Durden Farm Auction

Online Auction in Metter Georgia, United States

28 Tuesday
March 28th, 2017
United Country Low Country Auction & Real Estate
Phone: 912-764-9265

Durden Farm Auction

Online Auction in Metter Georgia, United States

Tuesday at - 28th March , 2017


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Auction Items For Sale

Low Country Auction & Real Estate has been commissioned to liquidate the assets of a local estate. Included in this auction will be a range of vintage farm equipment, tools, trucks, and more. All items will stay at the location of the estate where preview days are March 22nd and March 27th from 3pm to 6pm and pick up will be directly from the location of the estate at the address of 3642 Bass Rd, Metter, GA 30439.





Lot#: 6001 - Craftsman riding mower

Lot#: 6002 - Vintage farm wagon

Lot#: 6003 - Fertilizer spreader

Lot#: 6004 - Vintage pine tree planter

Lot#: 6005 - vintage 2 row cultivator

Lot#: 6006 - Vintage pull-behind rotary cutter

Lot#: 6007 - 6 foot rotary mower

Lot#: 6008 - 5 foot disc

Lot#: 6009 - Field cultivator

Lot#: 6010 - Vintage two-row bottom plow

Lot#: 6011 - Vintage John Deere disc harrow

Lot#: 6012 - Ford hay baler

Lot#: 6013 - Ford hay rake

Lot#: 6014 - Ford 3610 farm tractor

Lot#: 6016 - Vintage farm wagon

Lot#: 6017 - 6 foot cultivator

Lot#: 6018 - Scoop bucket for small tractor

Lot#: 6019 - Ford hay cutter

Lot#: 6020 - Ford bottom plow

Lot#: 6021 - 5 foot scrape blade

Lot#: 6022 - Vintage Farmall "A" Cub

Lot#: 6023 - Farmall Super A tractor

Lot#: 6024 - 1960 Cheverolet C10 Appachie

Lot#: 6025 - Vintage Cole planter

Lot#: 6026 - 1953 CHEVEROLET 3100

Lot#: 6027 - Vintage bicycle

Lot#: 6028 - Vintage syrup boiler

Lot#: 6029 - 1958 Chevrolet Spartan Farm Truck

Lot#: 6030 - Vintage double trees

Lot#: 6031 - 1984 CHEVROLET 1500 SIVERADO

Lot#: 6032 - Vintage single trees


Lot#: 6034 - Vintage mule-drawn hay cutter


Lot#: 6036 - Large assortment of plow sweeps and disc

Lot#: 6037 - Vintage wooden turpentine barrel

Lot#: 6038 - Vintage corn sheller

Lot#: 6039 - Vintage pea sheller

Lot#: 6040 - Vintage two-row fertilizer distributor

Lot#: 6041 - Vintage two-row fertilizer distributor

Lot#: 6042 - Vintage crosscut saw

Lot#: 6043 - Vintage enamel table top

Lot#: 6044 - Vintage Whetstones

Lot#: 6045 - Craftsman welder

Lot#: 6046 - Vintage plow hardware

Lot#: 6047 - Small metal garden cart

