Thesing Farm Retirement Auction

Farm Auction in 7541 County Road 13 NE, Carlos Minnesota, United States

17 Saturday
March 17th, 2018 10:30 AM
Mid American Auction Inc.
Phone: (320) 760-2979

Thesing Farm Retirement Auction

Farm Auction in 7541 County Road 13 NE, Carlos Minnesota, United States

Saturday at - 17th March , 2018


NOTE: The Thesing family has farmed on this farm for 50 years and now Roy has rented out the farm land and will transition into retirement. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Thesing’s farm retirement auction. This auction will feature good working farm equipment as well as several unique two-cylinder John Deere tractors, working and collectible farm machinery, livestock equipment and farm related items. Please note that only listed items will be selling so please plan on prompt attendance as we will be on major items soon after beginning of auction. Online bidding will be available on major items through Proxibid powered by Mid-American Auction Co. For more information concerning online bidding, please phone Proxibid at (877) 505-7770. In the event of severe weather, please check our website at: for weather related updates. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Monday, March 12th. If you enjoy auctions with a wide variety of interesting items, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend the Thesing farm retirement auction. Thank you!




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Auction Items For Sale


Working Farm Tractors


Lot #350. 1983 Case Model 2090 Diesel Tractor, Factory Cab, Power Shift, 18.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Hub Duals, Dual Hydraulics, 540-1000 PTO, 3-Point, Shows 4182 Hours, Serial #10300283


Lot #351. 1970 IH 856 Diesel Tractor, Year Around Cab, Good 18.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Wide Front, Dual Hydraulics, 3-Point, Rock Box, 540-1000 PTO, Nice Metal, Serial #2610137U030804


Lot #352. 1968 IH 656 Hydro Gas Tractor, Open Station, Flat Top Fenders, Wide Front, 3-Point, 540 PTO, 18.4x34 Inch Rear Rubber, Dual Hydraulics with Extra Hyd. Valve, Sells with Schwartz All Hydraulic Loader, 7-Ft. Snow Bucket, Shows 6551 Hours, Nice Metal, Serial #32037


Lot #353. 1958 IH Model 460 Gas Tractor, Wide Front, Fast Hitch, TA, Good Metal, Sells with Super Six Hydraulic Loader and Bale Mover, Serial #1251


John Deere & Other Collectible Tractors


NOTE: Years of manufacture on following tractors are deemed to be from reliable sources, but in no way guarantees actual date of manufacture. Potential buyers should check serial numbers carefully prior to bidding to ensure personal reliability.

Lot #356. 1935 John Deere 4 Bolt Unstyled Model B Tractor, Hand Crank, PTO, Round Spoke Fronts, Flat Spoke Rears, Older Restoration with Nice Metal, Serial #1657, (Runs Good)


Lot #362. 1929 John Deere Model GP, Fenders, Round Spoke Fronts (Cut Off) Flat Spoke Rears (Cut Off), Fenders, Serial #214143, (Runs Well)


Lot #354. 1956 John Deere Model 720 Standard Gas Tractor, Fenders, 18.4x30 Inch Rear Rubber, Single Hydraulics, PTO, Good Metal, Serial #7206814


Lot #355. 1953 John Deere Model 60 High Seat Standard Gas Tractor, Fenders, Live Power, Power Steering, PTO, 16.9x30 Rear Rubber, Good Metal, Serial #610451, (Original Condition)


Lot #363. 1951 John Deere High Clearance Styled Model A Tractor, John Deere Round Casting Wide Front, PTO, 12x38 Rear Tires, Good Metal, Serial #669583, (Runs Well)


Lot #360. 1937 John Deere Unstyled Model D, Factory Round Spoke Fronts, Cut Off Flat Spoke Rears, PTO, Good Metal, Serial #133578, (Runs Good)


Lot #358. 1947 John Deere Styled Model D, Electric Start, Lights, Fenders, Solid Wheels, Nice Metal, Older Restoration, Serial #170615, (Runs Nice)


Lot #359. 1944 John Deere Model GM Styled, Hand Start, Good Metal, PTO, Foot Cultivator Lift, Original, Serial #13889


Lot #367. 1946 John Deere Model GM Styled, Electric Start, Fenders, Original, Good Metal, Serial #19450


Lot #357. 1931 John Deere Model GP, Good Metal, Fenders, Factory Front and Rear Spoke Wheels, Original, Serial #226878, (Runs Good)


