Retirement Farm Equipment Auction

Farm Auction in 920 County Rd L, Scribner Nebraska, United States

18 Saturday
18th January, 2020 11:00 AM

Retirement Farm Equipment Auction

Farm Auction in 920 County Rd L, Scribner Nebraska, United States

Saturday at - 18th January , 2020


<p>No small items.&nbsp; Be on time.&nbsp; Live bidding thru Equipment Facts.&nbsp; See our website for more details.&nbsp;</p>



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Auction Items For Sale

Farm Equipment Retirement Auction

Jan.  18, 2020 -   11:00 a.m.

Snow Date:  Jan. 21, 2020

Auction Location:  920 County Rd L, Scribner, NE

Viewing of Equipment - January 11 & 12, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment

Owner:  Curtis Stuehmer, 402-720-3244

Directions to Sale Site:  From Hooper:  Go South on County 19 to County Rd K.  Turn West and continue 9 miles to County Rd 10.  Turn South on County Rd 10 for 1 mile.  Turn West on County
Rd L for .6 mile.  From Highway 30 and County Road 10 between North Bend and Fremont:  Go North on County Rd 10 for 8.5 miles.  Turn West onto County Rd L for .6 miles.  From Hwy 79 and County Rd K:  Go East 2 miles to County Rd 9.  Turn South for 1 mile.  Turn West on County Rd L for .4 mile.  Sale Site Sits on the North Side of the Road. 



2010 JD 8345R, SN#1RW8345RTAD010338, MFWD , Independent Link Suspension , 2240 hrs.,  IVT Transmission w/RH(42 KPH),  480/80R50 Rears, 380/80R38 Fronts, Dual Tires Front & Back, Front Fenders, 18 Front Weights, Inside Rear Weights, 5 Remote Hydraulics,  AutoTrac  Ready, Quick Hitch, Hammer Strap, Electric Mirrors


2013 JD 8335R, SN#1RW8335REDP076818, MFWD, Independent Link Suspension,  2550 hours,  16 spd.  Powershift Transmission, Rear Tires 480/80RX50, Front Tires 420/85R34, Dual Tires Front & Back,  Front Fenders, 18 Front Weights, Rear  Inside and Outside Rear Weights, 5 Remote Hydraulics, AutoTrac Ready, Quick Hitch, Hammer Strap, Electric Mirrors


2009 JD 8430, SN#RW8430P046298, MFWD, 2490 hours, 16 spd. Power Shift,  480/80/R50 Rear Tires,  380/80/R38 Front Tires, Rear Duals,  Front Fenders, 16 Front Weights, Inside Rear Weights, 5 Remote Hydraulics, Auto Trac Ready, Quick Hitch, Hammer Strap


2009 JD8130, SN# 8130P047107, 1610 hours, 16 spd.  Powershift, 480/80R/46 Rear Tires, 380/85R34 Front Tires, Rear Duals, Front Fenders, No Front Weights, 5  Remote Hydraulics,  AutoTrac Ready, Quick Hitch,  Hammer Strap, Electric Mirrors


1998 JD 8300, SN# 8300P021427, 5500 hours,  16 spd. Powershift, 480/80R/46 Rear Tires, 380/85/R34 Front Tires, Rear Duals, Front Fenders, 12 Front Weights, Inside Rear Weights, 4 Remote Hydraulics, No Auto Steer Valve,  Quick Hitch, Hammer Strap


JD4455, SN#RW4455PO22090, 7780hours, 15 spd. Power shift, 18.4R38 Rear Tires, 10/16 Front Tires, Cast Rear Wheels, 3 Hydraulics, Hydraulic Power Beyond, Quick Hitch, 10 International Weights Sell Seperate


JD 4320, Type T613R, SN# 0205968, 9393 hours Tach Replaced,  Syncro Transmission, 18.4R38 Rear Tires, 10/16 Front Tires, 2 Hydraulics, Quick Hitch,  JD Factory Cab w/Roll Bar 


JD 4020, SN#SNT213R129861R, 3524 hours Tach Replaced,  Syncro Transmission, 18.4R34 Rear Tires, 11/15 Front Tires, Cast Rear Wheels, 2 Hydraulics, Hinson Cab


