Remodeling Auction - Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial Auction in 2901 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United States

20 Sunday
20th September, 2020

Remodeling Auction - Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial Auction in 2901 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United States

Sunday at - 20th September , 2020


Preview: September 18th, 2:00 - 6:00 P.M. Removal: September 22nd, 12:00 - 6:00 P.M. & September 23rd 12:00 - 6:00 P.M.<br/><hr/>Please read and familiarize yourself with all of these terms and conditions, as you will be bidding strictly according to these terms and conditions (the terms and conditions may change from auction to auction). ANY QUESTIONS - Call an auctioneer: Matt Hostetter 724-462-5547 or Dan Reeder 724-561-9167. 1) AUCTION SITE USER AGREEMENT - This is a legal agreement between you (the User or Buyer) and the Site Owner or Auction Company. You must be at least 18 years old to bid. Sherman Hostetter Group LLC DBA Hostetter Auctioneers (hereinafter referred to as Auction Company) at its sole discretion, may ban from further use any Buyer or Seller which Auction Company believes to have in any way misrepresented itself or any item, failed to abide by the terms and conditions, or conducted any improper auction behavior as determined solely by Auction Company. Any Seller who misrepresented their items and any Buyer who improperly fails to carry through with a purchase will be banned from any further use and may be subject to additional legal actions. 2) REGISTRATION - All Bidders are required to register for a bidder’s number to bid at our online auction. Bidders must register online providing the necessary registration information such as name, address, phone numbers, driver’s license, email address, credit card information and any other information requested for identification. The Bidder hereby acknowledges that he/she is of legal age and sound mind. By registering you are agreeing that you have read and fully understand the complete “Terms and Conditions of Auction”, and any additional terms and conditions announced or on the website, and agree to be bound thereby. All registered Bidders take full responsibility for their bidder’s number. Bidder numbers are nontransferable. All bids made by the holder of the number will be the responsibility of the registered Bidder. All sales are final. No refunds, reductions, returns, exchanges or charge backs! No Exceptions! The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any applicant for a bidding number or the privilege of bidding at any online or onsite auction and to revoke such privilege at any time. 3) ALL ITEMS SELL WITH RESERVE - All items in the online auction sell with reserve and subject to the Auction Company/Sellers acceptance and/or rejection of the high bid, regardless of whether stated “with reserve” or not stated “with reserve.” 4) BIDDING - Do not bid unless you agree to ALL of the terms and conditions posted herein. By bidding you are acknowledging agreement with all of the terms and conditions included herein and else where on our website. The highest Bidder shall be the Buyer and no Bidder shall retract their bid. A Buyer is deemed to have accepted an item or lot when they make their bid. A successful bid at auction constitutes a legally binding contract of sale. All sales are final. The Auctioneers reserve the right to reject any and all bids on items and lots not being sold at absolute auction. The acceptable bidding increments are established and controlled by the Auctioneer. The Auctioneers reserve the right to bid on behalf of the Seller/s. 5) JUMP BID - is a bidding strategy by which a bidder increases the bid by more than the next accepted bid (such as placing your bid at $150 when the next accepted bid is $125). This practice is used by some bidders to discourage others from bidding in hopes of acquiring an item at a lower price. There are many theories on the effectiveness of this practice and a bidder who wishes to apply it does so at their own discretion. The auction company will not lower the price of an item that has been won by a "jump bid” with no other competing bids. 6) BUYERS PREMIUM - A 10% Buyers Premium Applies on ALL purchases. A 10% Buyers Premium will be added to all purchases. A Buyers Premium is a predetermined percentage or flat fee added to the high bid price to achieve the contract sales price. The use of a Buyers Premium will not in any manner whatsoever constitute an agency relationship between the Auctioneers (their licensees, employees or agents), and the Buyer. The Auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents are agents for the Seller Only. The Buyers Premium has been a choice of the Seller/s. The Buyers Premium may vary depending on the auction. The Auction Company may change the Buyers Premium at any time to meet the needs of the Seller and/or to abide by the auction listing agreement. You may also call our office to find out the exact amount of the Buyers Premium for any auction. Any applicable taxes are calculated on both the Buyers Premium and the bid amount. 7) POSTED CLOSING TIMES - Posted closing times and displays of the Auction Companies current time are approximate. Auction Company reserves the right to close early or extend an auction at any time at its sole discretion. It is strongly recommended that bids be placed early to avoid losing out due to an ill-timed, last minute bid or technical difficulty. All times are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone unless stated otherwise. 