Voit Firearms and Collectible Equipment Auction

Auction in 43311 County Road 35, Freeport Minnesota, United States

15 Saturday
15th August, 2020 10:30 AM

Voit Firearms and Collectible Equipment Auction

Auction in 43311 County Road 35, Freeport Minnesota, United States

Saturday at - 15th August , 2020


<p>The Voits have lived in this area for many years and are well known throughout the community. Don has enjoyed using and collecting firearms as well as being an avid hunter and outdoorsman since he was a small boy. Don is also known as a fabricator making countless attachments to existing equipment as well as manufacturing many unique new items for customers, friends and neighbors throughout Central Minnesota. After seeing his shop and expertise in many fields, I don&rsquo;t think there is anything he couldn&rsquo;t repair or make better. Along with an extensive collection of firearms, we offer a large amount of ammunition, collectible tractors, general collectibles, lumber &amp; miscellaneous shop items of all types. Please note that we will begin with miscellaneous items at 10:30, followed by firearms at approximately 12:00 noon, followed by any unsold items, so please plan on prompt attendance. We may get to tractors and other major items before noon so please plan accordingly. Firearms are stored off-site and will be available for inspection auction day only. Prior inspection of other major items available by appointment beginning Monday, August 10th. If you enjoy unique auctions with a wide variety of great items, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend.&nbsp; <em>Thank you!</em></p>



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Auction Items For Sale


84 Firearms Sell at Approx. 12:00 Noon

Includes: Rifles, Shotguns, Hand Guns, Black Powder Rifles and Pistols, Ammunition and Accessories

Please Note: If you are planning on purchasing a hand gun, you must have in your possession on auction day a valid Permit to Purchase or Carry. No exceptions.

