Estate of Alphonse Novak Auction

Farm Auction in Lintlaw Saskatchewan, Canada

09 Sunday
09th June, 2019 10:00 AM

Estate of Alphonse Novak Auction

Farm Auction in Lintlaw Saskatchewan, Canada

Sunday at - 09th June , 2019


<p>Auctioneers Notes:&nbsp; This is an extraordinary kind of sale. Everything in this yard that could be covered is under cover.</p> <p>I am amazed by the condition of the age of this equipment.&nbsp;</p> <p>2 rings may sell. All the equipment will be cleaned and polished for the sale day!</p>


<p>UKRAINETZ AUCTIONS TERMS &amp;&nbsp;CONDITIONS</p> <p>-TYPES OF PAYMENTS:</p> <p>Visa, Mastercard, Debit card, Cheque, Money Order, Bank drafts, Certified cheques, Wire&nbsp;Transfers, E-transfer, CAFTs and Cash.</p> <p>A Convenience Fee will&nbsp;be charged on all items paid&nbsp;by&nbsp;Mastercard or Visa. (No fee for debit cards.)</p> <p>-BANK LETTER OF GUARANTEE is required for large online or live auctions at the Auctioneer&rsquo;s discretion. This may also be a requirement for new bidders (call Auctioneer to contact office assistant for more details ) This letter of&nbsp;guarantee from your financial&nbsp;institution is needed to&nbsp;guarantee funds to approve&nbsp;your desired bid limit and to&nbsp;verify available funds.</p> <p>Bank Letter of Guarantee must be&nbsp;written on Financial Institution letterhead&nbsp;addressed to:</p> <p>Ukrainetz Auctions; Box 17; Insinger SK; S0A 1L0</p> <p style="margin-left:144.0pt">&nbsp;</p> <p>With the following information:</p> <p>Current Date,&nbsp;Bidders&rsquo; Name and full physical and mailing address,&nbsp;Email address, Phone numbers, Name&nbsp;of Auction Company (Ukrainetz Auctions) Bidding Limit and the Expiry date of letter.</p> <p>Bank&nbsp;letter of guarantee must be&nbsp;received by Ukrainetz Auction&nbsp;at least 1 week prior&nbsp;to the start time of the auction sale date. Letters can be&nbsp;sent via email&nbsp;([email protected]), or fax at 306-647-2661.</p> <p>Full Payment or a Certified Guarantee of payment, must be&nbsp;made on the pickup days when the clerk is at the auction location. Otherwise it is mandatory the payment is made within 7 days of the closing time or your purchase could be forfeited. &nbsp;The auction company reserves&nbsp;the right to refuse (approval&nbsp;to bid) anyone deemed to be a&nbsp;potential detriment to the&nbsp;conduct of the auction. There is no&nbsp;fee to register, watch, and listen. No charges or fees&nbsp;apply to unsuccessful bidders.</p> <p>-If you are planning on paying your bill through a leasing company or another financial institution, please advise our office with a Formal Letter from the company with full details. This will make your purchase be processed in a timely manner.</p> <p>-Regarding real property (land or houses and so forth) auction purchases, please have your financial arrangements in place before you bid.&nbsp; The auctioneer will post a specific down payment that must be paid at the close of the sale. Please have your certified cheque or bank draft or money order payable to the Auctioneer (if for some reason you do not win the bid, these forms of payment will be returned to you. If you plan to do an E-Transfer or use credit card, remember there are max limits, so contact your bank in advance to have that amount increased for that time period.&nbsp; The auctioneer will post a timeframe to make remaining payment in full (usually 30 days) It is the buyer&rsquo;s responsibility to setup up any other costs associated with this purchase. You can also contact the auctioneer for more information.</p> <p>-Timed Online Auction, please register early&nbsp;to assure your approval for&nbsp;bidding at the auction sale.&nbsp;If you require assistance on how to bid online, contact the auctioneer. In order to serve our&nbsp;customers, all bidders require an email address, full name and address, credit card information,&nbsp;phone number and a note how you want to make your payment.&nbsp;&nbsp; This is to insure&nbsp;good communication between&nbsp;the Auctioneer and the&nbsp;bidder&nbsp;throughout any transactions. On-line auctions move&nbsp;quickly, so if you are&nbsp;interested in&nbsp;an item, bid quickly or set up a max bid.&nbsp; If you&nbsp;are a successful bidder for an&nbsp;item in the auction, you will&nbsp;be notified by e-mail after the auction closes.&nbsp; The emailed invoice will show your winning bids, payment amount due, pickup time and location.&nbsp; &nbsp;All property is sold &ldquo;AS&nbsp;IS&rdquo;, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.&nbsp;Property is open to thorough&nbsp;public inspection as scheduled.&nbsp; It is the&nbsp;Bidder&rsquo;s responsibility to&nbsp;determine condition, age,&nbsp;genuineness, value or any&nbsp;other determinative factor.&nbsp;Ukrainetz Auction may attempt&nbsp;to describe the merchandise in&nbsp;advertising, on the Internet&nbsp;and at the auction but makes&nbsp;no&nbsp;representations. In no event&nbsp;shall Ukrainetz Auction be&nbsp;held responsible for having&nbsp;made or implied any warranty&nbsp;of&nbsp;merchantability or fitness for&nbsp;a particular purpose. Bidder&nbsp;shall be the sole judge of&nbsp;value.