Farm Retirement Auction for Eldon Johnstone

Farm Auction in Roblin Manitoba, Canada

11 Saturday
11th July, 2020 10:00 AM

Farm Retirement Auction for Eldon Johnstone

Farm Auction in Roblin Manitoba, Canada

Saturday at - 11th July , 2020


<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>* note all covid-19 regulations for Manitoba will be followed</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Sale conducted by Chescu Auctions, Inglis, Mb.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Barry @ 204- 937-7180 or house 204-564-2509</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Joey @ 204-821-6022</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>* Note all sales final, items sell where is as is with no further guarantee</p> <p>* Auctioneers, staff and owner will not be responsible for liability, or accidents on sale premise</p> <p>* Auctioneer is not responsible for descriptions, additions, deletions, in sale items</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>follow us on facebook as Chescu Auctions and the link will lead you to online bidding&nbsp;</p> <p>Auctioneers are licensed and bonded in Mb. And Sk # 318202</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>*<strong>Download our new app from the App Store on your phone - Chescu Auctions</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


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Auction Items For Sale


The following is a partial listing of most of the item in the sale offering  scroll to the ending to see item available online- rest will be sold live 

Thank you 

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**Please note, not all items at the sale will be available for online bidding**

Tractors and Trucks & vehicles


 1976 - 4430 JD tractor, 13855 hrs, dual hyd., 540/1000 PTO, 18.4R38 back rubber new, new hyd pump, new rad (low hours on repairs) s/n 4430H 059742R


* 1964 - 4020 JD tractor, 3 pth, power shift, joy stick, 540 pto, 18.4 x 34 rear rubber  c/w 720 loader w/ bale forks



* 1964 -  4020 JD tractor, standard shift, joy stick, 18.4 x 34 rubber, redid engine & transmission a few years back, c/w  720 Loader w/ grapple and bucket and added 3 pth


* 1976 - 680E Case Extendahoe, 19.5 LR 24 rear rubber, ¾ yard bucket, static thumb, c/w frost ripper


* 1969 tandem GMC 960 truck, steel box & hoist, w/ 12 ft gravel box, 5 & 2 trans. 350  gas engine


* 1990 GMC 3/4 ton truck, 5.7 lt. , 4 spd transmission, 4 x 4, reg cab, running, not saftied

* 1978 WW Gooseneck trailer, 6 x 20, new fir floor, electric winch inside front of trailer- used for hauling sleighs inside the trailer


Haying and Livestock equipment


* 535 JD round baler w/ Beline additive, bale kicker, twine tie, double twine arm , moisture tester


* NH 1475 Hydra swing haybine - 16 ft


* New Idea manure spreader- 540 pto

* Gehl 120 Mixmill 


* Ajax 11 bale stack mover


* 3 pth bale unroller


* 3 pth sprayer

* 3 pth well pump puller hyd driven


* 3 pth blade


* 3 pth bale forks


* JD 72 inch brush mower


* Brandt 12 x 5 inch hydraulic auger


* 2 grain augers- 6 x 30 ft one w/kohler motor, one w/ Briggs & Stratton motor


* 500 gal propane tank on 4 wheel farm trailer


* 2 - IHC 16 ft deeptiller


* Haukaas Mole hill levelers for 16 ft DT


* Glencoe 16 ft cultivator


* 2 portable creep feeders- approx. 100 bushel


* 4 tombstone round bale feeders

* 7 round bale feeders


* 30 ft steel silage feeder


* 2 double bale feeders

* 12 ft tough feeder

* 3 assorted sizes metal clad calf shelters


* (approx 20) 10 ft 6 bar panels


* 1- 8 ft  panels w/ walk through gate


* calf size chute w/ head gate


* tipping table for hoof trimming


* Blocking chute for shoeing & trimming horses feet


Shop and misc yard items


* JD RX 75 riding lawnmower w/ 30 inch cut


* 40 ft of 24 inch culverts

* new sickles and guards for 1475 /NH haybine - 

* set of chains for 4020 tractor, and backhoe chains


* grain hopper


* portable air compressor


* Lincoln AC /DC 225 Welder and welding supplies


* 4000 Coleman generater w/ new armature

* angle grinders

* Passlode air nailer, case and nails

* Craftsman saw

* 1/2 inch electric drill

* 4 inch vice

* quantity of pipe wrenches


* pipe cutter, bolt cutter

* floor jacks

* transit, tripod and stick

* gas cans, funnels

* Dewalt battery operated chain saw

* wrenches, hand tools,

* 1 inch drive socket set -( 1 5/8 - 3 1/8  sockets )

* shop heaters, radiant heater

* wide load sign 

* 2 Ritchie watering bowls 


* quantity of bolts, bearings, new fan belts ect


* quantity of forks, shovels, spades, crow bars, hammers, ect

* 2 cement mixers

* some electrical and plumbing supplies including well pumps, pump motors, and submersible pumps

