U.S. Marshals (Featured) online auction ending 5/10/2021

Online Auction in Woodland California, United States

10 Monday
10th May, 2021

U.S. Marshals (Featured) online auction ending 5/10/2021

Online Auction in Woodland California, United States

Monday at - 10th May , 2021


1. DEFINITIONS: The term "Seller" refers to the United States Marshals Service. The term "Auction Company" refers to RBEX Inc dba Apple Towing Co./Apple Auctioneering Co. The term "Authorized Agent" refers to RBEX Inc dba Apple Towing Co./Apple Auctioneering Co.'s prime contractors (Cazador Investments, LLC for Vessels), sub-contractors and other authorized parties. The term "High Bidder" and "Buyer" refers to the successful high bidder at the Auction. The term "Bidder" refers to any bidder at the Auction. The term "Auction" refers to the Seller's auction event presented by the Auction Company. The term "Property" refers to the assets (vehicles, vessels, and merchandise) to be bid at the Auction and sold to the High Bidder. The term "Contract" refers to the agreement between Buyer and Seller concerning the purchase of the Property. 2. GENERAL INFORMATION: The placement of a successful bid at Seller's Auction establishes a legally binding contract between the successful High Bidder (Buyer) and the Seller. The Auction Company's Auctioneer's announcement of the high bid amount and the bidder's number, or by placing an online bid, establishes the Contract which may be subject to final acceptance by the Seller. This Contract is bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as special terms and conditions published by the Auction Company for the specific Auction and other Federal regulations governing contracts for the purchase of the Seller's Property. The successful bidder is legally bound to pay for the Property awarded in accordance with its/his/her bid. The Auction Company is acting as the agent of the Seller with respect to the sale of the Seller's Property. 3. ELIGIBILITY OF BIDDER: (a) Our services are available only to and may only be used by individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, our services are not available to individuals under the age of 18 or to temporarily or indefinitely suspended members. (b) Eligibility of Bidder: The Bidder warrants that he/she is not: (i) Under 18 years of age; (ii) An employee of any department or agency of the Federal Government prohibited by the regulations of that agency from purchasing property sold hereunder; (iii) An agent or immediate member of the household of the employee in (ii) above; (iv) The contractor, subcontractor or vendor, their agent or employee who has access to information concerning the property to be sold at Seller's auctions that is not generally available to the public; (v) Presently debarred or declared ineligible for the award of contracts by any Federal agency in accordance with 41 CFR 101-45.6; (vi) Or the party or representing the party(s) from whom the property was seized and/or forfeited. 4. PROHIBITED BIDDER: Bidder acknowledges that certain persons are individuals prohibited from purchasing assets from Seller and that under certain circumstances Seller will not sell assets to certain individuals. The Auction Company's subcontractor may not act as agent for a third party in purchasing Seller property that is or has been in their custody or control. For breach of any of these warranties, the Seller may terminate these Terms and Conditions and the Contract without liability and may pursue any other sanctions provided by law. 5. REGISTRATION: (a) CREATING A BIDDER ACCOUNT: In the menu bar, create an account by clicking "New Bidder". The username and password that is created will be utilized for all future online auctions. The information provided by the Bidder when setting up the online account will be the information automatically assigned on the title work. (b) ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Bidder is required to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information and maintain and promptly update the registration data to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete. If the Bidder chooses to title their purchases in a business name, the business name and address needs to be utilized. If the Bidder is registering as a business entity, the Bidder represents that they have the authority to bind the entity to these Terms & Conditions. Should the Bidder decide to title their purchases in their person's name, their account information will need to be updated to reflect the desired change prior to the auction closing. This also applies to a change of address or business. This is the responsibility of the Bidder. If the Bidder provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, or