Online Auction in Toronto Ontario, Canada

22 Monday
July 22nd, 2019
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Online Auction in Toronto Ontario, Canada

Monday at - 22nd July , 2019


Terms & Conditions Before a bid can be placed, all Bidders must first complete the "Buyer Registration" form. All submitted information must be accurate and current, and it is the duty of the Bidder to keep his or her information updated whenever necessary. Registered credit cards will not be charged unless the registrant becomes the Buyer. All registered credit cards will be subject to a USD$1.00 fee to validate the card. Upon registration, the Bidder warrants that they are of legal age in their country and have read and understood all of the following terms and conditions listed above and below, which apply to all auctions conducted by us and any Bidders/Buyers (herein referred to as "Participant" or "Participants") in said auctions. We reserve the right to: cancel bids and/or restrict the use of our site; refuse service to anyone at any time; add or remove items at any point in the auction; revise descriptions of the items if a change needs to be made; ban users for violating our terms and conditions; hold items until the payment has been cleared; withdraw any item and to reoffer the item at another time; resell any items that have not been paid in full by the payment deadline. We are not responsible for the misinterpretation of items and/or descriptions, if any, by the Participants; it is the Participants' responsibility to understand the item thoroughly before bidding. In any cases of dispute, the auctioneer's decision is final. All legal matters will be settled as per Ontario law and the Bidder/Buyer consents that the venue be located in Ontario, Canada. All items are sold on an AS IS, WHERE IS basis, with all faults. We make every effort to represent all items clearly and accurately in photographs and descriptions and will indicate any major defects on an item. The starting bid represents the intrinsic value of gold, silver & gemstones and is below manufacturing cost and is approximately 10% of the retail value. Some photos may vary slightly in size, colour and/or design. In the event that a picture and description do not match, the description takes precedence. If we are prevented by fire, theft, or any other reason whatsoever from delivering and/or shipping items to the Buyer, our liability shall only be limited to the sum that was paid. PRIVACY POLICYWhat Personal Information We CollectAffordable Creations collects your personal information online when you voluntarily provide it to us. If you choose to register online, we ask you to provide limited personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number and/or email address for internal purposes.Internal UsesWe may use your personal information within Affordable Creations: (1) to provide you with the services and products you order; (2) to answer questions about our services; billing, payment methods or use of our website; (3) to process or collect payments for our services, (4) to contact you about the products and services that we offer.SOFT CLOSE POLICY In the event that a bid is placed on an item in the final minutes of an auction sale, the auction will automatically be extended for an additional 3 minutes to prevent 'auction sniping'. The extension will continue until all the bids have stopped. CONDITION OF ITEMS We take every effort to accurately describe all items offered in its sales, and guarantee the items for their metal content and gemstone(s). We do not provide warranty for labour. We have knowledgeable and qualified experts to provide accurate descriptions and suggested replacement values on the certificates we provide. Appraisals included with any item are for insurance purposes only. The value indicated is the appraiser's own opinion and only reflects its replacement cost. Most appraisals only indicate the Canadian value of the item. Appraisals cost approximately $50 and up for each copy. ***EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 11, 2018: Appraised items will be of no additional charge for appraisals where available*** Provided appraisals are for securing insurance for the particular item, and may not be retail or wholesale value. We are not responsible for valuation or description on the appraisals.Returns are not accepted; ALL SALES ARE FINAL. By placing a bid, the Participant has signified that the description of the item(s) in question is satisfactory and will not be entitled to make any objections after the sale. We have a buyback fee of 10%.We are so confident that you will really like our goods and the low prices. To boost your confidence more in our products we are extending our guarantee of buyback for any approved item at 90% of the sale price within 1 week of receiving the shipment. The 10% charges which will be deducted are for restocking, relisting, credit card processing fees and various other expenses associated with the basic cost of doing a business. Shipping and handling will be the responsibility of the buyer.Lots not bid at starting bid will be passed on as ?No Interest?.Unsold items will be offered at 2x the starting bid.SALES TAX International bidders are not subject to any tax in Canada. Appropriate provincial taxes will be applicable for shipments within Canada. PAYMENT AND INVOICING All payments are accepted in US funds. Invoices will be sent by email the next business 1-2 days. The credit card used at registration will be charged for payment after auction close unless requested for any other payment method before auction close.Participant is responsible for keeping their credit card up to date and ensuring the necessary funds is available on their card. Any reprocessing for declined payments under $100 will be charged a fee of $5.All invoices will be shipped to billing address unless informed in advance of pickup.ATTENTION: INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS International Buyers are responsible for paying all customs, duties, and taxes in their countries. We wish to mention that there is no duty on Canadian made goods to be imported in New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, and other countries which have free trade agreement with Canada. SHIPPING FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING if total purchases are over $100, otherwise $10 will be charged.FREE INSURED PRIORITY SHIPPING for purchases over $1000All items will be shipped to billing addresses. Please be sure to update addresses on payment methods.We take our utmost care to prepare parcels for shipments, however, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer for loss or damages during shipping without insurance.Pick up: Valid ID and copy of invoice required.The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and save Affordable Creations and their assigns harmless from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damage or liability, directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from an act, including the negligent acts or omissions of Affordable Creations, or anyone acting in his/her behalf in connection with or arising out of an auction. By bidding, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and are in agreement with the terms outlined above and that your bid is a binding contract. F.A.Q. I won some lots from your auction. When will my invoice be sent? Invoices will be sent the within 1 business day following the close of the auction.When will my items be shipped?We will ship your items to your billing address within 5 business days (excluding weekends) after payment is confirmed.How do I register? First time bidders should click on the New Bidder link on the right side of the page. Fill out all the required information in the registration form and click Submit. Once your account is set up, you must enter a valid credit card to be able to bid on items. For most auctions, this card will be billed upon the auction's close. Your card will be charged a $1.00 fee every six months for verification purposes. Please note that registrations will not be accepted without a valid credit card, address, and name.The format for your address must match EXACTLY on file with their credit union or bank. You may try to match your address with your government issued ID if address mismatch occurs.Prepaid visa/ gift cards are not supported.How do I bid? Select the auction you want to bid on. Scroll to the lot you wish to place a bid on and a new page will open asking you to confirm your bid. At this point, you may also enter a Maximum Bid which will guarantee you to pay the lowest bid possible to win the item. What is a Starting Bid?The starting bid represents the intrinsic value of gold, silver & gemstones and is below manufacturing cost and is approximately 10% of the retail value. What is a Maximum Bid? A maximum bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item, but also ensures that you will only pay the lowest amount possible to win the item. For example, if you place a bid for $50 and place a maximum bid of $100, you are guaranteed to win the item for any amount between $50 to $100 unless someone bids higher than $100. However, you will pay only as much that is required to be the highest bidder.What are the bid increments? Bid increments are the amounts each bid will increase based on the current bid price. The higher value the item, the higher the bid increments. What is MSRP? MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. We have 30 years of marketing silver and gold jewelry around the world including India, Thailand, Cambodia, USA, and Canada. Most of our gold jewelry is produced by us in Canada. With our experience we estimate manufacturing cost, gemological value of our products are guaranteed to be at least equal to or higher than the MSRP.Will the sizes of the items fit my needs?We provide a resizing service upon request. Please allow 2 weeks for resizing.Rings can be resized for an additional $40.