</p> <p>-During a live auction, purchases become the&nbsp;responsibility of and shall be&nbsp;and&nbsp;remain at the risk of the&nbsp;purchaser immediately upon&nbsp;acceptance of their bid. It&nbsp;shall be the responsibility of&nbsp;the purchaser to insure their&nbsp;purchases immediately during a Live auction. Ukrainetz Auction is providing&nbsp;Internet pre-auction and live&nbsp;bidding as a service to&nbsp;bidder. Bidder acknowledges&nbsp;and&nbsp;understands that this service&nbsp;may or may not function&nbsp;correctly the day of the&nbsp;auction. Under no&nbsp;circumstances&nbsp;shall bidder have any kind of&nbsp;claim against Ukrainetz&nbsp;Auction or anyone else if the&nbsp;Internet service fails to work&nbsp;correctly before or during the&nbsp;live auction. Ukrainetz&nbsp;Auction will not be&nbsp;responsible for any missed&nbsp;bids from any&nbsp;source. Internet bidders who&nbsp;desire to make certain their&nbsp;bid is acknowledged should use&nbsp;the proxy-bidding feature and&nbsp;leave their maximum bid 48&nbsp;hours before the auction&nbsp;begins.</p> <p>No lots may be removed until&nbsp;the conclusion of the auction;&nbsp;although, invoices are&nbsp;available for payment at any&nbsp;time during a live auction.&nbsp;All lots must be removed&nbsp;within the time announced or&nbsp;posted&nbsp;at the sale at buyer&rsquo;s sole&nbsp;cost and risk, and only in a&nbsp;manner approved by the&nbsp;auctioneer. If for any&nbsp;reason, the&nbsp;buyer fails to remove any lots&nbsp;within the time specified,&nbsp;the lots shall be deemed&nbsp;abandoned and the auctioneer&nbsp;may&nbsp;re-sale, or remove from the&nbsp;auction site and/or store the&nbsp;said lots at buyers sole risk&nbsp;and expense. In addition,&nbsp;buyer shall be liable for any&nbsp;rent incurred or damages&nbsp;suffered by the auctioneer&nbsp;because of the buyer&rsquo;s failure&nbsp;to timely remove any lot. Prior&nbsp;to the commencement of&nbsp;dismantling, rigging or&nbsp;cutting or any operation&nbsp;affecting&nbsp;buildings or land, buyer shall&nbsp;furnish certificates&nbsp;satisfactory to auctioneer,&nbsp;holding auctioneer harmless&nbsp;for&nbsp;any claims concerning damage&nbsp;or injury to persons or&nbsp;property arising out of any&nbsp;such acts. All equipment used&nbsp;in connection with removal&nbsp;shall itself be removed with&nbsp;the&nbsp;purchased lots.</p> <p>-All articles of merchandise&nbsp;are offered &ldquo;As Is&rdquo; and &ldquo;Where&nbsp;Is&rdquo; in units of measure as&nbsp;announced at the time of sale with no return option.&nbsp;No&nbsp;claim will be considered for&nbsp;allowance adjustment of&nbsp;recession of any sale based&nbsp;upon the failure of the&nbsp;property&nbsp;to correspond to any&nbsp;particular, standards or&nbsp;expectations of&nbsp;the buyer. Auctioneer may&nbsp;state the year of, manufacture&nbsp;of&nbsp;certain equipment or vehicle, age, hours and/or mileage, serial numbers, size, condition, etc. &nbsp;however, it&nbsp;is the responsibility of the&nbsp;buyer to ascertain, by their own&nbsp;means, the correctness of&nbsp;all information associated to the item on the auction block prior to bidding.&nbsp;</p> <p>The Auctioneer reserves the&nbsp;right to group, modify,&nbsp;increase, diminish or delete&nbsp;lots at&nbsp;their sole discretion. Printed statements or&nbsp;descriptions&nbsp;prepared by our staff are provided in good&nbsp;faith and to the best of their ability with the information at hand.</p> <p>Acceptance of a final bid by&nbsp;the&nbsp;auctioneer constitutes a&nbsp;legal, binding sales contract,&nbsp;pursuant to the terms and&nbsp;conditions stated.</p> <p>IF FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER&nbsp;THE AUCTIONEER FAILS TO&nbsp;DELIVER&nbsp;AN AWARDED LOT, THE&nbsp;AUCTIONEER&rsquo;S SOLE LIABILITY&nbsp;SHALL BE, THE&nbsp;RETURN OF ANY DEPOSIT OR&nbsp;MONIES PAID FOR SUCH</p> <p>NON-DELIVERED&nbsp;LOT.</p> <p><strong>THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE&nbsp;LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.</strong></p> <p><strong>No purchases may be removed&nbsp;until paid in full, including&nbsp;all&nbsp;applicable taxes and or fees (if applicable)</strong><br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>-We, as your auctioneer, are obligated to collect provincial and federal taxes, on a per item basis (if applicable)</p> <p>&nbsp;If you think you are exempt, it is the buyer&rsquo;s responsibility to look into a tax exemption and/or a tax refund. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Here are some contacts that may help answer your questions regarding paying PST and GST. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>*Province of Saskatchewan email <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> or call 1.800.667.6102.&nbsp;</p> <p>*Goods and Service Tax (GST) contact 1.800.959.5525 or <a href=""></a> for more information.&nbsp;</p> <p>The Auctioneer conducts auctions by accepting bids and declaring goods sold.</p> <p>If you have any further questions about anything, please feel free to contact Ukrainetz Auctions</p> <p>at 306.647.2661 or 306.641.6022&nbsp;</p>