Lot#: 6048 - Vintage gas/ kerosene cans

Lot#: 6049 - Vintage fuel can and funnel

Lot#: 6050 - Vintage plow parts

Lot#: 6051 - Ladder deer stand

Lot#: 6052 - Vintage turpentine bucket

Lot#: 6053 - One small garden disc

Lot#: 6054 - Assorted chicken feeders

Lot#: 6055 - Assorted attic fans and 1 stainless steel sink

Lot#: 6056 - Assorted waste pumps

Lot#: 6057 - Vintage corn sheller

Lot#: 6058 - Small straw rake

Lot#: 6059 - Small engine

Lot#: 6060 - Craftsman yard vacuum

Lot#: 6061 - Vintage lawn mower

Lot#: 6062 - Vintage Gate

Lot#: 6063 - Garden sprinklers

Lot#: 6064 - Assorted Garden sprinklers

Lot#: 6065 - Boom pole for tractor

Lot#: 6066 - 4 row bottom plow

Lot#: 6067 - Vintage turpentine hack

Lot#: 6068 - Vintage mule or horse-drawn wagon

Lot#: 6069 - Vintage Sears and Roebuck riding lawn mower

Lot#: 6070 - Vintage pipe vise

Lot#: 6071 - Vintage hardwood door

Lot#: 6072 - Vintage wooden door

Lot#: 6073 - Vintage hardwood doors

Lot#: 6074 - Vintage hardwood doors

Lot#: 6075 - Vintage window frame

Lot#: 6076 - Assorted parts to fit Farmall tractors

Lot#: 6077 - Hay elevator

Lot#: 6078 - Sheffield plows

Lot#: 6079 - Sheffield plows

Lot#: 6080 - Assorted parts for Farmall tractors

Lot#: 6081 - Bulk fuel tank

Lot#: 6082 - Vintage propane tank

Lot#: 6083 - Bulk fuel tank

Lot#: 6084 - Vintage pulp wood saw

Lot#: 6085 - Bulk diesel fuel tank

Lot#: 6086 - John Deere planters

Lot#: 6087 - Vintage lubricant buckets or grease buckets

Lot#: 6088 - Two #2 wash tubs

Lot#: 6089 - Small galvanized wash bucket

Lot#: 6090 - Vintage propane heaters

Lot#: 6091 - Vintage tobacco transplanter

Lot#: 6092 - Vintage Farm Duster

Lot#: 6093 - Vintage tobacco transplanter

Lot#: 6094 - Vintage Farm Duster

Lot#: 6095 - Vintage cardboard oil cans

Lot#: 6096 - Vintage oil cans

Lot#: 6097 - Vintage oil can

Lot#: 6098 - Vintage McCulloch chainsaw

Lot#: 6099 - Vintage Poulan chainsaw

Lot#: 6100 - McCulloch chainsaw

Lot#: 6101 - Husqvarna chain saw

Lot#: 6102 - Two small chainsaws

Lot#: 6103 - Craftsman chainsaw

Lot#: 6104 - Vintage Gulf oil buckets

Lot#: 6105 - Vintage gulf oil buckets

Lot#: 6106 - Vintage 5 gallon oil cans

Lot#: 6107 - Vintage straw cutter

Lot#: 6108 - Vintage kerosene torch

Lot#: 6109 - Vintage wooden turpentine barrel

Lot#: 6110 - Dove stool

Lot#: 6111 - Aluminum extension ladder

Lot#: 6112 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6113 - 2 inch transfer pump

