Ratka Farm Equipment Auction

Farm Auction in 8152 110th St, Foley Minnesota, United States

30 Thursday
May 30th, 2019 10:30 AM
Mid American Auction Inc.
Phone: (320) 760-2979

Ratka Farm Equipment Auction

Farm Auction in 8152 110th St, Foley Minnesota, United States

Thursday at - 30th May , 2019


The Ratka family has farmed on this farm for many years making Joe, Marie and their family the 5th generation to operate the farm. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct Joe and Marie’s farm equipment auction. This auction will feature a nice line of working farm equipment as well as several John Deere tractors for restoration. Please note that only listed items will be selling so please plan on prompt attendance as we will be selling major items soon after beginning of auction. Online bidding through Proxibid powered by Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. For information to bid online, please phone Proxibid at (877) 505-7770. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Friday, May 24th. Thank you!



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Auction Items For Sale


John Deere 4-Wheel Drive, MFWD & 2-Wheel Drive Farm Tractors

2003 John Deere Model 8420 MFWD Diesel Tractor, Green Star Ready, Deluxe Comfort Package, 4 Hydraulic Remotes, Category 3 Quick Hitch, Xenon LTS., Independent Link Suspension, Power Shift, Large 1000 PTO, 480/80R/50 Rear Rubber, Axle Mount Duals, 16.9 X 34 Front Tires, Comfort Steps, 6 Front Weights, 1400 lb. Inside Wheel Weights, 1 X 165 and 450 lb. Outside Wheel Weights, $4600.00 Just Spent on New Front CV Joints and Drive Shaft, Shows 6732 Hours, Ser. #RW8420P010611, (Nice Tractor)

1994 John Deere Model 7800 Two-Wheel Drive Diesel Tractor, Power Shift, Good 18.4 X 42 Inch Michelin Rear Tires, 10 Front Weights, Triple Hydraulic Remotes, 3-Point with Quick Hitch, 540/1000 PTO, Inside Wheel Weights, Shows 5560 Hours, Ser. #006076

1994 John Deere Model 8970 Four-Wheel Drive Diesel Tractor, 13 Speed Power Shift, Good 25.5 X 32 Inch Drivers, Axle Duals, 4 Hydraulic Remotes, Approx. $30,000.00 Spent on Transmission in 2011, Approx 8000 to 9000 Hours, Ser. #RW8970H002152

1994 John Deere Model 8770 Four-Wheel Drive Diesel Tractor, 24 Speed Power Sync Transmission, 3-Point, 3 Hydraulic Remotes, Quick Hitch, 20.8 X 42 Inch Rubber, Axle Duals, Recent Engine and Transmission Work, Approx. 8000 to 9000 Hours, Ser. #H002204


Collectible John Deere Tractors, Equipment, Wheel Weights & Parts

Most of the following tractors are for restoration and not running unless noted

John Deere 530 Gas Tractor, Narrow Front, Roll-O-Matic, Power Steering, Rock Shafts, Single Hydraulics, Older Restoration, Just 94 Hours on Engine Overhaul, (Nice Running Condition)

John Deere 420 Gas Tractor, Narrow Front, 3-Point, Good Metal, Not Running, Ser. #108121

1951 John Deere Model G, Good Metal, Ser. #48376

John Deere 620, Narrow Front, Roll-O-Matic, After Market 3-Point, Ser. #6218206

John Deere 620, Narrow Front with Roll-O-Matic, Power Steering, Ser. #6219350

John Deere 720 Diesel, Pony Motor, Rock Shaft, John Deere Wide Front, Ser. #722607

1952 John Deere Model A, Ser. #691702

1948 John Deere B, Ser. #209695

1950 John Deere B, Ser. #259991

1950 John Deere A, Ser. #660875

John Deere 720 Diesel, Pony Motor, (No Front End or Rear Wheels)

John Deere 24T Square Baler, (Nice Condition)

