East Coast Fall Public Auction - Ring One

Auction in 1618 Auction Drive, Pelzer South Carolina, United States

11 Wednesday
December 11th, 2019
Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc
Phone: 1-844-450-6200

East Coast Fall Public Auction - Ring One

Auction in 1618 Auction Drive, Pelzer South Carolina, United States

Wednesday at - 11th December , 2019


<p>Terms &amp; Conditions of Auction</p> <p>This bidder contract is between the person, who registered to bid via this online platform (&#39;bidder&#39;), and Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc.&nbsp; (&#39;Martin&#39;). Bidder agrees that the terms summarized on this registration and set forth fully in the auction catalog set out specific and complete rules of auction and agree that it is bidder&#39;s responsibility to obtain and read these rules prior to bidding on any items. Bidder agrees to be legally bound by these rules. Additional terms may be posted or announced from the auction block, which shall also be binding on bidder. It is the bidder&rsquo;s responsibility to request complete rules of auction from martin. All announcements made by auctioneer shall supersede any printed material</p> <p>Fee Schedule:</p> <p>BUYERS PREMIUM IS ADDED TO HIGH BID PRICE PER ITEM</p> <p>Buyers Premium is added to the high bid price on each item.</p> <p>Online bidders will pay an additional 2% online bidding fee.</p> <p>PAYMENT IS EXPECTED DAY OF AUCTION OR AT RECEIPT OF INVOICE</p> <p>DOCUMENTATION FEE $40.00 FOR EACH TITLED ITEM</p> <p>CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE 3%</p> <p>Sales tax applies unless proof of exemption is provided to Martin</p> <p>Online Bidders may be required to submit the following prior to approval to bid</p> <p>Email a copy of valid photo ID</p> <p>Speak with online agent at 601-450-6200 via the telephone number you provided during online registration</p> <p>Make the full deposit specific to the auction in which you are bidding.</p> <p>Local State, City, and County sales tax applies to all purchases.</p> <p>All new international bidders may be required to deposit $10,000 USD.&nbsp; All new domestic bidders may be required to deposit $5,000 USD bidding in person. Credit card deposits will be held up to (5) business days after auction.</p> <p>At auctioneer&rsquo;s discretion, a bank letter and previous purchase history with another auction company may be accepted in lieu of deposit</p> <p>Bidder&#39;s responsibility: I the bidder agrees it is my responsibility as the bidder to inspect each item before bidding, and acknowledges that martin makes no guarantee or warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the condition of the items. Bidder agrees that description or statement in the auction catalog and internet websites are only a guide and Martin makes no guarantee of the accuracy of the descriptions in the catalog. AFTER A BIDDER HAS WON THE BID WITH HIS/HER HIGH BID, ALL RISK OF LOSS AND DAMAGE passes to bidder, even though bidder may have not paid for the item yet. Buyers should guard their items accordingly. Items not removed from auction site by deadline stated for auction is subject to a storage fee not to exceed $100 per item per day. Items not removed by deadline will be sold at an upcoming auction to cover cost of storage if outstanding fees have not been paid. You the bidder will be responsible for any remaining storage invoice balance that is not covered by auction proceeds. All items are sold as is. Where is, without guarantee or warranty of any kind. Inspect all items before bidding.</p> <p>I the Bidder understand I will be liable for payment of sales or use taxes which may become due for failure to comply with the provisions of federal, state and local tax codes for any items sold as tax exempt or for resale.&nbsp; I understand that it is a criminal offense to give an exemption certificate to the seller for taxable items that I know, at the time of purchase, will be used in a manner other than that expressed in this certificate and, depending on the amount of tax evaded, the offense may range from a class c misdemeanor to a felony of the second degree.