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Auction Items For Sale



JD 7520 tractor, 4wd, 3 hyds, pto, 3pth attachment, 18.4x34 tires, American model, showing 3876 hrs, cab, air, heat, s/n T923R001090R (real nice)

JD 7520 4wd tractor, 18.4x34 new tires, 3 hyds, s/n T923R004826R, cab, air, Canadian model

JD 5020 1963, cab, 2 hyds, 24.5x32 tires,new front tires, s/n 32J2723 (5010  5020 change over)


Antique Tractors

JD D 387 tractor, s/n 180942, (running) excellent tin

JD R 1949 tractor, s/n TP5V125-7

JD G 1956 tractor, wheels, belly mower, model 50

JD B tractor Model PCV126775



GMC 427 tandem grain truck, cab over, western industries 20ft b&h, roll tarp, 1100x20 tires, s/n TTE678V584936

GMC 6503 grain truck, 16ft metal b&h, roll tarp, 920x20 tires, s/n DC6503611084E



JD 105 combine, 1968, dsl, air, chopper (shedded)

JD 105 combine, rebuilt dsl engine, cab, pickup, chopper (shedded)



JD 2420 22ft swather, dsl, cab, air, heat (nice)

JD 200 swather (converted to yard sprayer) s/n 3317

JD 800 14ft pickup reel, haying swather table


Balers and Haying (All Shedded)

JD 24T square baler, ¼ turn (nice)

JD 896A side delivery hay rake

NH 850 round baler (good chains and pickup)



JD 9350 32ft Drill self-trans, rubber packer



Rome 10ft Breaking Disc

D8 24V Cat hyd dozer w/canopy



JD 7 bottom plow

JD 9 bottom plow

JD 18ft Surflex discer (no boxes)

JD duckfoot cultivator

JD 1000 40ft Vibrashank w/Degelman harrows


Misc Equipment

JD grain dryer

JD hammer mill (for grain and straw)

JD drill series 64003

Sakundiak 8-1800 57ft auger, PTO, hyd lift

Lavier 60 5-bar hyd. harrow

Versatile 36ft/6in pto auger

10ft over wheel flat deck trailer

16ft cattle trailer

Degelman 3 batt reel hyd stonepicker


Snowmobiles (Shedded Looks Good)

JD Trailfire 440 snowmobile

JD 800 snowmobile

JD 440 snowmobile

JD 600 snowmobile

JD 300 snowmobile

2-JD 400 snowmobiles

Many parts such as hoods, engines, etc.



Magnum stand-up air compressor and air hose


Wrenches, Roller cabinets, Gear pullers, Vice 8in

Tire changer, Welders, Tool chest

Carbs, alternators, starters, belts, bearings, pulleys

JD weed wacker

20 Ton press

Metal hacksaw, drill press, lights, funnels, gas cans, oil pails

Engine stand, Engine crane

JD parts washer

Transmission jacks

Cat Engine (apart)


Household and Collectibles

4 piece wall unit

JD small toy tractors (630-830)

Stationary engine

Model car collection

JD plates, cups, saucers, etc



JD 112 blade

JD 111 mower

JD push mower

Xmas decorations for the yard


Antique Vehicles

1959 Buick

1958 Olds

1950 Fargo water truck

More to list



Rough cut lumber; Old fanning mill; Cream separator (electric)

Pump jack; Misc. Tin; Chicken plucker; Hyd tailgate drill fill