8) PAYMENT - Payment will be by CREDIT CARD ONLY. The credit card used for your registration (must be your credit card) and will be charged for your purchases after the close of the auction and prior to the removal date. If you would like to update or change your card on file, please call us at 724-847-1887. The Auction Company RESERVES THE RIGHT to charge your credit card if no payment is made by the stated removal date. Payment by other than credit card (cash or check) must be coordinated with and approved by the Auction Company prior to bidding in the online auction. All payment methods must be approved by the Auctioneers in their sole and absolute discretion prior to bidding. No post dated checks will be accepted and will be treated as non-payment. Buyer payment will include bid amount, buyers premium, appropriate taxes and any other fees or expenses due. Buyers understand that items and lots sold on this website are used and therefore have some level of damage and are by the very nature of being “used and/or pre-owned” are at some level of defective. Buyers agree to not “stop payment” or “charge back” any credit cards, debit cards and/or checks. No purchases may be removed from the auction site until said purchases are paid for in full. Once it is removed it is your sole ownership and responsibility. Auctioneers reserve the right to have all payments converted to valid cash before removal of any items or lots. 9) PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY - The Bidder hereby further agrees that whether he/she shall be acting as a principal, an agent, an officer or director of a corporation or partnership, or otherwise in any capacity whatsoever, the Bidder and the Company he/she represents shall both be responsible for the payment of the purchase price, Buyers Premium, applicable taxes and any other fees or expenses with respect to any and all items and lots for which the Bidder shall be the successful Buyer in the online auction. And, if the Buyer shall tender a credit card or non-certified check in payment for the whole or any part of such purchase price, Buyers Premium, applicable taxes and any other fees or expenses, all items and lots sold in reliance on such credit card and check shall be subject to seizure by Auctioneers and/or their licensees, employees and agents at the sole cost and expense of the Bidder in the event that such credit card or check shall be dishonored upon presentation of payment, for insufficient funds, stop payment, cancelled, charged back, etc. In the event of non-payment, dishonored, insufficient funds, stop payment, cancelled, charge back, etc., for credit card or check for purchases as stated herein, the Auctioneers shall have a possessory lien on said unpaid purchases until such purchases are paid in full. In the event of any lawsuit or legal action taken in connection with or arising out of the terms herein, the Auctioneers shall be entitled to recover all costs, expenses and attorney fees incurred. 10) LATE PAYMENT - Any payment accepted late shall incur a twenty-five percent (25%) surcharge on the full amount of the invoice. 11) PURCHASE PRICE CALCULATION - Note that the purchase price is the sum of the bid price, the Buyers Premium, any Buyers Fee, expenses, and sales tax if applicable, etc. All payments must be in US Funds. Auction Company reserves the right to charge the total amount or any remaining balance of your purchase price on your credit card if the balance is not otherwise paid. We do not accept partial payments. Invoices must be paid in full prior to pick up. 12) AUTO EXTEND FEATURE - Please note when bidding, there is an auto-extend feature on this online auction system. The auto-extend feature time frame is set by the auction company. For this example the auto-extend feature is set at 2 minutes - If someone bids in the last 2 minutes immediately prior to the end of the auction on that item, the online auction system will automatically extend the bidding time for a 2 minute increment (and will continue to do so) until there is a 2 minute period (after the original closing time) where no one bids, then the auction on that item will close. This feature will leave the bidding open for any item that has received a bid within the last 2 minutes prior to close and from the last recorded bid time, even if the ending time has been reached. This feature has been added to eliminate sniping and to make the online bidding process more fair and to resemble a 'live' auction. Keep in mind that seconds are not recorded with bid entries. A bid recorded at 5:30 and 40 seconds will have a recorded bid time of 5:30. Bid & refresh immediately and often. 13) REMOVAL AND FAILURE TO REMOVE - All purchases must be removed from the auction site without damaging any property and within the posted time frame allotted. Removal is at the Buyer’s sole obligation, cost and risk, and only i



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Auction Items For Sale

Remodeling Auction

2901 Smallman St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Preview: Friday, September 18th, 2:00 - 6:00 P.M.

Ends: Sunday, September 20th starting at 6:00 P.M.

