Iland Acre Holsteins and Dairy Equipment Auction

Livestock Auction in 558 50th Ave, Pipestone Minnesota, United States

29 Friday
29th May, 2020 11:30 AM

Iland Acre Holsteins and Dairy Equipment Auction

Livestock Auction in 558 50th Ave, Pipestone Minnesota, United States

Friday at - 29th May , 2020


<p>The Viland family has been involved in the dairy industry on this farm beginning with Steve&rsquo;s father Carroll in 1949. They began registering in 1959 with Steve and Marla operating the farm the past 36 years along with their family, Kyle, Gavin, Megan and Megan&rsquo;s husband Tyler all being involved in this family farming operation. The Vilands are well known with their Iland Acre Holsteins prefix positively influencing many herds throughout the Upper Midwest. As part of being a family oriented farm, the Vilands have been extensively involved in 4H and FFA showing herd favorites both locally and at the state level. The Vilands goal has always been to continually strive to produce functional females that provide both pedigree and production. We think you will enjoy visiting the Viland farm and make several selections from this great set of registered Holsteins.<em> Thank you!</em></p>



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Auction Items For Sale


80 Head of Outstanding Nationally Recognized Official DHIA Registered Holsteins Sell Under Cover

NOTE:  This is a very well uddered high producing herd of 100% registered Holsteins. This herd has been on official testing for many years with current official DHIA indicating a herd average of 2X 28,329 M, 3.8% 1099 fat and 3.1% 854 P, SCC average for the year 101,000 and is often times well below 100,000. This herd has been registering all females since 1959 and scoring on a 7 month interval with their current BAA an amazing 110.5 ranking them 85th in the entire nation. This herd features several fancy excellent as well as a great set of VG young cows and milking heifers. Artificial breeding used for many years named to the progressive breeders registry for 24 consecutive years. The Vilands have used leading sires and service sires including, but not limited to: Gold Chip, Guthrie, Favre, Defiant, Rager Red, King Doc, Merrick, Braxton. Service sires include: Dragon Heart, Renown, Aftershock, Warrior Red, Addiction Red, Polo-P-Red, and the list goes on. Cows are milked in a tie-stall facility, head lock trained and housed in freestalls and loose housing when dry. Hooves trimmed regularly. All Bangs vaccinated. Health sheets provided by Edgerton Vet Clinic. All registration papers transferred by sellers. Dry cows are on very good dry treatment program. This dispersion will include many deep pedigreed families too numerous to include on this brochure, but will of course be included in a complete sale catalog. If you are in need of top deep pedigreed, high producing herd replacements or are searching for the next level in your herd, we strongly urge you to order your catalog and begin making plans now to attend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To order catalogs please phone 320-760-2979 or view online at



(40) Deep Pedigreed Mature Females, including (10) Excellents and (12) VG Cows, (13) are First Lactation, (7) Second Lactation, (17) Recently Fresh, (25) Due throughout the Summer and Early Fall


Bred & Open Heifers

(10) Fancy Bred Heifers, due Sale Time through September

(12) Short Bred Heifers

(10) High Quality Open Heifers, 5 to 15 Months Old

(8) Fancy Heifers, from Babies to 4 Months Old, Includes Several Show Prospect Heifers


Highlights Include

Clever: (Pictured) 92 Pt. Dom due in Sept. to Luster, her dam is the 91 Pt. 3 E Clover with 200,000 LT, National Cream of the Crop Award in 2019, Res. 4H Champion MN State Fair. Several family members selling.

Class: Fancy 2 year old McCutchen, fresh 1-8-20, milking 101 pounds, her dam is an 86 Pt. Atwood followed by a 91 Pt. 3E Aspen.

Stella: 2 year old Gold Chip sells just fresh, next two dams 86 points.

Gina: (Pictured) 2 year old Defiant, due by sale date. Her dam is 88 Pt. Chester with records over 38,000 milk and 1600 fat.

Special: Very nice Accellrap 2 year old who will be just fresh at sale time. Her Gold Chip dam sells due in October to Denver.

Red: 88 Pt. Barbwire-Red Heifer due Sept. to Warrior Red Sexed Semen. Next two dams, 92 Pt 2E and 94 Pt 2E.

Amber Red: High Powered California Red Daughter due to Polo-P-Red 9-29-20. Her dam is an 88 Pt. Barbwire Red followed by a 91 Pt 2E Morrill Scarlet.

Braxton Brea: (Pictured) 91 Pt. 2E. Records over 45,000 milk, 1700 fat, 1200 protein. Followed by 90 Pt. 2E Modest with over 170,000 LT. Brea received honorable mention at 2014 MN State Fair as a Jr. 2 year old 4H Registered Holstein.

Finley Francine: (Pictured) 92 Pt. 2E. Great cow family with several daughters and granddaughters selling.


Bulk Tank & Units

Dari-Cook 1500 Gallon Bulk Tank Two Twin Fan Compressors, (One Just Replaced), Automatic Wash, Serial #31683

(5) AIC Anaylst Freedom Detatchers with Milk Weight, SCC Indicator, Flow Graph and Milk Temperature with Controller