<p><span style="color:rgb(119, 119, 119)">Most premium items starting at 10% or less of the suggested retail and apprased value. Fine jewellery and gemstones not available in most stores Everything must go!</span></p> <p><span style="color:rgb(119, 119, 119)">Bidders are welcome from all over the world. Find rare items with us which may not be found in most stores.</span></p> <p><span style="color:rgb(119, 119, 119)">Starting bids as low as $1 well below cost of manufacturing Save up to 50% from buyers premiums to commission fees by buying directly from the manufacturer No selling commission or buyer&#39;s premium We ship worldwide Gift boxes are available for additional charges on request. See details on our Additional Services Page. https://affordablecreationsto.hibid.com/content/additional-services/</span></p> <p><span style="color:rgb(119, 119, 119)">ALL SALES ARE FINAL. In this featured sale only, we are extending our guarantee for refunds. For new buyers to confidently bid on goods your satisfaction is guaranteed for money refunded after a deduction of 15% for relisting and restocking fees for purchases over $100. Shipping and handling will be the responsibility of the buyer.</span></p>



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1a
    FREE Silver Marcasite Ring

    FREE Silver Marcasite Ring

  • Lot #: 1b
    FREE! 14k Gold  Diamond (0.10ct) Mother of Pearl E

    FREE! 14k Gold Diamond (0.10ct) M...

  • Lot #: 2a
    $2300  Tanzanite(1.2ct) Diamond(0.03ct) Ring

    $2300 Tanzanite(1.2ct) Diamond(0....

  • Lot #: 2b
    $5100  Diamond(0.52ct) Diamond(0.4ct) Ring

    $5100 Diamond(0.52ct) Diamond(0.4...

