Stanglers Soo Line Dairy Dispersal Auction

Livestock Auction in 34553 255th Ave, Albany Minnesota, United States

21 Tuesday
August 21st, 2018 11:00 AM
Mid American Auction Inc.
Phone: (320) 760-2979

Stanglers Soo Line Dairy Dispersal Auction

Livestock Auction in 34553 255th Ave, Albany Minnesota, United States

Tuesday at - 21st August , 2018


NOTE:  The Stangler family has farmed on this farm since 1949 with Allen, Jeanne and their family operating the farm the past 40 years. Now as a transition into retirement, they have decided to discontinue the dairy portion of their farming operation. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct Allen and Jeanne’s dairy cattle & related equipment auction. Please note that livestock equipment will sell first, followed by farm machinery, then dairy equipment, followed by dairy cattle selling under cover. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Wednesday, August 15th. Trucking available.   Thank you!



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Auction Items For Sale

133 Head of Very Good, High Grade Holstein Cattle

NOTE:  This is a very good herd of young, well uddered, high producing Holstein cattle. According to records of milk sold, the herd average is approximately 25,000 pounds milk, 3.5 to 3.8% butterfat and 3.2% protein. Although the Stanglers are not on official testing, a milk weight along with individual SCC and fat information will be available sale day. This herd is timed perfectly for prospective buyers with over 50% of the herd in their first and second lactation, and with 50% fresh in the past 60 days with many producing over 100 pounds per day. The Stanglers have received quality milk awards for over 10 consecutive years with current SCC averaging under 100,000. Excellent herd health program, all eligible females are Bangs vaccinated. Hooves trimmed regularly. Cows are milked in a tie-stall facility and let out daily winter and summer. The Stanglers have used registered herd sires from the Goebel Brothers Dairy at Albany for many years. All cows are in service to a very good herd sire from the Goebels. He is sired by Goebel Dairy George. He was a Shottle out of an EX 91 pt. Titanic. This bulls dam is at: 3-11, 365 D, 36,950, 4.0 1462 & 2.9 1065. His second dam made nearly 31,000 pounds and over 1200 pounds fat as a first calf heifer.
Along with a very good set of cows, we offer an excellent group of springing, bred and open heifers. If you are in need of very good, home-raised, farm fresh dairy replacements, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend the Stangler dairy dispersal. Sale held under cover, trucking available.



(70) Fancy, Young, Well Uddered Holstein Cows, 50% 1st & 2nd Lactation, 50% fresh in the past 60 Days, with Several due Soon After Sale Time.


Bred & Open Heifers

(50) Fancy Springing and Bred Heifers that are due from Sale Time through the end of December, all are in service to Goebel Bros. Bulls and are out of Top Stangler Dams

(10) High Quality Open Holstein Heifers, Breeding Age, All Sired by Goebel Bulls


Herd Sires

NOTE:  The following herd sires were purchased from the Goebel Bros. Herd

Bull #938, Sire: Goebel Dairy Denver, His Dam was a Oman with Records Over 35,000 lbs. Milk and 1250 Fat, 2nd Dam Excellent at 2 Yrs. Old with Records Over 44,000 lbs. Milk

No Tag Bull: Sire: McCutchen, His 2nd Dam has Records Over 31,000 lbs. Milk with a 4.8% 1568 Fat


Dairy Equipment

Sunset 1000 Gallon Bulk Tank, Twin Fan Compressor, Automatic Wash, Ser. #A-8689

(6) Surge One Touch Milker Units

(8) Surge Automatic Take-Offs

2 Inch Delaval Pipeline for 52 Cows, Glass Receiving Jar, Receiving Panel and Milk Pump

Delaval 7.5 H.P. Vacuum Pump with Reclaimer Tank and Vacuum Controller

Delaval Plate Cooler (30+ Plate)


TMR Mixer, Grain Roaster, Bulk Bins & Livestock Equipment

Patz Model V 350 Stationary TMR Mixer, (2) 10 H.P. Electric Motors, Weightronix Electric Digital Scale, Ser. #PA21925

20-Ft. +/- Single Chain Paddle Style Feed Elevator with New Electric Motor

Agri-Val Model #530 Gas Powered Hydrostatic Feed Cart with New Predator 212cc Gas Engine

Agri-Val Model #535 Gas Powered Hydrostatic Feed Cart with New Predator 212cc Gas Engine

(2) 48 Inch Alley Fans 

(1) 36 Inch Alley Fan

Gem Propane Fired Grain Roaster with Eclipse Gas Components on Transport, Continuous Flow with Shut-Off, (3) 220 V. Electric Motors, 220V Outside Receptacle, (This unit is made in Winona, MN. Allen has had this unit for several years and says it really works well.)

8 +/- Ton Bulk Feed Bin with Approx. 40-Ft. Flex Auger

7 Ton +/- Moormans Bulk Feed Bin with 20-Ft. Flex Auger

Approx. 12 Ton Bulk Feed Bin, (No Auger)


Farm Machinery

John Deere Model 336 Baler with #30 Ejector

(3) 9x16 Bale Throw Racks on Factory Wagon

New Holland Model 352 Grinder Mixer with Folding Auger

John Deere 50-Ft. Crop Elevator with Truck Hopper