Collectibles and Antiques Auction

Auction in Shoal Lake Community Hall, Shoal Lake Manitoba, Canada

23 Sunday
February 23rd, 2020 10:30 AM

Collectibles and Antiques Auction

Auction in Shoal Lake Community Hall, Shoal Lake Manitoba, Canada

Sunday at - 23rd February , 2020


<p><br /> Please pay attention to the sale listings as some sales may start into equipment and larger items earlier than regularly scheduled.</p> <p>We will start selling Farm Equipment at approximately 1:00 - 1:30 PM at most sales</p> <p>NOTE: ABSENTEE &amp; PHONE BIDDERS SHOULD MAKE ARRANGEMENTS AT LEAST 2 DAYS PRIOR TO AUCTION DAY AS THERE IS NO CELL SERVICE IN SOME AREAS.<br /> VISA &amp; MASTERCARD NOW ACCEPTED AT ALL SALES; DEBIT CARD AT MOST SALES. CASH IS ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE AS WELL.</p> <p>DISCLAIMER: Although every effort has been made to produce accurate and complete sale bills, Garton&#39;s Auction Service will not be held responsible for errors / omissions appearing in this web site or print ads, nor will we assume responsibility for discrepancies between printed advertising and sales listed on this website. If a discrepancy is found between printed advertising and this web site, please contact Garton&#39;s Auction Service directly to confirm sale date, time, location, and other details Neither the auctioneers nor the owner is responsible for any error in description, condition, additions or deletions of items. All items sell &#39;as is, where is&#39;. Auctioneer and owners not responsible for accidents. To place an absentee bid on items appearing in our auctions please see the form on our website at</p>



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Auction Items For Sale

Check website for full details.

Qty of clocks (various descriptions)

Qty of radios (var descriptions)

CIL ammo crate

Brass blow torch

Airplane ashtray

Adams tillage tool display

Minniapolis Molone service clock

Coo-Coo Clocks

Railway lanterns

Gargoil oil tin

Massey oil tin

Qty of small toy cars

Bonnie Bray Ice cream clock

Oil and gas lamps

Bed lamp

Darling Debbie doll

Antique level

Doll clothes


Manitou Wapah picture

BC food & nutrition book

Horse feeder

Hand drill

Misc door handles & parts

Cow kickers & cow chains

Foot warmer

Starbook Company box

Strauss radio

Pyrina fire extinguisher

Domestic shortening tin

Remington typewriter

Metal grate

Antique clothes washer


CNR lantern

Pedestal dish

Leather belt

Green depression glass


Electric coffee pot

Red Pontiac car

5gal Red Wing crock

2gal Medelta crock

Egg crate

Family scale

Army pins

Players cigarette tin


5 sequential Brandon centennial 

Bicycle license plates

Oil lamps

Vintage car bumper

Vintage hardcover mystery book

Trixie Belden book series set

Copper boiler

Vintage suitcase

Oil & grease cans

Cabbage cutter

Zane Gray book

Billiard table light

B/A cooler

Railway flashlights

Cigarette tins

Model T-24 Michegan Dragline

1/16 scale JD 720 1956 Diecast replica

1/16 scale JD Model 60

Majorett 3000

 Ford fire truck

JD R Diesel

Red metal truck

Dump truck

Tru scale 2 furrow plow

Single disk

JD move 60 1953 1/16 scale

IHC seedrill

Tru scale bucket & loader

US army truck

U-Haul truck

Lever action car

Green lever action car

Trash masher

1/16 scale JD model A tractor

1/16 scale XUV 550 S4 gator

Bale elevator

Marx garbage truck

Blue metal truck

Red dump truck

JD TRUCK & flat deck

Macleod world atlas

Enamel dippers

Antique clippers

Ceramic dog

Lg silver pot

4 wall pictures

Water pitcher

Misc old cups & saucers, etc

Misc collectable glasses

Depression glass sugar bowl

Depression glass creamer – chipped

Misc air force pins

Wade ornaments

Qty toy army figurines


Ronsin lighter/carrying case

Tobacco tins

Misc old stamps

Stetson cigar box

Skeleton keys

Cigarette tins

Cuff links & tie clips

Levelmatic fishing reel

Antique trivit

Sm red firetruck

Wicker basket


Camel tube patch kit


Misc key chains

Binder twine box

MB warning signs

Coke tray

Explosive box

Toy guns & holsters

Wooden frame portrait

License plates

45 records

Selection of pins

Shoe brushes

Harvester cigar box

Lions memorabilia

Match collection

Misc advertisement

Pearl Harbor book

Red Beacon lantern

Barn lantern

Ne Qwa art kit

Metal water pail

Glass cream separator

Roy Rogers lunch box

Fur hand warmer

Bols collector bottles

Old ice bucket

Tambel torches


Cylinder records

JR meaken plate

Platte Valley brown jug

Boom box

Woods towel dispenser

Covered wagon lamp kit

Misc toys

Sport plane kit


Sm cream can

Blue Ribbon biscuit tin

Wind charm


Tobacco tins

Antique & collectible book

Mantle clock

Assort AVON

2 Pepsi sign boards w/letters, etc

3 COKE trays

Assort jack knives

Lg mechanics book

Mini sleigh & rack

2 Scotch tops for harness

2 straps, harness bells – 4 to a strap

Bk gas iron in box w/trivet

2gal salt glaze crock

Eagle box w/assort lamp burners & wicks

Gold pen stand

T-12ga brass Ducks Unlimited shells

Remington comm. Tin box

Aladin mantel in box

2 Victor talking machine paper & pkg & needles

2 talking machine tin box & needles

Legion pocket watch

2 framed posters