Lot#: 6114 - Vintage tractor canopy

Lot#: 6115 - Hydraulic cylinder

Lot#: 6116 - Vintage canvas tractor cab

Lot#: 6117 - Five gallons of high temperature grease

Lot#: 6118 - Vintage copper radiator

Lot#: 6119 - One box of 12-2 Romex wire

Lot#: 6120 - Vintage military Foot Locker

Lot#: 6121 - 55 gallon drum with pump

Lot#: 6122 - Vintage wooden storage box

Lot#: 6123 - Assorted plastic gas cans

Lot#: 6124 - Vintage fence stretcher

Lot#: 6125 - Vintage cotton scales

Lot#: 6126 - Four vintage barrel pumps

Lot#: 6127 - Vintage wooden crates and five gallon bucket

Lot#: 6128 - Barbed wire fencing

Lot#: 6129 - Vintage gas cans and cases of motor oil

Lot#: 6130 - Bulk quantity of nails and axe heads

Lot#: 6131 - 1 Ford tractor seat & hedge trimmer attachment

Lot#: 6132 - Assorted hardware

Lot#: 6133 - Assorted vintage items

Lot#: 6134 - Vintage tire changer

Lot#: 6135 - Bubble balancer

Lot#: 6136 - Craftsman riding lawn mower

Lot#: 6137 - Vintage Ford lawn mower

Lot#: 6138 - Pressure washer

Lot#: 6139 - Vintage wheel balancer

Lot#: 6140 - Craftsman drill press

Lot#: 6141 - Arc welder

Lot#: 6142 - Primitive kitchen cabinet

Lot#: 6143 - Air compressor

Lot#: 6144 - Vintage house jack

Lot#: 6145 - Vintage block and tackle

Lot#: 6146 - Vintage broad axe

Lot#: 6147 - Assorted garden tools

Lot#: 6148 - Assorted garden tools

Lot#: 6149 - Assorted garden tools

Lot#: 6150 - Assorted garden tools

Lot#: 6151 - Assorted garden tools

Lot#: 6152 - Assorted vintage garden tools

Lot#: 6153 - Assorted hand tools

Lot#: 6154 - Axe and bush axe

Lot#: 6155 - Vintage log roller

Lot#: 6156 - Vintage post hole tamp

Lot#: 6157 - Splitting mauls

Lot#: 6158 - Primitive wooden box

Lot#: 6159 - Assorted hydraulic bottle jacks

Lot#: 6160 - Assorted vintage jacks

Lot#: 6161 - Assorted primitive hand tools

Lot#: 6162 - Assorted vintage bottles

Lot#: 6163 - Vintage glass bottles

Lot#: 6164 - Vintage rod and reel and tackle box

Lot#: 6165 - Vintage log hook

Lot#: 6166 - Two pair of jumper cables

Lot#: 6167 - Primitive wooden toolbox

Lot#: 6168 - Assorted gas cans

Lot#: 6169 - Gasoline powered lawn tools

Lot#: 6170 - Metal shelf unit

Lot#: 6171 - 12 ton shop press

Lot#: 6172 - Vintage power tools

Lot#: 6173 - Assortment of vintage wood planes

Lot#: 6174 - Metal tool box

Lot#: 6175 - Heavy duty grinder

Lot#: 6176 - Craftsman tool box full of tools

Lot#: 6177 - 2 Craftsman Weed Eaters

Lot#: 6178 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6179 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6180 - Vintage Craftsman toolbox and assorted tools

Lot#: 6181 - Craftsman tool box full of tools

Lot#: 6182 - Craftsman bench grinder

Lot#: 6183 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6184 - Vintage electric fan

Lot#: 6185 - Vintage cast iron

Lot#: 6186 - Primitive wooden tool box

Lot#: 6187 - Jack stands

Lot#: 6188 - 1 vintage wooden box and contents

Lot#: 6189 - Miscellaneous vintage hardware

Lot#: 6190 - Electric fence charger

Lot#: 6191 - Assorted chain hooks, clevis and more

Lot#: 6192 - 15 feet of chain

Lot#: 6193 - Assorted chain

Lot#: 6194 - 20 feet of chain

Lot#: 6195 - Drive on ramps

Lot#: 6196 - Metal work table

Lot#: 6197 - Pole saw

Lot#: 6198 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6199 - Block and tackle

Lot#: 6201 - Heavy duty welding cart

Lot#: 6202 - Vintage floor jack

Lot#: 6203 - Vintage service station oil display rack

Lot#: 6204 - Vintage John Deere chain wrench

Lot#: 6205 - Levels and framing squares

Lot#: 6206 - Vintage knives, machete and more

Lot#: 6207 - Primitive tools

Lot#: 6208 - Assorted pry bars

Lot#: 6209 - Assorted vintage saws

Lot#: 6210 - Vintage hand drill

Lot#: 6211 - Drill and assorted bits

Lot#: 6212 - Assorted hammers

Lot#: 6213 - Assorted hammers

Lot#: 6214 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6215 - Two complete wrench sets

Lot#: 6216 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6217 - Assorted vintage items

Lot#: 6218 - Assorted vintage oil cans

Lot#: 6219 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6220 - Vintage brace and bit