Removal: Tuesday, September 22nd, 12:00 - 6:00 P.M. AND Wednesday, September 23rd 12:00 - 6:00 P.M.

10% Buyers Premium applies 

Lic #AY 002064

With questions, please contact the auctioneer Matt Hostetter at 724-462-5547 or email [email protected]

9” Olhausen pool table -Good Condition-Black felt- comes with pool balls5”x16’x44’ Contemporary bar unit -black and wood grain coated finish - contents not included84”x84”Lighted bar back-sink-vanity3’x4’ -mirror - contents not included7”x8 1/2”x7”Plastic Suncast shed - double door - hose hook up insideSolid wood hand carved crafted chairs and 2' table - Asian flair84”x42” Curved glass -sliding door with mounting bracket . needs to be removedBlack Jacuzzi tub 22”x70”x42”- needs removedGlass shower surround- 47”x 77”x 61”- with extra piece of privacy glass 64”x45.5” - needs to be removed24” x 30” x 70” Designer curved dresser and nightstands 14 1/2” x 19” x 23”Convertible crib -conversion bars not present 30” x 50” x 59”30” x 70” x 36” Kenmore elite RefrigeratorWhirlpool refrigerator 30” x 70” x 36”60” Samsung TV With wall mount good condition46” Samsung TV with wall mountVery heavy, 3 piece custom-made sectional couch 2 Section are 36” x 51” x 36” plus middle- three chairs on wheels 32” x 39” x 31”21” x 48” x 66” charbroil classic- stainless steel grill and cover -propaneOutdoor three piece wicker lounge set with cushions - 53” x 28” x 84”Leather chaise lounge on swivel 22” x 64” x 32”Workout combination -pull up -dip -ab and push-up station - 48” x 84”x 26”Row machine -roughly 8’ longAb rocker-weight holderWooden cues -Bridge-stick rackIroning board with black cloth coverRocking horse -baby gate-princess toy-raftCeramic piggy bank- approx. 14" hTopps Joe Montana -playing cardIncredible hulk shot glasses and serving trayI love Lucy shot glasses - serving trayDecorative candleholders, candy dish and vaseWine glass 10 piece set12 piece Brandy snifter setTwo sets of Authentic Ed Hardy bar awareSeven piece stemware -Double shot glass7 champagne flutes-Various stem wear -1 rocks glass8 Glass gold rimmed wine glassesNapkin holder, with bartender utensilsLot of playboy martini glasses, shakers, beer mugs, coastersLot of various shot glasses(3) Sets of Ikea FJÄLLSTA Frames Outer measurement 70x100 cm27 1/2 x 39 1/4" Inner Measurement 49x69cm 19 1/4 x 27 1/4"30 Inch Vizio Flat screen TV With 3 Prong Connection Cable(2) Wall mounted coat racks With Unique Ball Point Designs(3) 10 Inch x 3ft x 6ft Metal Shelving16” x 19” x 50” entry seat with basketsBlack stand 18” x 12” x 34”Wooden well dressed home horse statue(2) 2 Ft Metal candle stands With large heavy stone vase with bambooMunchkin 14 Inch x 2 Ft x 2 Ft 6 slot Wooden Base Fabric Material storage cartStainless round sink - glass counter top - Curved back - rounded corner - 28.5" d x 86" w -2, 25.5 " h vanity lights - 1, 38" light - 50" x 16" mirror2 stainless vanity mirrors - 13" h & 22" hLED underfloor lighting (fiberstars motor) (needs to be removed)Black cabinet - 2 doors - 23" d x 33" h x 40" w - matches 473 - stainless and wooden shelves - 8" x 32" each - needs to be removedCloset shelves, rods and storage - needs to be removed - fits 62" x 103" closet or smallerSet of stackable drawers - each 19" d x 23" h x 23.5 w2 - wall sconce lights - 17.5" h - needs to be removed2 vinyl wash tubs - children's toys and wall hooks - Bathtub children's shower - bathtub back pad - infant floatiestep up stool - 2 waste cans - stainless toilet paper holder4 - 12" round wall sconces/ lights - need to be removedhanging track lighting - 3 spiral lightsblack Kohler toilet - needs to be removed4 ikea shelving units - perfect for mud room or closet- 23" d x 90"h x 40" wmetal black wall shelf - 4" d x 68" h x 6.5" w - wall mirror - 63" h x 27.5 w5 stainless