Lot #368. 1953 John Deere Model 50 Tractor, Narrow Front, Roll-O-Matic, 12.4x38 Rear Rubber, Live Power, Serial #5011753, (Original Condition)


Lot #364. 1948 John Deere Styled Model A Tractor, 12.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Single Hydraulics, PTO, Power Trol, 6 Speed with High-Lo, (Cut Axle), Serial #604226


Lot #370. 1951 John Deere Model B, Square Axle, 12.4x38 Rear Tires, Rear Wheel Weights, Good Metal, Serial #292338, (Original Condition)


Lot #373. 1945 John Deere Unstyled Model AR Tractor, 13.6x26 Rear Tires, Serial #265255, (Runs Good)


Lot #369. 1945 John Deere Model B, Single Front Wheel, Cut Off Flat Spoke Rear Wheels, 11-38 Rear Rubber, Hand Start, Decent Metal, Serial #177382, (Runs)


Lot #365. 1949 John Deere Styled Model A, High Clearance, John Deere Round Casting Wide Front, Cut Rear Axles, Good Metal, Serial #634271


Lot #361. 1938 John Deere Unstyled G, Hand Start, Shutters, Cast Iron Rear Wheels, Factory Solid Fronts, Good Metal, Serial #5818, (Runs)


Lot #372. 1937 John Deere Unstyled Model A Tractor, Factory Round Spoke Fronts, Hand Crank PTO, Very Good 12.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Serial #452028, (Original Condition)


Lot #374. 1949 John Deere Model AR Standard Styled Tractor, Wheel Weights, 13x26 Tires, Good Metal, Engine is Free, Serial #276410


Lot #375. Shepard 3-Cylinder Diesel Tractor, Good Metal, Pulley, PTO, Engine #6B9597, (Not Running)


Lot #376. McCormick 1530, Steel Front and Rear Wheels, Side Curtains, Good Metal, Engine is Free


Lot #337. Styled Allis Chalmers Model WF Gas Tractor, Serial #WF7297-235571


John Deere Dozer


John Deere Model 350 Diesel Dozer, 3 Cylinder Diesel, 77 Inch 6 Way Hydraulic Blade, 14 Inch Tracks, Recent Clutch Work, (Runs Good)


Factory Built Saw Mill


Quantrell PTO Driven Stationary Saw Mill, 50 Inch Insert Tooth Saw Blade, 16-Ft. 4 Head Block, Hydraulic Log Turner, 48-Ft. Steel Hydraulic Carriage, 1000 RPM PTO, Sawdust Elevator, (Always Stored Under Cover, Nice Unit)


Additional 50 Inch Insert Tooth Saw Blade will Sell Separately


John Deere Combine, Heads & Windrower


1981 John Deere Model 7720 Turbo Hydrostatic Diesel Combine, Chopper, Spreader, HD Rear Axle, Shows 2499 Engine Hours, Serial #461994


John Deere Model 643 6R X 30 Inch Oil Bath Corn Head, Ear Savers, (Nice Condition)


John Deere Model 220 20-Ft. Bean Head, Sells with Shop Built 4-Wheel Header Trailer


John Deere Model 212 5-Belt Pickup Head


Owatonna Hydrostatic 14.5-Ft. Windrower, Ford 6 Cylinder Water Cooled Gas Engine, Conditioner, (Nice Condition)


Planting & Tillage Equipment


John Deere 7000 6R X 30 Inch Corn Planter, Dry Fertilizer with Cross Auger, Monitor


Melroe Model 420 30-Ft. Multi Weeder with Incorporation Tank


6 Row X 30 Inch Danish Tooth Cultivator


3-Point 300 Gallon Crop Sprayer, 40-Ft. Booms


Collectible Equipment


Factory John Deere 7.5 Ft. X 13 Ft. Tilt Bed Implement Trailer, Cable Winch, Dual Wheels, The Type Often used by Early John Deere Dealers to Transport Deliveries to Farms


Very Nice Minnesota 8-Ft. PTO Grain Binder, Includes Truck and Canvases, Bundle Carrier, Stored Inside, (Good Working Condition)


Lot #357A. John Deere Model 301 Mounted 3-Row Corn Planter, Good Corn Boxes, Markers, Mounted on JD GP


Lot #379. John Deere #26 Rear Mounted Cable Style Manure Loader with Front Mounted Weight Box and Extra Parts