Lot#: 6221 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6222 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6223 - Assorted iron pry bars

Lot#: 6224 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6225 - Assorted welding and soldering supplies

Lot#: 6226 - Assorted extension cords

Lot#: 6227 - Assorted mechanical tools

Lot#: 6228 - Assorted mechanical tools

Lot#: 6229 - Vintage wooden box and contents

Lot#: 6230 - Assorted chainsaw chain

Lot#: 6231 - Assorted tools

Lot#: 6232 - Vintage tractor tires

Lot#: 6233 - 2 come alongs

Lot#: 6234 - Assorted chemicals and supplies

Lot#: 6235 - Vintage yardstick

Lot#: 6236 - Vintage wooden shelf

Lot#: 6237 - Vintage medicine cabinet

Lot#: 6238 - Rack for cleaning deer includes rope and tickle

Lot#: 6239 - Primitive turpentine tools

Lot#: 6240 - Primitive turpentine tools

Lot#: 6241 - Primitive turpentine tools

Lot#: 6242 - Primitive sugar cane tools

Lot#: 6243 - Primitive tools

Lot#: 6244 - Vintage and primitive cast iron accessories

Lot#: 6245 - Vintage tools

Lot#: 6246 - Vintage cotton scale

Lot#: 6247 - Vintage crosscut saw

Lot#: 6248 - A pair of cow bells

Lot#: 6249 - Primitive plow parts and primitive tools.