JD Star 3000 Fire Receiver

JD 2600 Display w/ Basic Auto Trac and Swath Control Pro

(3) Gnuse Power Link 2 – Sell Separate

(2) Power Link 1 – Sell Separate

(8) Rear Weights for a 4020

(2) 11.00/16 Tires and Rims

Side Rails and 10 Front Slab Weights for a 4320

(10) International 100 lb. Suitcase Weights

Misc. Tractor Weights

JD Rear Weights

JD 18.4X38 Duals 9 Bolt Hubs

18.4X34 Clamp on Duals

JD Bracket Suitcase Weights

Westendorf Loader Brackets for JD





2018 JD S770 HXC Combine, SN#1H08770SPJ0800325, 590 hours,  600/70R28 Rear Tires, 520/85R42  Dual Front Tires,  Premium Cab, LED Light Package, Active Yield Plus Moisture & Yield Sensors, ProDrive Transmission w/ Harvest Smart Feedrate Control, 2 Wheel Drive, 26 Ft. Unloading Auger, Tier 4 Engine, Sidehill Performance Package, Generation 4 Command Center, AutoTrac Ready, Extended Wear Grain Handling System, Grain Tank Extension, Power Cast Tailboard, Command Touch Multi-Speed Feeder House w/Fore Aft Tilt -Loaded


2014 JD 612C, SN#1H00612CPEX765554, Hydraulic Deck Plates, Opposed Knife Rolls, Row Sensors, Field Tracker, Stubble Lights


2015 JD 640FD Hydro Flex, SN#1H0640FDEF0775696, Double Drive, Double Sickle, Spare Sickles, Long, Long Knife Sections, Field Tracker, Stubble Lights


2014 B&B Head Cart, Model BBHG-30TT, SN#140225, 30 ft.


2015 Dose Head Hunter Classic Head Cart, SN#81758, 43 ft.




2017 Hagie STS16, SN#1FAST16SCH0017003, 610 Engine hours, 609 Machine hours,  380/105R50 Tires, 1600 gal. Stainless Steel Tank 3” Front Fill, 100 ft. Boom, 15” Spacing, RTK Auto Steer, Rear Suspension, Auto Phasing w/ Hydraulic Tread Adjust,  Hagie Triple Body Nozzles, Norac Height Control, Premium Cab, Premium LED Lights, 25gpm Hydraulic Pump Package, All Wheel Steering, Crop Dividers, Hood Scoop, Section Indicator Lights, Rear Boom, Remote Leg Grease Kit, Air Purge, Green Star 2630 Display, Star Fire 6000 Receiver, Central Control Activation, JD Rate Controller, Auto Trac, Tall Crop Package,  Hagie Winterization Program




2018 JD 1795 Planter, 32 Row -  15 inch, SN#1A01795CPJA775344, MaxEmerge 5 Package,  Variable Drive, 2 Hydraulic Motors with Half - Width Disconnect, Pro-Shaft Drive with RowCommand Clutches, Pneumatic  Down Force System, SeedStar Monitor System, Seed Tube w/ AccuCount Sensor, Tri-Fold Markers, ProMax 40 Flat Disks, Soybean Seed Metering Disks, Bulk Fill, Orange Rebounders, Coulters with Bubble Blades, Rubber Tire Closing Wheels


2014 JD 1770NT Planter, 24 Row - 30in., SN#1A01770CKDM755689, 600 gal. Liquid Fertilizer Tank, Piston Pump, Yetter Trash Wipers, Markers w/ 16 in. Notched Disks, Depth Gauging Bands & Control Independent of Planter Lift, Pro-Shaft Drive for Pro-Series XP Row Units w/ RowCommand Clutches, Mini Seed Hoppers, Tru-Vee Openers w/ Single Walking Gauge Wheels, Rubber Tire Closing Wheels, Regular Seed Tube with AccuCount Sensor, Pneumatic Down Force System, Steel Scrapers for Tru-Vee Openers, Twelve Port Block Maniford Delivery System w/ Hoses, Less Openers, Tire Scraper for Right Hand Liquid Fertilizer/Plateless Seed Meter Drive Wheels, ProMax 40 Flat Disks, Soybean Seed Metering Disk, New Tru-Vee Opener Discs,  Scrapers & Frogs, Bulk Fill, Orange Seed Rebounders


JD VAC 7300 8 Row 30” Planter, Trash Wipers, Insecticide Boxes, Markers, JD 250 Monitor


Male seed corn planter w/ 7000 JD Units, 4 Row, 40 ft., JD 250 Monitor



Grain Carts

Kinze 1050 Grain Cart, SN#506685, 1250/45-32 Tires, Scale, Tarp, Hydraulic Spout, 22 in. Unloading Auger, Large 1000 pto.


