Barz Estate - Farm Machinery Auction

Farm Auction in 635 Olive Avenue Hampton, IA 50441, Hampton Iowa, United States

22 Friday
November 22nd, 2019 10:00 AM
Steffes Group Inc.
Phone: (701) 237-9173

Barz Estate - Farm Machinery Auction

Farm Auction in 635 Olive Avenue Hampton, IA 50441, Hampton Iowa, United States

Friday at - 22nd November , 2019


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Auction Items For Sale

A clean line of late model John Deere equipment! For details contact auction managers, Duane Norton or Nate Larson at Steffes Group, 319.385.2000 or 515.450.7778 Duane’s cell or 641.530.5528 Nate’s cell.


Auction located 7 miles south of Hampton on Highway 65, then 2 miles east on 70th Street/ County Highway C55, then ½ mile south on Raven Ave.  Auction held at 522 Raven Avenue, Geneva, Iowa.

Auctioneer’s Note:
  Due to the passing of Kevin & Julia Barz, the family has decided to sell this line of equipment.  We are honored that they trusted Steffes Group to market this clean line of equipment.  This auction will be a live public auction and we invite you to join us on auction day.  Online bidding will be available on major items.



2012 Caterpillar Challenger MT765C, 2,719 hrs., powershift, deluxe cab, instructional seat, 5 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, Lg. 1000 PTO, guidance ready, HID lights, power mirrors, (20) front weights, 24" belts, S/N AGCC0765LNUC01282



2012 John Deere 6130D, 1,614 hrs., MFWD, 9 speed, LHR, cab, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 540/1000 PTO, LH/RH door, mid mount couplers, integrated joystick, sells w/ JD H310 loader, 84" bucket, 18.4-38 rears, 14.9-24 fronts, S/N 1P06130DTCH020807

Frontier, pallet forks, 48", JD loader mount, S/N 1XFAP12GLF0011418


International 656 Hydro, 7,482 hrs., gas, open station, 1 hyd., 540 PTO, NF, 15.5-38 rears


OMC Mustang342, 5,783 hrs., skid loader, 64" bucket, ROPS cage, T-post & foot control, manual detach, 10.16.5 NHS tires


2010 John Deere 608CStalkmaster, chopping corn head, 8x30", single point hook-ups, stubble lights, hyd. deck plates, HHS, row sense, knife rolls, S/N 1H0608CCCA0735769


2006 John Deere 630FHydra Flex, flex head, 30', hyd. fore/aft, series 70 hook-ups, full fingered, stubble lights, long/short tiger jaw sided, S/N H00630F716308



Unverferth HT30, 30', wagon gear style, 7.50-10 tires

EZ Trail 672, 25', wagon gear style header trailer, 20.5x80-10 tires, S/N 672E081798Z10040


2012 John Deere 1770NT CCS,planter, 16x30", 2 pt., tri-fold markers, Exact Emerge units, Delta-Force down pressure, precision clean sweep shark tooth row cleaners, rubber closing wheel, AMVAC smart box, S/N A01770P720309


Montag CO9A, commodity cart, 12 discharge hoses, single axle, steerable axle, scale, Avery Weight Tronix 640M scale head, hyd. drive, 380/90R46 tires, S/N C09085

Orthman 612001, fertlizer bar, 12x30", 3 pt., liquid & dry, no till coulters, 8" sweeps, Dura-Faced Spider closers, S/N 040510



Unverferth 2750, seed tender, 6"x18', tandem axle, bumper hitch, 180 degree belt conveyor, scale, tarp, Honda 6X340 electric start gas engine, ST235/80R16 tires, S/N D52450272



2014 Hagie STS12, 1,512 hrs., self-propelled sprayer, 120' boom, 1,200 gal. SS tank, all wheel steer, High Torque, SS piping, 15" spacing, 3 nozzle body, LH/RH foamer, 9 section shutoff, Norac boom system, wheel motor shields, fenders, deluxe cab, leather operator seat, GS rate controller, Raven Induction system, 320/105R54 tires, S/N 16111414077