Lot#: 6250 - A pair of primitive hay hooks

Lot#: 6251 - Vintage wooden extension ladder

Lot#: 6252 - Vintage work vise

Lot#: 6253 - Miniature decorative windmill

Lot#: 6254 - Primitive plow parts

Lot#: 6255 - Vintage anvil

Lot#: 6256 - Grain auger

Lot#: 6257 - Vintage pulleys

Lot#: 6258 - Vintage ice tongs

Lot#: 6259 - Vintage cow bells and horseshoe

Lot#: 6260 - Vintage bottle corker

Lot#: 6261 - Vintage truck horn

Lot#: 6262 - Assorted vintage hardware

Lot#: 6263 - Vintage horse harness and singletree

Lot#: 6264 - Vintage turpentine cups

Lot#: 6265 - Three vintage turpentine cups

Lot#: 6266 - Assorted horse and buggy hardware

Lot#: 6267 - Vintage crosscut saw

Lot#: 6268 - Vintage crosscut saw

Lot#: 6269 - Vintage automotive license plates

Lot#: 6270 - Vintage automotive license plates

Lot#: 6271 - Vintage automotive license plates

Lot#: 6272 - Vintage automotive license plates

Lot#: 6273 - Vintage enamel kitchenware

Lot#: 6274 - Vintage tools

Lot#: 6280 - Field cultivator

Lot#: 6281 - Vintage tin

Lot#: 6284 - Vintage John Deere Combine

Lot#: 6285 - Double sided Gulf oil sign

Lot#: 6286 - Vintage Bishop riverboat

Lot#: 6287 - Assorted fishing tackle rods and reels and more

Lot#: 6288 - Vintage farm wagon

Lot#: 6289 - Vintage Cole planter

Lot#: 6290 - Vintage Cole planter

Lot#: 6291 - Vintage Cole planter

Lot#: 6292 - Vintage Cole planter

Lot#: 6293 - One partial roll of hardware cloth

Lot#: 6294 - Vintage iron gates

Lot#: 6295 - Two vintage iron gates

Lot#: 6296 - Vintage saw blade

Lot#: 6297 - Vintage saw blades

Lot#: 6298 - Vintage iron wheels

Lot#: 6299 - Vintage iron wheels

Lot#: 6300 - Vintage tire and wheel assembly

Lot#: 6301 - Vintage turpentine cups

Lot#: 6302 - Vintage cookie jar with original lid and bail

Lot#: 6303 - Four original Chevrolet truck hubcaps

Lot#: 6304 - Vintage wrought iron bed

Lot#: 6305 - Two vintage crosscut saw blades

Lot#: 6306 - Primitive well bucket

Lot#: 6307 - Vintage incubator

Lot#: 6308 - Primitive wooden table

Lot#: 6309 - Vintage barn wood

Lot#: 6310 - Assorted fence hardware

Lot#: 6311 - Deep freezer

Lot#: 6312 - Electric clothes dryer

Lot#: 6313 - Clothes washer

Lot#: 6314 - Vintage household items

Lot#: 6315 - Vintage print

Lot#: 6316 - Vintage mantel clock

Lot#: 6317 - Bread box and knife block

Lot#: 6318 - Cookie jar

Lot#: 6319 - Assorted CorningWare

Lot#: 6320 - Assorted CorningWare

Lot#: 6321 - Assorted butcher knives

Lot#: 6322 - Assorted flatware and kitchen utensils

Lot#: 6323 - Assorted cast iron cookware

Lot#: 6324 - Kitchen table and chairs

Lot#: 6325 - Fireplace

Lot#: 6326 - Contents of the top of china cabinet

Lot#: 6327 - Contents of bottom of china cabinet

Lot#: 6328 - Mahogany china cabinet

Lot#: 6329 - Vintage tea pitcher with 8 glasses

Lot#: 6330 - Vintage footed glasses

Lot#: 6331 - Contents of kitchen cabinet

Lot#: 6332 - Contents of formal living room

Lot#: 6333 - Contents of front porch

Lot#: 6334 - Vintage gun cabinet

Lot#: 6335 - Contents of bedroom

Lot#: 6336 - Contents of bedroom

Lot#: 6337 - Large primitive kitchen cabinet

Lot#: 6338 - Large Dinner Bell

Lot#: 6339 - Vintage cane grinder

Lot#: 6340 - Vintage sink

Lot#: 6341 - 3 vintage metal chairs

Lot#: 6342 - Chairs

Lot#: 6343 - Assorted enamel household where

Lot#: 6344 - Assorted cast iron cookware

Lot#: 6345 - Assorted milk glass

Lot#: 6346 - Large cast iron wash pot

Lot#: 6347 - Large cast iron wash pot

Lot#: 6348 - Heavy duty wheelbarrow

Lot#: 6349 - Pecan Harvesters

Lot#: 6350 - Galvanized wash tub and water keg

Lot#: 6351 - Vintage pottery vases

Lot#: 6352 - Vintage field cultivator

Lot#: 6353 - Hay rake

Lot#: 6354 - Disc harrow

Lot#: 6355 - Stalk chopper

Lot#: 6356 - Vintage farm equipment

Lot#: 6357 - Vintage Royal typewriter

Lot#: 6358 - Vintage Sears and Roebuck adding machine

Lot#: 6359 - Contents of living room

Lot#: 6360 - Vintage Bradford guitar

Lot#: 6361 - Vintage hand-made quilt

Lot#: 6362 - Vintage hand-made quilt

Lot#: 6363 - Vintage hand-made quilt

Lot#: 6364 - Vintage hand-made quilt

Lot#: 6365 - Vintage handmade quilt

Lot#: 6366 - Vintage hand-made quilt

Lot#: 6367 - Vintage hand-made quilt

Lot#: 6368 - Vintage hand-made quilt

Lot#: 6369 - Vintage hay wire

Lot#: 6370 - Vintage Vice

Lot#: 6371 - Tobacco Sticks

Lot#: 6372 - Boom Pole Mount for Cane Mill

Lot#: 60242 - (2) 14.9 - 26 turf tires and wheels

Lot#: 60262 - Vintage aluminum cooler

Lot#: 60292 - A pair of vintage plow handles

Lot#: 60312 - Assorted sizes of vintage single trees

Lot#: 60332 - Vintage single trees

Lot#: 60352 - Assorted vintage implement parts

Lot#: 66013 - Vintage John Deere grain drill