Kinze 640 Grain Cart, SN#500565, 24.5/32 Diamond Tread Tires, Tarp, 15” Unloading and Large 1000 pto.



Trucks & Trailers

2004 9400I, ISX Cummins, 450 hp., 650, 000 miles, Eaton 10 speed, New 11R24.5 Rears, Fronts 275/80R24.5,  DOT Inspection  August 19,2019


2015 Wilson Pacesetter, 43 ft., Air, Ride, Ag Hoppers,  11R22.5 Tires, Aero Powerlock Tarp, New Brake Pads  - DOT Inspection - August 19,2019


1989 GMC Vin#1GDM7D1E0KV513037, 427 4 Barrel, 88,000 miles, 5X2 spd., Transmission, 11R22.5 Rear Tires, 11R20 Front Tires 20 ft. Steel Scott Box & Hoist, Triple Cargo Doors, Roll Tarp, Air Brakes, Air Tag Axle


1999 Chevrolet Silverado K1500, 4X4, 249,500 miles, Grey




Farm Equipment

JD 637 Wheatland Disc, SN#N00637X006291, 29’3”, 23.5” Front and Back Blades, 3 Bar Tine Harrow

JD 230 Disc, 20’, 20” Front Blades, 21.5” Back Blades

JD 980 Field Cultivator, SN#N00637X006291, 30’, 3 Bar Tine Harrow

BluJet Track Master, SN#015734, Pivot Trac Closer

Landall Chisel Plow, 13 Shank

Case IH 1830 Cultivator, 16 Row 30”

Orthman 8 row 30” Cultivator

Hawkins SN#RTB21029807, 9 Shank 30” Ridger

Orthman Anhydrous Bar 16 Row 30”, Hiniker 8150 Controller, w/ 2 Heat Exchangers

Moore Built 16 row 30” Anhydrous Bar, SN#2110, Hiniker 8150 Controller, 2 Heat Exchangers

Kilboros Gravity Wagon, Model 375, Tires12.5X16, Kilboros Gear

Flow Easy Gravity Wagon, Model 300, 12.5/16 Tires on Easy Trail Gear

Peck Model 1204-82 SN#90216207, 12” 82’ Auger w/ Hydraulic Driven Swing Hopper, 540 PTO

Peck Model 1204-82 SN#01917292, 12”82’ Auger w/Hydraulic Driven Swing Hopper, 540 PTO

Peck 10” Auger, SN#705 14978, 71 ft. Swing Hopper

Oliver 6 Bottom, 18” Mow boards, Semi-Mounted

Kelly Ryan 4X12 Manure Spreader

(2) 1650 White Poly Tanks

(2) 60 gal. Mixing Cones w/ Pacer 5.5 pump

Green 1500 gal. Poly Tank

Red Ball 3 pt. Sprayer Boom 40 ft.

Homemade 3 pt. Head Carrier

Badger Barge Wagon, Steel SN#865

Wood Barge Wagon /Hoist

(2) JD Running Gear

David Bradley Hay Rake

5 Section Harrow w/Evener

Big John Equipment Saddle Tanks for 8000 Series - 500 gal. a side

21 ft. Donahue Trailer – New Tires

Gnuse F-40 Forklift, 10 ft.

JD #8 Sickle Mower w/7ft. Bar

(2) 300 gal. Fuel Barrels

(2) Front Mount Fuel Tanks for a 20 Series JD

Propane Pickup Tanks

(4) 7.60X15 Tires w/Rims

HR Manufacturing Navigator Row Crop Guidance System/Controller

10 ft. Roller Packer