Set of JD Front Fenders, fits 7000 Series

John Deere 700 Grinder Mixer for Parts

(32) John Deere High Clear Chisel Plow Shanks

(3) Sets of John Deere 450 lb. Wheel Weights (900 lbs. Total per Set)

(1) Set of 165 lb. Wheel Weights

(30) Gauge Wheels for JD 1770 Corn Planter

Hydraulic Drive for Bean Head

(4) 14.9 X 24 Rims and Tires

(1) Used 18.4 X 38 Tire

(2) Used 14.9 X 34 Tires

(1) Used 710-38 Tire

Misc. Implement Rims and Tires

Used Disc Blades


Grain Cart and Seed Cart, Augers

Brent Unverferth Model 774 (750 Bushel +/-) Grain Cart, 960R-32 Tires, Light Kit, Large 1000 PTO, Fill Window, Ser. #774746

2007 Convey-All Model BTS 290 Seed Tender, Honda 5.5 H.P. Gas Engine with Electric Start, Electric Throttle, Scale, Roll Tarp, Tandem Axle Transport, One Owner, (Nice Condition)

Buhler 10 Inch X 70 Ft. Swing Hopper Grain Auger, Hydraulic Lift, One Owner

Westfield 8 Inch X 61 Ft. Auger with 10 H.P. Single Phase Electric Motor

Westfield 8 Inch X 36 Ft. Auger with 7.5 H.P. Single Phase Electric Motor

Peck 10 Inch X 10 Ft. Jump Auger with 2 H.P. Single Phase Electric Motor


Planting & Tillage Equipment

2006 John Deere Model 1770 NT 16 Row 30 Inch Front Fold Flex Frame Corn Planter, ½ Row Disconnect, Pneumatic Down Pressure, VRD Drive, Row Cleaners, CCS Seed Delivery, 450 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Tank, Ser. #A01770P710219, (Nice Condition)

2003 Degelman Model 7645 (45-Ft.) Land Roller, 36 Inch Drum, Acre Meter, One Owner, Ser. #2776

John Deere Model 2700 Soil Management Systems 9 Shank Disc Ripper, Front and Rear Levelers, Ser. #02118

John Deere Model 510 7 Shank Disc Ripper, New Front Blades, Ser. #N00510X004439

John Deere Model 680 40-Ft. Hydraulic Fold Chisel Plow, 3 Bar Harrow, Walking Tandems, 6 Inch Sweeps, Ser. #X001758

John Deere Model 635 32-Ft. Cushion Gang Hyd. Fold Disc, Dual Wheels on Main Frame and Wings, Ser. #X001758

John Deere Model 635 32-Ft. Cushion Gang Hyd. Fold Disc, Dual Wheels on Main Frame and Wings, Ser. #X001253

Harley High Lift Rock Picker

John Deere 20-Ft. 3-Point Field Cultivator with Hydraulic Fold Wings and Harrow

Air Spread Approx. 15 Bushel Mounted Air Seeder with Tubes


John Deere 4x4 Self-Propelled Sprayer & Tanks

2001 John Deere Model 4710 AWD Self-Propelled 800 Gallon Sprayer, 100-Ft. Floating Booms with 5 Section Independent Shut-Offs, 10 Front Weights, Green Star Ready, Brown Box, Quad Section Shut-Off, New Air Bags, New Pins and Bushing in Suspension System, 320/90R/46 Inch Tires, Poly Fenders, Shows 4834 Hours, Ser. #N04710X00167