and wood shelves - 11" x 29" - need to be removed - contents not includedLadies shoes size 7 - kiss couture 6" heels glam sandals - fioni silver glitter heels , 4.5 " heels - guess , 5" heels - stell Luna , dark pink , 5" heels - redkiss hot pink , 6" heels ( need repair )Frozen toddler bedKing size wooden bed frame - under bed storage - missing 1 drawerBaby baths and accessories3 double light pendant lights - need to be removed2 large shelves with sliding glass door - hardware included - swivel - needs to be removed - shelves are 18" d x 89" h x 80" w - sliding glass track door. All needs dissembledGlass pottery with floral white and blue color scheme along with small black and white zebra print glass potteryVintage accordion(2) Wooden hand carved dragon statue red in color(2) Pieces of glass pottery one with an overall white backdrop with black spotting throughout the design and one with a blue and white color scheme(2) Statues one black metal pirouette stance and one nude statue with open and close easy flip lockable cold stone creamery 3 layer jewelry box2 Miniature hand carved wooden pig heads with empty dragon labeled ring case2 wooden hand carved vases of flowers one with orange prickly flowers and one with yellow curved flower buds (silk Flowers NOT Real)Glass sphere clock with metal encasing with glass ball with art from Asian culture with plastic object that sticks to tableSet of (3) dog statue figurines and a treatMiniature cosmos bobble heads figurines originating from japanCHANEL Flip open Box of various different Items Including Hair Brushes, Miniature Philips Light's, ETC.Graco baby changing stationCardboard Box filled with all child related things such as plushies, toys, book bags, puzzles, ETC.Brown Bowling ball bag with Henry Columbia 300 Black wide grip bowling ballBlue Aspire exercise ballBox Filled with Miscellaneous items ranging from a piggy bank to a hand held Emerson lightCardboard box filled with various items such as paint rollers, video scanners, tub and wall sealer trim, ECT.Plastic totes and binChristmas tree 5ft'9 With Christmas lights ornaments and Halloween seasonal candy basketBaby seat with built in hangable spinning plushies and light up music to keep babies entertainedPile of card board boxesPile of cardboard boxes folded and unfoldedSofa table 16x 24x 30 On wheels2 vases of silk flowers12 ft wide by 117 inches tall electric garage door with tracks- C.H.I door operator model 3500 half horsepower - 5 different brackets with 3 sets of tracks the door is on. All needs dissembled13x45x19 3 shelf metal locker20x33x36 metal stand with 2 drawers and metal railing . No contents included10x12x22 circular top fanFlowtron bug zapper 9x12x9Large wood table 42”x30”x101” (contents on table sold separately)Teapot and large Christmas tree mugFoot massager with back massage toolLot of miscellaneous supplies (office supplies, basket, ruler, fix a flat)Canon pro-100 printer/copier with ink cartridgeNursing pads, baby bib, diapers etc.Lot of various bags (rivers casino etc.)2 iRobot braavas4 moms baby stationWooden dresser with changing station on top (4’x2’)Lasko with Thera Pure humidifierBionaire with pure guardian humidifierHoverboard with battery charger7 vintage the general fireproofing Co. Good form chairs . Youngstown Ohio .6 stoolsSony Hi-Fi stereoLot of various cooking bowls and suppliesKitchen Wood Cabinetry with counter top and sink (counter top is tapers from 40 in to 52 inches - comes with sink and gooseneck faucet - 3ft tall all the way around appliances not included nor anything on counters - needs to be removedLot of various cooking pots and pansAPEC water tankLot of kitchen knivesCooking pans on rackSink rack with paper towel rackGeneral Electric microwaveGeneral Electric spectra stoveFrigidaire