Nice Brillion 3 Section 16-Ft. Culti-Packer


Russel Highway #1 Pull-Type Road Grader on Steel, 6-Ft. Blade


John Deere 2 Bottom Ground Lift Plow on Steel


John Deere 2x14 Ground Lift Plow on Steel


John Deere 2x16 Ground Lift Plow on Steel


John Deere 3x14 Inch Hydraulic Lift Plow on Rubber


John Deere 4 Bottom Plow for Parts


John Deere 3x14 Spoke Wheel Plow


John Deere 3x14 Ground Lift Plow


John Deere 2x16 Hydraulic Lift Plow on Rubber


John Deere Parts Plow


John Deere 2x14 Inch Plow


John Deere 2x14 Ground Lift Plow on Steel


John Deere 55ABH 3x14 Hydraulic Lift Plow on Rubber


14-Ft. Pull-Type Rotary Hoe


Gopher Poisoner & Squeeze Chute


Elleston Pull-Type Gopher Poisoner, Hydraulic Lift, Coulter


Formost Squeeze Chute with Palp Cage, #30 Manual Head Gate


Gravity Boxes, Manure Spreaders & General Farm Machinery


(2) Killbros Model 385 Gravity Boxes, Metal Extensions, Access Ladders, on Killbros Model 1386 HD Running Gears, 20 Inch Rubber, Extension Poles, (Nice Condition)


John Deere #27 6 RN or 4 RW 14-Ft. Stalk Chopper, 4 Wheels, 1000 RPM


New Idea Model 3626 PTO Manure Spreader, Poly Floor, Serial #246434


IH Model 595 Tandem Axle Manure Spreader, Newer Double Apron, Upper Beater


MN 250 Gravity Box with Extensions on MN 10 Ton Wagon, Flotation Tires, Ext. Pole


Gravity Box with 12-Ft. Hydraulic Drill Fill Auger on MN Four-Wheel Wagon


Sitrex 10 Wheel V Rake on Hydraulic Cart


Nice Woods Cadet 72 Inch Pull-Type Rotary Brush or Grass Mower


Lorenz Model 100 Grinder Mixer, One Extra Screen, Magnet, 540 RPM


Bear Cat #24R PTO Roller Mill


500 Gallon Anhydrous Tank on 7 Shank Cart, Flow Valve Meter, Set up for 6R X 30 Rows


Kewanee #500 40-Ft. Grain Elevator


New Idea Model 208 PTO Manure Spreader


John Deere Model 65 Forage Blower




5th Wheel Tandem Dual Wheel Flat Bed Trailer, 24-Ft. Straight Deck, 46 Inch Beavertail, 8-Ft. Deck Over 5th Wheel, Ramps


Grain Dryer, Belt Conveyor & Augers


1973 Super B Model A56 110 Bushel Automatic Batch Style Grain Dryer, Shows 2333 Hours, Used Fall of 2017


Rapat Series F 41-Ft. Stainless Steel Rubber Belt Paddle Style Grain/Fertilizer Conveyor on Transport, 7.5 HP 220 Volt Electric Motor, Serial #B61471, (Very Nice Condition)


Allide 7 Inch X 51 Ft. PTO Auger


Allide 6 Inch X 51 Ft. PTO Auger


Collectible Boat, Truck & Snowmobiles


1965 Shell Lake Cadet Fiberglass Run About, Steering Column, 2 Seats, 50 HP Chrysler Outboard, Cover, Trailer, (Nice Condition, Stored Inside)


1948 Dodge One Ton Truck, Dual Rear Wheels, Flat Head 6 Cylinder, (Engine Stuck), 4x2 Transmission, 13-Ft. Wooden Grain Box with Grain Endgate, Hoist


1972 Arctic Cat Puma, Kohler Engine, (Stored Inside, Nice Condition)


1980’s Kawasaki 440 Intruder, Fan Cooled, Electric Start, Stored Inside, Shows 4002 Miles


Approx. 1972 Ariens Arrow Snowmobile, 20 Inch Track, (Stored Inside)


Gas Engines


Nice John Deere 3 HP Gas Engine on Cart


IH 1.5 HP Gas Engine


Parts & Misc. Items

Misc. Steel Wheels from Farm Implements


Some John Deere 2-Cylinder Parts


32-Ft. Wooden Extension Ladder