(2) Sets of 320/90R/46 Inch Duals with Spacers will sell separately

2500 Gallon Poly Cone Bottom Tank with Valve

(2) 1700 Gallon Cone Bottom Poly Tank with Valves

1200 Gallon Poly Tank with Valve

1500 Gallon Poly Tank with Valve

Poly Induction Cone with Gas Powered Transfer Pump


GPS Equipment

John Deere 2600 Display, SF1 Auto Track Activation, Ser. #Pcgu26h8217003

John Deere 1800 Display, Ser. #Pcgu18b206858

John Deere Starfire 3000 SF1 Receiver Globe, Ser. #Pcgt3ta102224

John Deere Brown Box, Ser. #Pcgu02c413897


John Deere Combine, Heads, & Header Trailers

2005 John Deere Model 9760 STS Combine, Rear Wheel Assist, Contour Master, Deluxe Header Control, Harvest Monitor, Integrated Auto Track Ready with Wiring and Steering Valve, Touch Set Concave Adjust, Instructor’s Seat, Heavy-Duty Final Drive, High Density Lighting, 85R X 42 Inch Tires, Duals, Maurer Grain Extension, Chopper/Spreader, Showing 3146 Engine and 1935 Separator Hours, Ser. #H09760S711362

2012 John Deere Model 635 Hydra Flex 35-Ft. Flex Head, Hyd. Fore and Aft, Sells with Crary CWS Wind System, Ser. #FCB0742679, (Very Nice Condition)

John Deere Model 893 8R X 30 Inch Corn Head, Knife Rolls, Poly Snouts, Oil Bath, Ser. # X675082

John Deere Model 930 (30-Ft.) Flex Head, Hyd. Fore & Aft, Crary-Cut, Ser. #656446

Unverferth HT 30 Low Profile Header Trailer (Adjusted to fit 35-Ft. Head)

Unverferth HT 30 (30-Ft.) Low Profile Header Trailer, Set for 20 Ft. Head but also has 30-Ft. Bar

Ez Trail 20-Ft. Low Profile Header Trailer

John Deere 930 30-Ft. Flex Head, Ser. #646216

John Deere 930 Head for Parts


John Deere Skid Loader and Rock Bucket, & Pull-Type Scraper

2007 John Deere Model 328 Diesel Skid Loader, Rear Weight Kit, Heat, AC, Roll-Up Door, Good Michelin 360-70R-17.5 Tires, Hand and Foot Controls, Aux. Hyd. Outlets, One Owner, Shows 2607 Hours, (Sells with No Buckets), Ser. #328B136624

Soil Mover 2.5 Yard Pull-Type Scraper

Midsota 74 Inch Skeleton Style Rock Bucket


Trucks & Trailers

1998 Ford Aeromax Twin Screw Semi Tractor, Day Cab, Eaton 13 Speed, Cummins Diesel, Newer Rear 11R X 22.5 Drivers, Steel Rims with Aluminum Covers, DOT Inspected, Shows 441,000 Miles

2012 Merritt Heritage 42-Ft. Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer, 68 Inch Sides, Air Ride, Aluminum Wheels, Agri Cover Electric Roll Tarp with Remote, 11R X 22.5 Tires, VIN# 1Mt2p422xch023213, One Owner, DOT Inspected, (Nice Condition)

1994 Freightliner Twin Screw Semi Tractor, Day Cab, Detroit Diesel, 10 Speed, (Running Condition)

1986 Trail Mobile 48 Ft. Spring Ride Drop Deck Semi Trailer, Ramps, Titled

1973 Timpte 38-Ft. Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer, Spring Ride, 5-Ft. Sides, Roll Tarp, (This Unit Sells for Farm Use Only, Not Titled)


Gopher Poisoner

Elleston Pull-Type Gopher Poisoner



2007 Honda Rancher ES 420, 4x4, Shows 2350 Miles

2004 Honda 350 4x4 Rancher Four-Wheeler, Electric Start


Fuel Barrels & Misc. Items

(4) 1000 Gallon Fuel Barrels with Electric Meter Pumps

John Deere 110 Gallon and 70 Gallon Lube Dispensers with Steel Frames

(2) 12 Inch Sukup Bin Fans with Single Phase Motors

110 Gallon Field Service Fuel Tank with 12 Volt Pump

(4) Aeration Fans with Tubes

(12) Vapor Lights

Pallet Racking

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

(2) Electric Transfer Pumps

(3) Bin Sheets

(30) Railroad Ties

(100) Steel Fence Posts

Aluminum Headache Rack


General Farm Machinery

Ez Flow Gravity Box on 4-Wheel Wagon

30-Ft. Hay Elevator on Transport