Last Dollar Sale of the Year

Online Auction in Oro-medonte Ontario, Canada

02 Monday
December 02nd, 2019
Funky Junk Auctions
Phone: 7053053990

Last Dollar Sale of the Year

Online Auction in Oro-medonte Ontario, Canada

Monday at - 02nd December , 2019


There is no shipping for this $1.00 auction...sorry. PLEASE PICK UP FURNITURE, BULKY ITEMS OR LARGE ORDERS BY THE THURSDAY AFTER THE AUCTION. IF YOU CANNOT PICK UP IN THIS TIME FRAME, MAKE SURE YOU COMMUNICATE WITH US BEFORE BIDDING. WE CANNOT STORE YOUR ITEMS. Not all funky junk is mint condition, the majority of our items are vintage or antiques and the condition will reflect that. We try to give you good pictures and accurate descriptions but nothing is better than coming in to inspect your funky junk of choice before bidding. If something is unclear to you, drop us an email and we will try to describe it for you. The lack of reference to flaws does not imply it is flawless . It is the responsibility of prospective buyers to inspect or have inspected each lot upon which they wish to bid, relying upon their own advisers, and to bid accordingly. Each lot sold is subject to a 10% buyers premium (unless posted otherwise) of the successful bid price of each lot. This will be added to the invoice after the auction closes. All invoices are applied the HST unless you are registed as exempt. Funky Junk Auctions reserves the right to withdraw any funky junk from sale at any time, to divide any lot or to combine any two or more lots at his/her sole discretion, all without notice. Funky Junk Auctions has the right to refuse any bid. The auctioneer reserves the right not to accept and not to reject any bid. The highest bidder accepted by Funky Junk Auctions for any lot shall be the buyer and such buyer shall forthwith assume full risk and responsibility for the lot If any dispute should arise between bidders, Funky Junk Auctions shall have the absolute discretion to designate the buyer or, at his/her option, to withdraw any disputed lot from the sale, or to re-offer it at the same or a subsequent auction. Any funky junk not picked up at the end of the allotted pick up times shall be considered abandoned unless communication on the subject has been received. There may be a disposal fee charged to the buyer, or the item will be resold. Payment for your funky junk can be made through Paypal, etransfer or Cash at pick up. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make all arrangements for insuring, packing and removing the funky junk they purchased and any assistance by Funky Junk Auctions or their employees, agents or contractors, in packing or removal shall be rendered as a courtesy and without any liability to them. Funky Junk Auctions is an agent for the consignor and makes no representation as to any attribute of, title to, or restriction affecting the articles consigned for sale.All appraisals are issued for insurance purposes only and are supplied by the consignor of the item. Funky Junk Auctions just presents the information for you, it is up to you to research the items. Funky Junk Auctions reserves the right to refuse registration to our auctions or to refuse to recognize any or all bids from any particular person or persons at any time.



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 93

    Fillerys Toffees Tin

  • Lot #: 94

    Wooden Box 6 x 3 x 2

  • Lot #: 95

    Wooden Catchall 9 x 4.5 x 3

  • Lot #: 96

    Teddy Bear

  • Lot #: 97

    Jewellery Box

  • Lot #: 98

    Homer Laughlin FIESTA Yellow Handl...

  • Lot #: 99

    Sterling Silver Overlay Footed Bow...

  • Lot #: 100

    Bowl Candlewick ?

  • Lot #: 101

    Sterling Silver Overlay Bowl 11 x...

  • Lot #: 102

    Gray & Pink Planter

  • Lot #: 103

    Gray & Pink Dish 7 x 7

  • Lot #: 104

    Serving Dish 8 x 4"

  • Lot #: 105

    Decorative Beer Stein from Germany

  • Lot #: 106

    Decorative Beer Mug Western German...

  • Lot #: 107

    Beer Stein 1950 from Japan

  • Lot #: 108

    Golf Mug - Sport Series from Engla...

  • Lot #: 109

    Lord Nelson Pottery Mug England

  • Lot #: 110

    Lord Nelson Pottery Mug England

  • Lot #: 111

    Jamaica Inn Mug England

  • Lot #: 112


  • Lot #: 113

    Funky Planter

  • Lot #: 114

    Wooden Bird Decor

  • Lot #: 115

    Duff Austrailian Beer Can

  • Lot #: 116

    Holy Bible

  • Lot #: 117

    Simpson Operator's Manual

  • Lot #: 118

    Simpson Operator's Manual

  • Lot #: 119

    Old Foreign Map

  • Lot #: 120

    Simpson's Operator's Manual

  • Lot #: 121

    Simpson's Operator's Manual

  • Lot #: 122

    Simpson's Operator's Manual

  • Lot #: 123

    Simpson's Operator's Manual

  • Lot #: 124

    Simpson Manual

  • Lot #: 125

    Antique Triumphant Grace Book 1920...

  • Lot #: 126

    Spot's First Picnic Kids Book

  • Lot #: 127

    Book: Familien Kalender

  • Lot #: 128

    1916 Canadian Diary Record Book

  • Lot #: 129

    Laurel and Hardy Coloring Book 196...

  • Lot #: 130

    Oliver Coloring Book 1968 Made in...

  • Lot #: 131

    BOOK: Jahre Karnten Frei Und Unget...

  • Lot #: 132

    BOOK: 100 Years of Hockey

  • Lot #: 133

    6" x 8" Maurice Utillo Printed USA...

  • Lot #: 134

    Rembrant 6" x 8" Titus Ecrivant Pr...

  • Lot #: 135

    The Last Supper Print 10" x 8"

  • Lot #: 136

    8" x 10" Gellman Print Pals at Pra...

  • Lot #: 137

    La Banlieue By Utrillo 8" x 10" Ge...

  • Lot #: 138

    8 x 10" Gellman Print Mountain Wil...

  • Lot #: 139

    Stll Life Print 8" x 10" by Henke...

  • Lot #: 140

    Apples Print by Robert Chailloux...

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