1. Browning A Bolt 270 WSM (Bolt Action) Leopold 3x9 Scope, Ser. #04944MV351

2. Winchester Model 1897 12 Gauge Pump, Full Choke, Ser. #405546

3. Belgian Browning 338 Automatic, Sling, 3x9 Bushnell Scope

4. Weatherby Vanguard 270 Bolt, Synthetic, 3x10 Intensity Scope, Ser. #VS356634

5. Weatherby Vanguard 30.06 Bolt, 3x9 Pentax Scope, Ser. # VS188917

6. Remington 770 300 Winchester Mag Synthetic Bolt, Nikon 3x9 Scope, Ser. #71436091

7. Weatherby Vanguard 270 WMS, Synthetic Bolt, SS Barrel, Nikon 3x9 Scope, Ser. #V8169652

8. Remington Model 742 30.06 Automatic, Tasco 4 Power Scope, Ser. #A6997902

9. Winchester Model 70 7mm Bolt, Synthetic Black Shadow MA, 10x40 Red & Green Retinal Scope, 50 Bell, Ser. #G2194492

10. Tikka T3 270 Synthetic Bolt, Firefield 8x32 50 Bell Scope, Ser. #K47566

11. Fancy Belgian Browning 7mm Magnum Automatic, Pentax 8.5x32 50 Bell Scope, See-Through Tunnel Mounts, Ser. #51856M8

12. Harrington Richardson Single Shot 410, Ser. #378479

13. Sears High Standard Model 25 22 Cal. Tube Feed Automatic, 4x9 Weaver Scope, Ser. #5832501

14. Savage Axis 22-250 Bolt, Synthetic, SS Barrel, 6x24x50 AOEG Red-Green Black Retinals, Ser. #H617305

15. Mossberg 500 12 Ga. Pump, Bird/Slug Barrels, Ser. #P016655

16. Mauser Military Bolt, Open Sight, Ser. #237025

17. Remington Model 700 223, Bull Barrel, Bolt, Scope Mounts, Ser. #G7017435

18. Remington Model 742 30.06 Automatic, 150th Anniversary, 3.5x10 Pine Ridge Scope, Ser. #232013

19. Savage Model 99 300 Lever Action, Redfield 1.75x5 Scope, Diamond Wood Inlaid Stock, Ser. #5045537

20. Winchester Model 94 32 Special Lever Action, Ser. #2350144

21. Winchester Model 94 32 Special Lever Action, Ser. #1630206

22. Marlin Model 336 30.30 Lever Action, Simmons 4x9 Scope, Ser. #0007417

23. Winchester Model 94 30-30, Ser. #3065175

24. Winchester Model 1897 16 Gauge Pump Take-Down, Original Soft Case, Ser. #461074

25. Chileno Belgian Made Model K1800 Mauser Model 1895 7mm Bolt, Open Sight, Ser. #K3977

26. Black Powder 31 Cal. Cap and Ball Black Powder Pistol, Holster and Accessories, Black Powder Only

27. Traditions Black Powder 44 Cal. Cap and Ball Pistol, Ser. #R483651

28. Traditions 44 Cal. Black Powder Cap and Ball Pistol, Ser. #R416544

29. Traditions 44 Cal. Black Powder Cap and Ball Pistol, Ser. #676418

30. Austin-Halleck 50 Caliber Black Powder Rifle, See-Through Scope Mounts, Curly Maple Stock, Ser. #100369

31. Traditions Canyon 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, 3x9 Scope, Ser. #14-130-400-34-11

32. Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag 6 Shot Pistol, 10.5 Inch Barrel, Ser. #83-26945

33. Heritage 22 & 22 Magnum 6 Shot Cylinder, Not Fired - in Box, Ser. #54777

34. Tokarev 7.62mm X 25 Cal. Automatic Pistol, Ser. #E188751

35. Tokarev Romanian 7.62mm X 25 Cal. Automatic Pistol, Holster, Extra Clip, Ser. #XC0381953

36. Tula Russian Made 7.62mm X 38R Cal. Pistol, 4 Inch Barrel, Holster, Ser. #03425

37. 1916 K-11 7.5x55 Cal. Swiss Army Rifle, Troupe Tag, Open Sight, Ser. #415694

38. Swiss Model 9611 7.5x55 Military Rifle, Ser. #324091

39. 1892 Swiss Model 1889 7.5x53 Cal. Military Rifle, Ser. #29858

40. Swiss Model K1911 7.5x55 Cal. Military Rifle, Ser. #370669

41. CVA Synthetic 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, 2.5x7 Scope, Ser. #61-13-149963-01

42. Mauser 8mm Military Rifle, Ser. #G52735V

43. Deer Slayer 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, Octagon Barrel, Double Trigger, Cap Lock, Ser. #818020

44. Harrington Richardson Topper Model 88 12 Gauge Single Shot, Full Choke, Ser. #AX643872

45. Stevens 12 Gauge Single Shot, Ser. #E73113

46. Harrington Richardson Jr. Classic 20 Gauge Single Shot, Ser. #240099

47. Camo Traditions Lightning Light Weight 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, SS Barrel, Ser. #14-13-022800-00

48. 1937 Refurbished Russian 7.62x54 R Military Rifle, Sling, Ammo Pouch, Ser. #9130326091

49. 1931 Refurbished Russian 7.62x54R Military Rifle, Hex Receiver, Laminated Stock, Ser. #9130443128

50. Remington Model 742 30.06 150th Anniversary Edition, Sling, Extra Clip, Hard Case, 3x9 Scope, Ser. #221621

51. 1944 Refurbished Russian 7.62x54R Military Rifle, Round Receiver, Laminated Stock, Sling, Ammo Pack, Bayonet, Ser. #9130456968

52. Savage Axis 270 Bolt, Sling, Byod Stock, Ser. #726461

53. CVA Electra 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, New in Box, Ser. #1310-5011-07

54. Mauser Yogo 8x57 Military Rifle, Ser. #Y03498

55. Cabela’s Hawken 50 Caliber Cap Lock Carbine Black Powder Rifle, Ser. #364052

56. Refurbished Mitchell’s Mauser 8mm X 57 Cal., Ser. #M24047

57. Crickett 22 Single Shot Bolt in Original Box, Ser. #265306

58. 1937 Refurbished Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R Military Rifle, Round Receiver, Laminated Stock, Bayonet, Ammo Pouch, Ser. #9130

59. 1942 Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R Military Rifle, Round Receiver, Blonde Stock, Ser. #9577

60. Refurbished Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R Military Rifle, Bayonette, Ser. #017713

61. Refurbished 1936 Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54 R Military Rifle, Bayonette, Ammo Pouch, Hex Receiver, Ser. #9130325815

