Strainer Ladle and Jenny Wren Buscuit Cutter

Lot#: 2674

Draw Knife with Wood Handles

Lot#: 2676

Buffalo Hide Hanging Weight Scale - 400#

Lot#: 2677

Primitive 1903 Hand Mixer

Lot#: 2678

Adlake No.48 Lock - c.1912 - Stamped C&A RR

Lot#: 2679

Stover Mfg 6in Damper - c.1922

Lot#: 2680

M.W.&Co. Lock and Keyless Lock