(4) Firestone 380/105R50 on Hagie rims
(4) Flotation tires on Hagie rims


John Deere 510, disc ripper, 7 shank, 30", 5" points, 11L-15F1 tires, S/N N00510X003737

John Deere 400, rotary hoe, 30', 3 pt., flat fold

John Deere 875, row crop cultivator, 12x30", 3 pt., flat fold, rolling shields

John Deere, plow, 5x20"

Cultipacker, 16', 3 section, pull type



Fox 3310, forage harvester, 540 PTO, pull type, 7' pick up head, electric spout swivel

Fox, silage head, 2 row

Gehl 1580, silage blower, 540 PTO

Gehl, feeder wagon, 540 PTO



OMC 235, mower conditioner, 12', center pivot, swing tongue, rubber rolls, hyd. drive

MC 180SB, stalk chopper, 15', 1000 PTO, paddle knives, S/N 49971

New Idea, sickle mower, 7', pull type



2011 Brent 1194, grain cart, 20" auger, scale, tarp, two camera system, Lg. 1000 PTO, 36" belts, Unverferth 410 scale head, S/N B28980109



Westfield MK 100-71, swing hopper, 10"x71', 540 PTO, walker hopper, hyd. lift, 205/70R15 tires, S/N 190692

Feterl W1292, swing hopper, 12"x92', 540 PTO, walker hopper, hyd. lift, S/N CSWA00391

Mayrath, swing hopper, 8"x72', 540 PTO, hyd. lift

Westfield WR80-31, truck auger, 8"x31', cable lift, 7.5 hp. electric motor, 230V, 1 phase, dolly wheel jack, S/N Z00759



1997 Wilson Pacesetter DWH-400, hopper bottom, 41'x96"x72", tandem axle, non-ag hoppers, alum. back, air ride, Thunder 6000 electric tarp, 285/75R24.5 on alum. wheels (outside), VIN 1W1MBF1A8VA225408

1992 Featherlite 8110, livestock trailer, 20'x7', tandem axle, gooseneck, alum., single cut, curb side walk door, combo end gate, 7.50-16LT tires on steel, VIN 1FPLZ0200NA82638



Hay Rack 16'x8', w/ poly tank, inductor, John Deere running gear

Hay Rack, 14'x8', 2" floor

Barge Box, 6x12'



Loftness, snow blower, 92", 3 pt., 540 PTO

2007 KAY, fuel barrel, 750 gal., Fillrite FR700V 115V pump, Series 800 meter, S/N 200329

2007 KAY, fuel barrel, 750 gal., Fillrite FR700V 115V pump, Series 800 meter, S/N 200099

Cattle Loading Chute, 13' 6" x 36" steel, portable

Bean Rider, 4 person



John Deere 2630, 294 hrs., display, SF2, AutoTrac, RowSense, GS3, Section Control, S/N PCGUTUA356653

John Deere 2630, 3,600 hrs., display, SF2, Section Control, S/N PCGU2UA308857

John Deere 2600, 3,267 hrs., display, SF1, S/N PCGU26H189154

John Deere Starfire 6000, globe, 3D SFI, S/N PCS161B911221

John Deere Starfire 3000, globe, 3D, SF1, S/N PCGT3TA683017

John Deere Starfire 3000, globe, 3D, RTK, SF1, S/N PCGT3TA122331

John Deere Starfire 3000, globe, SF1, S/N PCGT3TA119434


Click Here to View Day 1 of the Auction - Franklin County Land 263± Acres


Owner: Kevin L. Barz EstateTaryn Barz, Coleton Barz & Trey Barz – Co-Executors

For real estate information contact Nate Larson at Steffes Group, 641.423.1947 or 641.530.5528.For equipment information contact Duane Norton at Steffes Group, 641.423.1947 or 515.450.7778.