62. Austin Halleck 50 Caliber Black Powder Rifle, SS Barrel, Unfired, Hard Case, Ser. #0150316

63. Refurbished Finnish Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R Military Rifle, Hex Receiver, Ser. #62471

64. Vetterli Swiss Model M78 41 Cal. Rim Fire Military Rifle, Over 100 Years Old, Ser. #94827

65. Western Field Model 30 12 Gauge Pump, Browning Patent Ser. #U45167

66. Excel 16 Gauge Single Shot, Ser. #7480

67. Spanish Mauser 308, Tasco 3x9 Scope, Ser. #5980

68. Knight 50 Caliber Synthetic Black Powder Rifle, Scope Mount, Ser. #384411

69. Mauser Conversion 2 Shot 12 Gauge Bolt

70. CVA Stag Horn 50 Caliber Magnum Black Powder Rifle, 3x9 Barska Scope, Ser. #61-B-140234-03

71. CVA Mag Bolt 150 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, Ser. #61-13-104768099

72. 1945 Swiss 7.5x55 Rifle, Beech Wood Stock, Ser. #841660

73. 1953 Marlin #336 30.30 Lever Action, Ser. #26756

74. 1925 Swiss 7.5x55 Carbine Military Rifle, Ser. #129918

75. Thompson Center Firestorm 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, 209 Side Lock Primer, Ser. #5958

76. Marlin Model 1898 Take Down 16 Gauge Pump, Ser. #95405

77. Centurion 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, SS Barrel, Ser. #C07736

78. Remington Model 550-1 22 Cal. Tube Feed Semi-Automatic

79. JC Higgins Model 58318 Bottom Feed 16 Gauge Bolt

80. Harrington Richardson Topper Model 98 16 Gauge Single Shot, Ser. #205327

81. Winchester Apex 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle, Magnum 209 Red Dot Scope, Ser. #61-13-147766-03, Like New in Box

82. Brazilian 48 Cal. Smooth Bore Black Powder Cap Lock

83. CZ 82 9x18 Automatic Pistol, Holster, Ser. #185365CZ

84. Remington Model 788 243 Cal. with Extra Clip and 3x9 Simmons Scope, Ser. #A6158469

Hand-Crafted Multi-Level Ash Horizontal Gun Storage Cabinet

Several Boxes of Factory and Loaded 7mm, 223, 243, 30.06, 22-250 and Others

Several Pounds of Goex Black Powder

Posness-Warren 12 Gauge Commercial Reloader and Bench

Hard Gun Cases

Long Bow

Approx. (10) Unique Traps, including Double Spring Newhouse

Some Collectible Knives and Many Other Assorted Related Items


Gas Engines, Antique & Collectible Items

Nice Copper Clad Gas/Wood Combination Kitchen Range, One Owner

Model D Kohler 110 Volt Generator with 4 Cylinder Kohler Engine

(2) Freemont 6 H.P. 2 Cycle Gas Engines, (Runs Good)

IH 1.5 H.P. Gas Engine

Wisconsin 2 Cylinder Gas Engine

John Deere 2 Cylinder LUC Engine, (Running Condition)

Johnson Iron Horse Gas Engine

Early Outboard Motor Corp. Outboard Boat Motor, Ser. #4090878

Kohler 2 Cylinder Gas Engine

Several Tractor Magnetos, including Fairbanks, IH, JD, AC, Bosch, Eisman

Older Evinrude Outboard Motor, Ser. #4090878

Approx 5 H.P. Montgomery Wards Outboard Motor

(4) Hand-Crafted Folding Tables, Oak and Cedar Tops

(2) Smaller Hand-Crafted Oak Top Folding Tables

Unique O’s Gold Seed Company Promotional Rotary Dial Dial-Loc, the Original Keyless Entry for House Doors

Hand-Crafted Wooden Wheelbarrows, One Painted JD Green

(4) Wooden Spoke Wheelbarrow Wheels

Part of an Old Still, includes Copper Tank with Lid and Other Parts

Old Snowblower with Wisconsin Single Cylinder Gas Engine

Copper Boiler

Servel Gas Refrigerator

Hand Cistern Pump

Hand Sickle Grinder

Galvanized Gas Cans

3.5 Gallon Crock Jugs

Hay Sling Trolley and Fork

Cross Cut Saws

Bow Saws

Dutch Oven

Good Cast Iron Kettle


Collectible Tractors & Farm Equipment

Farmall Super C, PTO, Good Metal, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Sells with Woods 6-Ft. Mid-Mount Finishing Mower, Tractor Ser. #122435