&nbsp; Bidder agrees to pay for purchases, and bidder represents that he/she has funds necessary for such payment. Complete payment is due on date of sale with cash, cashier&#39;s check, credit card, wire, or other checks accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee made payable to martin. All items must be paid in full before bidder leaves the premises. No items will be removed from the premises until payment is made in full. Payment not made by final removal date deadline will be subject to late fees, penalties and interest up to 18% annum plus expenses related to collection cost. If bidder fails to pay for any or all purchases, for whatever reason, including an insufficient check or a stopped check, martin shall have the cumulative rights set forth in the complete rules of auction. Martin will contact district attorney for any checks that are returned for insufficient funds or closed account and proceed with all necessary legal action as needed for collection and or prosecution. Bidder agrees to not reverse or dispute charges for purchases paid for by credit card.&nbsp; By agreeing to the terms of auction the bidder does authorize Martin to capture the balance due on invoice and charge credit card used for auction deposit if the invoice is not paid in full within 48 hrs. of auction completion</p> <p>Injury and damage: bidder acknowledge responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by bidder, bidder&#39;s guests, or agents. Bidder agrees to hold martin harmless from any personal injury to himself or his agents and any property damage incurred on auction premises. Bidder releases martin and the seller from any and all liability connected with the removal and transportation of purchases and any and all future uses for the goods purchased herewith. Bidder also agrees that by registering for an auction I understand and agree that I will receive advertisements by email, regular mail and phone call or text message. I understand that text and phone charges may be charged by MY service provider.</p> <p>Titled purchases: bidder grants martin power of attorney to sign as owner/purchaser on title documentation as necessary to facilitate the transfer of ownership of titled purchases.</p> <p>Martin reserves the right to remove items from auction or skip items once auction has begun.&nbsp; In the event an item is removed from auction or skipped any Prebid&rsquo;s/absentee bids will be void.&nbsp;&nbsp; All announcements made by auctioneer shall supersede any printed material.</p> <p>Live /simulcast/timed online auction additional terms-Martin And its employees act merely as agents of sellers. All auctions are with reserve unless specifically stated otherwise. Reserves, if any, are not disclosed. Additionally, bids may be placed at some auctions by the seller, an employee of the seller, or an agent on the seller&rsquo;s behalf up to the reserve. While the information we provide on item(s) is deemed correct, no warranties are expressed or implied as to any items being sold and you agree to purchase and accept the item in an as-is condition. Information on items is obtained by us from the sellers and you hereby agree to hold harmless Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc.&nbsp; And its employees or any errors or omissions regarding the item(s) being sold. This information includes but is not limited to year, model, machine or engine hours, physical condition, options, features, and other data pertinent to the value of the item. All items are sold as &ndash;is where-is.</p> <p>Firearms sold at auction- we do not test fire any weapons and cannot guarantee the condition or functionality of any firearm offered for sale.&nbsp; No warranty or guarantee is inferred nor, should any be implied on any weapons and strongly recommend that the purchaser have all weapons inspected by a licensed gunsmith prior to use.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Martin reserves the right to revoke bidder number and bidding privileges from registered bidder and have that individual and their parties leave the auction site.&nbsp; Bidder will be responsible for payment of any bids placed prior to revocation. Photography, video &amp; audio recording is used on premises and will be used for security and/or promotional purposes.</p> <p>Purchaser will be responsible for the removal, insurance, breakdown, arranging, shifting, loading, and securing of load for any items purchased. It is the buyer&rsquo;s responsibility to have inspected the item and determined the condition, year, model, serial number and mileage of the item from your inspection. By agreeing to the terms of the auction you agree to the complete rules of auction.</p> <p>For online bidders who do not pay within 2 business days of auction will be considered slow to pay and the auction company reserves the right to ban that buyer from bidding at any future auctions.</p>