* pond pump and hoses

* new 16 inch shovels

* 1 inch 5 grade ready rod

* partial roll of black silage plastic 

* stock doctor- refurbished 

* stock prod

* electric dehorners, and manual dehorner, assorted cattle vet. supplies

* assorted traps

* some jugs of chemical

* 12 ft  and 24 ft alum. Ladders

* calf sleigh

* Stock doctor , stock prod


Horses, horse equipment, sleighs and tack


* 1 registered filly quarter horse yearlings – barn trained


* 2 year old Quarter hosre gelding- barn trained

* 6 year old Bay mare w/ filly foal at side, mare well broke to drive

* 4 year old Sorrel mare w/ filly foal at side, mare broke to harness


all the harness sets & tack offered for sale have been oiled and are in very well kept cond.


* 1- set of draft horse harness


* 1- set of pony harness


* 4 – sets of 1200 lb size harness


* assorted sizes of collars from 16 inch - 23 inches and up all are in good cond.

* assorted bridles 

* misc pieces of harness and tack, single trees, ect

* Stewart -Oster large animal clippers

* large quantity of halters, bridles, saddle trees, blankets, grooming equipment

* lariats and tack boxes

* 2 adult saddles -( Western Rawhide Roper c/w breast plate, and a Billy Shaw western saddle - 16 inch seat, 6 1/2 in. width in withers- almost new cond.)


* 2 child size saddles


* Sleigh trailer w/winch for hauling bob sleighs


* horse drawn bale sleigh


* horse drawn covered wagon w/ benches, air ride, canvas tarp cover w/ zipper opening


* sleigh w/ covered tin and plastic

* older 4 wheel wagon- needs work


* 2 cutter type sleighs one has fold down seats both in good cond.

* horse drawn dump  rake


* horse drawn 7 ft mower


* JD metal sign

* assorted pallet of steel

* assorted fence posts and wire

* Leather sewing machine made by Tippmann- The Boss Hand Stitcher will sew harness


* 2 Singer sewing machines for lighter leather and mitts


* Reliable Super Zig Zag sewing machine for canvas and material

* Polar Bear water distiller- 25 gallon free standing, w/ new fan motor, 62 lb model 42D-25


More items to be added to sale offering

                             Please note that the following will be online and live 

These are the items and listing that will be availabe for online bidding starting at 1 pm 