1944 John Deere Hand-Crank Styled Model B Tractor, PTO, Cultivator Lift, Good Metal, 11.2 X 38 Inch Rear Tires

1935 John Deere Unstyled Model B Tractor, Hand-Crank, Spoke Fronts, Case Rear Rims with 11.2 X 36 Tires, Brass Tag Ser. #3684

Farmall B Tractor, Cultivision, Wheel Weights, PTO, 9.5 X 24 Inch Rear Tires, Sells with IH Mid-Mount Highway Sickle Mower that continues to operate in vertical position, Add On Electric Lift Winch for Easier Operation, has Spare Sickle Bar

Farmall F12, Rear Steel Wheels with Lugs, Converted to Electric Start, Ser. #FS117669, (Runs Good)

Farmall F 12 Tractor on Steel, Ser. #33322, (Running Condition)

Farmall H Tractor, Original Gas Tank for Starting on Gas, 11.2 X 38 Inch Tires, Good Metal, Ser. #146465

Allis Chalmers Model C, Electric Start, Good 9.5 X 24 Inch Short Bar/Long Bar Tires

1 and 2 Bottom Plows on Rubber and Steel

Set of Tractor Chains, fit Farmall H

2-Row Horse Corn Planter

4-Wheel Wagon

2-Wheel Trailer

6-Ft. Single Disc

7-Ft. MN Tractor Sickle Mower

6-Ft. IH Binder for Parts or Repair, has Canvases

8-Ft. Ground Lift Field Cultivator on Rubber


Collectible Ford Truck, Boat, Snowmobiles & Accessories

1951 Ford F3 Heavy-Duty ¾ Ton Pickup, 4 Speed, 6 Cylinder, Running Condition, Rebuilt Short Block, Shows 82,986 Miles, No Title, also selling will be an extra 6 Cylinder Engine that fits this truck

Fiberglass Boat with 65 Mercury Outboard and Trailer

Minn-Kota Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor, Foot Control

1969 Evinrude Wide Track Snowmobile

Johnson Wide Track Snowmobile

Small Boat Trailer


Shop Tools & Miscellaneous Items

Signal Corps 10 KW O’Keefe & Merritt Generator with Jeep 4 Cylinder Gas Engine, Ser. #PE-95-G

Snapon Valve Grinder

Kay-Lee Valve Seat Grinder with Stones

Valve Guide Install Kit

3 Phase PTO Generator

Large Set of Inside Micrometers (up to 2 ft.)

Geo Olcott Head Crack Detector

Air Craft High Amp Generator with 2 Cylinder Wisconsin Engine on Cart

Shop Built Engine Puller on Transport (Carrot Puller)

Shop Built Welder

Oil Fired Steam Cleaner

Kwik-Way Boring Bar for Engines

Welding Table

Graymills Clean-O-Matic Parts Washer

Transit with Tripod and Grade Stick

Barn Fan

Alternator-Generator Test Bench


Large Floor Jack

Air Lift Bumper Jack

Small Atlas Metal Band Saw

Hydraulic Jacks

Several Automotive Manuals from 70’s and 80’s

Jonsered, Husqvarna and Echo Chain Saws

2 Pounds of 1/8 Inch Nickel Welding Rods

Int. Tractor Manuals

Shop Built Can Crusher

Assorted V Belts

Automotive U Joints

Small Air Compressor

Window Air Conditioner

Soldering Coppers

Misc. Gauges

Lawn Boy Power Mower, (Needs Work)

New and Used Barb Wire

Plow Coulters

Belt Driven Table Saw

3x8 Hydraulic Cylinder

Coleman Catalytic Heater

Box of Babbit



Several Board Feet of Home Sawn Oak, Ash, Red Cedar, Popple and Basswood, Birch, Black Ash and Maple, 8 to 10 Ft. Lengths, Some Full 1 to 2 Inch Thickness, All Stored Inside