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 50850046
    2012 DEERE 310K EP SN: 1T0310EKACG221621

    2012 DEERE 310K EP SN: 1T0310EKACG...

  • Lot #: 51077481


  • Lot #: 50850047
    E-Z-GO TXT SN: 1008041

    E-Z-GO TXT SN: 1008041

  • Lot #: 50850045
    CHAMPION 100524

    CHAMPION 100524

  • Lot #: 50850044


  • Lot #: 51683726
    GROVE RT58 SN: 35719

    GROVE RT58 SN: 35719

  • Lot #: 50850048


  • Lot #: 50850049
    2007 DEERE 317 SN: 138898

    2007 DEERE 317 SN: 138898

  • Lot #: 51383309
    2004 NEW HOLLAND LS180 SN: LMU022966

    2004 NEW HOLLAND LS180 SN: LMU0229...

  • Lot #: 51383308
    1997 JOHN DEERE 550G LT SN: T0550GH834930

    1997 JOHN DEERE 550G LT SN: T0550G...

  • Lot #: 51383307
    1996 CATERPILLAR D6M XL SN: 9ZM00343

    1996 CATERPILLAR D6M XL SN: 9ZM003...

  • Lot #: 50850042
    2006 CATERPILLAR 325DL SN: CAT0325DCPAL00403

    2006 CATERPILLAR 325DL SN: CAT0325...

  • Lot #: 50850043
    1976 HUBER F1500M SN: FG-252907

    1976 HUBER F1500M SN: FG-252907

  • Lot #: 50850040
    2012 DEERE 329D SN: 1T0329DJPCD231697

    2012 DEERE 329D SN: 1T0329DJPCD231...

  • Lot #: 50850041
    2012 CASE 580N SN: JJGN580NKCC560289

    2012 CASE 580N SN: JJGN580NKCC5602...

  • Lot #: 51318214

    1996 CATERPILLAR D6M XL SN: 9ZM003...

  • Lot #: 51615000
    2014 CATERPILLAR 304ECR SN: CAT0304EJTTN01701

    2014 CATERPILLAR 304ECR SN: CAT030...

  • Lot #: 51615006
    2017 BOBCAT S570 SN: ALM416978

    2017 BOBCAT S570 SN: ALM416978

  • Lot #: 51318213

    JOHN DEERE 550G LT SN: T0550GH8349...

  • Lot #: 51615007
    2001 CATERPILLAR 140H SN: CAT0140HH2ZK06744

    2001 CATERPILLAR 140H SN: CAT0140H...

  • Lot #: 51615008
    2014 MORBARK BOXER 120 SN: 4322

    2014 MORBARK BOXER 120 SN: 4322

  • Lot #: 51318218

    2010 KOMATSU D39PX-22 SN: 3396

  • Lot #: 51615009
    2006 CATERPILLAR 307C SN: CAT0307CVBCM01397

    2006 CATERPILLAR 307C SN: CAT0307C...

  • Lot #: 51614937
    2007 VERMEER RTX1250 SN: 1VR6110R471000194

    2007 VERMEER RTX1250 SN: 1VR6110R4...

  • Lot #: 51318217

    HAMM HD85C SN: 782246/816

  • Lot #: 51614938
    2000 GEHL DL-6L 40 SN: 6L40JP6825238

    2000 GEHL DL-6L 40 SN: 6L40JP68252...

  • Lot #: 51679453
    2017 CASE 1150M LGP SN: JJGN150MKHC105175

    2017 CASE 1150M LGP SN: JJGN150MKH...

  • Lot #: 51318216


  • Lot #: 51614939
    LONG 460 SN: 536279

    LONG 460 SN: 536279

  • Lot #: 51679454


  • Lot #: 50850050
    2000 DEERE 120 SN: P00120X031766

    2000 DEERE 120 SN: P00120X031766

  • Lot #: 51318215

    NEW HOLLAND LS180 SN: LMU022966

  • Lot #: 51679458
    2004 KOMATSU PC300LC-7L SN: A86224

    2004 KOMATSU PC300LC-7L SN: A86224

  • Lot #: 51643169
    2007 KENWORTH T2000 VIN: 1XKTDU9X17J168666

    2007 KENWORTH T2000 VIN: 1XKTDU9X1...

  • Lot #: 51679457
    2006 KOBELCO SK235SR-1E SN: YF0401533

    2006 KOBELCO SK235SR-1E SN: YF0401...

  • Lot #: 51643167

    2006 LENAR LE 204 SN: 0600361

  • Lot #: 51679456
    2018 CASE 850M WT SN: JJGN850MLJC103516

    2018 CASE 850M WT SN: JJGN850MLJC1...

  • Lot #: 51643168
    FORD 1600 SN: U105179

    FORD 1600 SN: U105179

  • Lot #: 51614944
    2001 PRINCETON D50 SN: 734023

    2001 PRINCETON D50 SN: 734023

  • Lot #: 51614945
    2005 DITCH WITCH RT55H SN: 5Z0296

    2005 DITCH WITCH RT55H SN: 5Z0296

  • Lot #: 50850029
    NEW HOLLAND 7740 SLE  SN: 052369B

    NEW HOLLAND 7740 SLE SN: 052369B

  • Lot #: 51679455
    EZ-GO TXTE SN: 2241978

    EZ-GO TXTE SN: 2241978

  • Lot #: 50850026
    2009 CATERPILLAR AP-800D SN: CATAP800CA5P00230


  • Lot #: 51643166
    KUBOTA RTV900 SN: 35650

    KUBOTA RTV900 SN: 35650

  • Lot #: 50850027
    2007 CATERPILLAR 320CL RR SN: PAC01288

    2007 CATERPILLAR 320CL RR SN: PAC0...

  • Lot #: 51614940


  • Lot #: 51706473


  • Lot #: 51614941
    2013 POLARIS BROTUS SN: 4XA2M9JD5D7332006


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