note anything not listed will be sold live on farm starting at 10 am July 11th 


Lot 1. Bay mare, 6 years old, well broke to drive has filly foal at side
Lot 2. Sorrel mare, 4 years old, broke to drive has filly foal at side 
Lot 3. Registered Quarter horse buckskin yearling filly –halter broke and barn trained
Lot 4. 2 year old Quarter horse gelding, halter broke and barn trained
Lot 5. 10 ft x 6 bar panels – 20 quantity 
Lot 6. 8 ft panel with walk through gate
Lot 7. Complete set of Heavy harness comes with bridles and lines
Lot 8. Set of Mule bridles or commonly called Pigeon bridles
Lot 9. Single driving harness comes with reins, no bridle
Lot 10.   Pair of pony bridles, no reins
Lot 11.   2 sets of spread rings
Lot 12.  Set of long lead team lines for 4 horse hitch
Lot 13.  Set of 1200 lb size harness, comes with spread rings, and breeching, no reins, no bridles
Lot 14.   Set of Pony harness comes with lines, no bridles
Lot 15. Set of 16 inch pony collars
Lot 16.   Single 18 inch chuck wagon collar
Lot 17.   Set of Heavy collars- 23 inch with sweat pads
Lot 18.  Single 17 inch collar
Lot 19. Mix of items- 2 martingales, 1 belly band, 1 breast strap, and leather spread rings
Lot 20.  Set of light horse harness fits up to 1000 lb, no bridles, no lines
Lot 21.  Set of harness fits up to 1400 lbs, includes spread rings, breeching, no bridles
Lot 22.  Set of 4 tugs, 3 ply heavy duty leather
Lot 23.  Set of hannes
Lot 24.  2 lined horse blankets
Lot 25.  Spread rings and hobbles
Lot 26.  3 sweat pads- a-Black   b- grey  c- green
Lot 27.  Set of Chuck wagon pony bridles
Lot 28.  Lariats:       a- yellow lariat,   b- blue lariat,  c- grey lariat
Lot 29.  Child’s saddle  comes with blanket
Lot 30.  Child’s saddle comes with blanket     
Lot 31.  Western Rawhide Roper adult saddle comes with breast plate, and lariat, will fit a stock horse
Lot 32.  Billy Shaw Western saddle, 16 inch seat, 6 ½ inch wither space, in new condition
Lot 33.  Single 19 inch collar with sweat pad
Lot 34.  Set of 19 inch collars, no sweat pads ( one collar new)
Lot 35.  Single 20 inch collar with sweat pad
Lot 36.  Grab box – Stewart-Oster large animal electric flathead clippers, dehorners, hoof nippers, deworming paste, mineral oil, brushes, halters and more 
Lot 37.  Set of 19 inch and one 20 inch collars 
Lot 38. Cattle related grab pallet- calf sleigh, stock prod, stock doctor, calf puller, dehorners, wick, burdizzos, oat scoop, jug of Ivermectin, shovel, fork, 2 coolers of misc. vet supplies, 
Lot 39.  Covered sleigh green in color with tin and plexi  glass sides and roof, bench seats
Lot 40.  Horse blocking chute, for trimming hooves or handling horses – heavy duty strong
Lot 41.  Cutter, red interior, 4 person, bench seats
Lot 42.  Cutter, 4 person, with flip up bench seat
Lot 43.   Tarp covered wagon, bench seats, zippered opening 
Lot 44.  Old wagon, spring ride, 4 wheels, needs body work
Lot 45.  Sleigh hauler, 2 wheel wagon with electric winch to load sleigh for transport 
Lot 46.  Bale sleigh
Lot 47.  Horse drawn dump rake
Lot 48.  Horse drawn Mower
Lot 49.  Tombstone hay feeders (4)
49 a
Lot 50.  Round bale feeders (7 )
50 a
50 b
50 c
50 d
50 e
50 f
50 g
Lot 51.  Double bale feeders –( 2 )
51 a
51 b
Lot 52.  Steel 30 ft. silage feeder
Lot 53.  Steel 12 ft feed trough
Lot 54.  Hydraulic well pump puller  can pull up to 400 ft depth
Lot 55.  Homemade 3 pth blade
Lot 56.  JD 72 inch brush mower
Lot 57.  3 pth bale unroller
Lot 58.  electric motor driven cement mixer
Lot 59.  PTO driven cement mixer
Lot 60.  Metal clad calf shelter 11×10 ft 
Lot 61.  Metal clad calf shelter 10×15 ft
Lot 62.  Hydraulic tipping chute with head gate
Lot 63.  Portable 100 bu. Self feeder
Lot 64.  Portable 100 bu. Self feeder
Lot 65.  Ajax bale wagon stack mover, with hyd. Push arm , hauls 11 round bales
Lot 66.  Square bale stooker and FEL square bale fork sells as one unit
Lot 67.  Gehl 120 mixmill
Lot 68.  Small calf chute w/ head gate
Lot 69.  Metal clad calf shelter 10×15 ft
Lot 70.  IHC 16 ft deep tiller
Lot 71.  IHC 16 ft. deep tillerLot 72.  Glencoe 16 ft field cultivator
Lot 73.  500 gal. Propane tank on 4 wheel farm trailer
Lot 74.  NH 1475 Hydra Swing 16 ft haybine 
Lot 75.  JD 535 Round baler w/ Beline additive, bale kicker, double twine arm, c/w moisture tester 
Lot 76.  New Idea manure spreader, 540 pto
Lot 77.  Malco 30×6 inch grain auger w/ Kohler motor
Lot 78.  Versatile 30×6 inch grain auger w/ B & S motor
Lot 79.  Brandt 12×5 inch grain auger with hydr. hoses, included grain hopper, bin lid
Lot 80.  1978 WW  Gooseneck 6×20 ft. stock trailer, new fir floor, c/w electric winch on nose inside the trailer used for pulling in sleighs
Lot 81.  1969 GMC 960  tandem truck with 12 ft steel gravel box & hoist, 5 & 2 transmission, 350 engine, running
Lot 82.  1990 GMC 2500 regular cab 4×4 truck, 5.7 lt, with  4 speed trans. No safety
Lot 83.  1964 JD 4020 tractor, power shift, joy stick, 540 pto, add-on 3 pth, 18.4×34 rear rubber, c/w 720 loader w/ bale forks
Lot 84.  1964 JD 4020 tractor, standard shift, joy stick, add on 3 pth, 18.4×34 rear rubber, redid engine & transmission a few years back, c/w 720 loader w/ grapple & bucket
Lot 85.  1976 JD 4430 tractor, 13855 hrs., dual hyd. 540/1000 PTO, 18.4×38 back rubber new, new hyd. Pump, new rad, (low hours on repairs) 
Lot 86.  1976 Case 680E Extendahoe, ¾ bucket, static thumb, 19.5LR24 rear rubber, c/w frost ripper


* Sales Tax where Applicable * Cash or cheque * Lunch available



* Note all sales final, items sell where is as is with no further guarantee

* Auctioneers, staff and owner will not be responsible for liability, or accidents on sale premise

* Auctioneer is not responsible for descriptions, additions, deletions, in sale items


Auctioneers are licensed and bonded in Mb. And Sk # 318202

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