toaster ovenContents of room (sink, toilet, light, mirror)Steam master with small dolly4 shelvesKenmore washer and dryerHardwood floor cleaner with scrubbersShelf and contents (first aid, electrical supplies, cleaning supplies)Coat rackBox of drink cupsSafety butane fuel with can of mop dressingPlastic storage containers (various sizes)Baby cook blender2 cast iron plates with wood stands30”x41”x131” kitchen island table with cabinet display under stainless finishZojirushi water boiler and warmerRice cooker/steamer2 bird candle holdersWood elephant sculpture (broken tusk)Contents on table (tape, transmitter, etc.)2 stainless garbage bins (1 motion sensors)2 motion sensor stainless garbage binsEmpty makeup bagsTray of various utensils and cooking suppliesGeorge Forman healthy cookingLot of various drinking supplies and containersGlass decorative piece, cup, fruit plate with wooden decorative pieceLot of various photos with framesSelfie stickSelfie stick3 rotating cameras with candlesLot of various model cars2 6” wooden shelves (needs to be removed)Wine rack (12 sections)Metal storage racksPlastic bins with food traysMetal cooking pots with cutting boardGlass jars with glass decorative display plate4 basketsPlastic bin, box of napkins, basket miscellaneous suppliesRoll able shelfYamaha ATS-1070 speakerLittle girl plastic house set 24x47x47Sweater dryer, with vornado fan and foot massager(3) living room end tables with middle table- end tables custom made out of steel with glass tops (heavy) 29x20 - middle table is very heavy custom made - solid wood 16 inches tall6ft x 7ft kids play matt - 4 puzzle attached play mats with 2 yoga matsPink with white polka dots baby rocker with screening - lays on the floorGraco Baby pack and play with changing station on wheels 29x36x40(3) baby seats - booster chair - mini mouse disc chair - anbebe chair2 baby chairs - hello kitty bouncer- comfort harmony swingGraco chair on wheels with tray- little tikes car on wheels both roughly 3ft tall(2) kids desks 22x26x21 eachClothes hamper with basketWerner 8ft fiberglass step ladderLarge barn door for room separation with beam and tracks - door is 1 3/4 thick by 88 inches tall 51inches wide - beam is 5x8x105 needs dissembledKids bedroom set - (2) dressers 17x59x32 - 17x17x46 separate into 2 pieces - full size bed frame with headboard - bed is 76x24x82WaterPik shower head and smaller shower head -detachable - need to be removed72” x 59” glass shower door and panelstainless sink - 2 door, 8 drawer vanity cabinet - countertop - wall mirror - vanity light - 6' wideVase of reeds - toothbrush holder - tissue cover - soap dish - m isc.2 - wall light fixtures - need to be removed2 stainless towel bars - 28" - need to be removedAmerican standard toilet - needs to be removedBionaire tower fan 41in tall - tone fitness step up - vase5 ft lamp2 original oil canvas paintings (S. Hile) Martini painting and apple painting5 wall hanging lights (needs to be removed)8 hanging pendant lights (needs to be removed)3 hanging light fixtures (needs to be removed)(2) sets of string lights (10) lights overall - dimmer on lights - roughly 20ft long - needs dissembledWood steps, lot of pottery pots, wood crate (damaged)lg. wall Decorative pieceKids slide, Disney ride, kids basketball sports centerKids plastic play seat, toilet seat with steps and pottie chair with iPad mountKids waterfall play area, racing track and frog riding toyLarge lot of kids toys and set ups (table with chairs, buggy, vacuum, lounge sofa)Seebaby adjustable kids strollerChicco kids strollerKids tricycle, scooter and plastic kids tricycleLarge lot of cleaning products (garbage bins, sweeper, mop bucket with mops etc.)4ft wide by 8ft tall metal divider gate door needs dissembledOutdoor rivers casino folding table