  • Lot #: 3
    $7100 14K  Aquamarine(2.5ct) Diamond(0.45ct) Ring

    $7100 14K Aquamarine(2.5ct) Diamo...

  • Lot #: 4
    $4900 14K  Tourmaline(4.5ct) Diamond(0.15ct) Penda

    $4900 14K Tourmaline(4.5ct) Diamo...

  • Lot #: 5
    $4900 2.6K  Morganite(1.8ct) Diamond(0.25ct) Ring

    $4900 2.6K Morganite(1.8ct) Diamo...

  • Lot #: 6
    $4037 14K  Diamond(0.35ct) Ring

    $4037 14K Diamond(0.35ct) Ring

  • Lot #: 7
    $9200 14K  Diamond(1ct) Ring

    $9200 14K Diamond(1ct) Ring

  • Lot #: 8
    $2100 14K  Opal(3.5ct) Diamond(0.06ct) Pendant

    $2100 14K Opal(3.5ct) Diamond(0.0...

  • Lot #: 9
    $5400 10K  Dia I1, J(0.57ct) Ring

    $5400 10K Dia I1, J(0.57ct) Ring

  • Lot #: 10
    $700 14K  Aquamarine(1ct) Earrings

    $700 14K Aquamarine(1ct) Earrings

  • Lot #: 11
    $3192 14K  Dia I1, J(0.23ct) Ring

    $3192 14K Dia I1, J(0.23ct) Ring

  • Lot #: 12
    $1500 14K  Black Dia(1.9ct) Earrings

    $1500 14K Black Dia(1.9ct) Earrin...

  • Lot #: 13
    $2500 14K  Zultanite(2.2ct) Earrings

    $2500 14K Zultanite(2.2ct) Earrin...

  • Lot #: 14
    $2900 14K  Green Sapphire(2.7ct) Diamond(0.08ct) E

    $2900 14K Green Sapphire(2.7ct) D...

  • Lot #: 15
    $1600 14K  Diamond(0.1ct) Aquamarine(0.05ct) Earri

    $1600 14K Diamond(0.1ct) Aquamari...

  • Lot #: 16
    $1600 14K  Diamond(0.1ct) Aquamarine(0.05ct) Earri

    $1600 14K Diamond(0.1ct) Aquamari...

  • Lot #: 17
    $800 18K  Pendant

    $800 18K Pendant

  • Lot #: 18
    $800 18K  Earrings

    $800 18K Earrings

  • Lot #: 19
    $500 14K  Diamond(0.16ct) Earrings

    $500 14K Diamond(0.16ct) Earrings

  • Lot #: 20
    $1600 14K  Ruby(6.8ct) Diamond(0.05ct) Earrings

    $1600 14K Ruby(6.8ct) Diamond(0.0...

  • Lot #: 21


  • Lot #: 22
    $100  Earrings

    $100 Earrings

  • Lot #: 23
    $100  Amber Ring

    $100 Amber Ring

  • Lot #: 24
    $550  Amethyst Garnet Citrine  Pendant

    $550 Amethyst Garnet Citrine Pen...

  • Lot #: 25
    $500  Iolite Bracelet

    $500 Iolite Bracelet

  • Lot #: 26
    $1150  Moonstone Bracelet

    $1150 Moonstone Bracelet

  • Lot #: 27


  • Lot #: 28


  • Lot #: 29


  • Lot #: 30


  • Lot #: 31
    $240 10K  Necklace

    $240 10K Necklace

  • Lot #: 32
    $160  Earrings

    $160 Earrings

  • Lot #: 33


  • Lot #: 34
    $100  Earrings

    $100 Earrings

  • Lot #: 35


  • Lot #: 36
    $240  Cornelian Necklace

    $240 Cornelian Necklace

  • Lot #: 37
    $300 14K  Pendant

    $300 14K Pendant

  • Lot #: 38
    $300  Earrings

    $300 Earrings

  • Lot #: 39
    $200  Tanzanite Earrings

    $200 Tanzanite Earrings

  • Lot #: 40
    $140  Moonstone Pendant

    $140 Moonstone Pendant

  • Lot #: 41
    $180  Diamond Emerald Ring

    $180 Diamond Emerald Ring

  • Lot #: 42
    $100  Ring

    $100 Ring

  • Lot #: 43
    $200  Tanzanite Earrings

    $200 Tanzanite Earrings

  • Lot #: 44
    $200  Tanzanite Ring

    $200 Tanzanite Ring

  • Lot #: 45
    CZ Pendant

    CZ Pendant

  • Lot #: 46
    $300  Larimar Earrings

    $300 Larimar Earrings

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