Auction Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, Auction Company has the right to suspend or terminate the account and refuse any or all current or future participation. Falsifying bidder registration information is prohibited and will result in revocation of bidding privileges. (c) ACCOUNT RESPONSIBILITY: Buyer is responsible for all transactions on its account, including, without limitation, all bids placed by authorized bidders and bids submitted through the Auction Company's bidding platform. Accounts cannot be transferred. In the event of unauthorized use of Buyer's login information, Buyer is responsible for all bids. (d) VALIDATION: Upon initial registration, Bidder may be required to input a credit card number, but it will only be used to verify the Bidders' identity. There will be no additional registration fees. Any discrepancies between the Bidder's credit card information and their Bidder account information may prohibit participation. (e) APPROVAL TO BID: Seller and/or Auction Company reserves the right to accept or deny bidders for any reason or no reason at all with or without notice. (f) BIDDER ACCOUNT CANCELLATION: Auction Company reserves the right to suspend or revoke Buyer's bidding privileges for any reason or no reason at all with or without notice. 6. BID DEPOSIT: DEPOSIT INSTRUCTIONS: (a) REQUIRED REGISTRATION: Prior to submitting your pre-bid deposit, you are required to register for the featured Auction online. Enter the online Auction, then create an account by clicking "Login/New Bidder" in the top menu bar or the red "Register to Bid" button. Follow the instructions provided. If you have already done so, please proceed to Step b. (b) AUTHORIZATION: Complete the Credit Card Authorization Form. (CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT DEPOSIT). All deposits must be submitted by method of credit card by Monday, 5/10/2021 8am ET. Bidding in this Auction will not be permitted without a credit card validation. Credit card authorizations will place a hold of One-thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) with your credit card company. Failure to provide a valid credit card will preclude participation in this Auction. (c) APPROVAL PROCESS: Once your deposit has been submitted: Please allow up to twenty-four (24) hours for the sales team to run your card and approve your account. (d) CONFIRMATION EMAIL: Once your deposit is received, your bidding privileges will be updated (approved/ denied). You will receive a confirmation email once you have been approved and at that time you may login to begin bidding. Please note: If you do not register for the Auction online, we have no way of adjusting your account privileges to (approved/denied). 7. PREVIEW AND INSPECTION: (a) COVID-19 POLICY: PREVIEW IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY MADE DIRECTY WITH THE AUTHORIZED AGENT (STORAGE FACILITY) AND ALL ATTENDANTS MUST WEAR MASKS. (b) GENERAL INFORMATION: Bidders are urged to inspect the Property prior to bidding. Failure to inspect shall not constitute cause for cancellation of the sale. Seller and/or Auction Company may, at its discretion, provide photographs of the Property as a courtesy to Bidders. Bidders are warned against bidding on any lot(s) based solely on the sample displayed or based on photographs. Seller and Auction Company makes no warranty in relation to these samples or photographs. (c) DATES & TIMES: Preview is by appointment only made directly with the Authorized Agent. Property is available for inspection only at places and times specified by the Seller and/or Auction Company and notated in each asset's description. Absolutely no access to the Property is allowed without prior Seller authorization. Preview after the authorized date/time is not available. (d) REQUIREMENTS: Prior to access into the venue, a copy of each attendants valid Driver's License will be obtained and retained. Passports and Identification Cards are acceptable. (e) PREVIEW POLICY & STANDARDS: (i) Bidders ARE authorized to 1) Start the vehicle but cannot put the vehicle into gear. 2) Pop the hood to check the fluids. 3) Check the air pressure in the tires (gauge not provided by Authorized Agent). 4) Check temperature of the A/C. 5) Use a paint meter magnet to test the thickness of the paint (not provided by Authorized Agent). 6) Take photos of the assets in the preview. 7) Scan the VIN number with smart phone apps. (ii) Bidders ARE NOT authorized to 1) Excessively rev the engine. 2) Excessively turn the volume up on the stereo system. 3) Enter the preview area with any large bags. 4) Enter the preview area with any electronic equipment used to diagnose or test the vehicles computer system. 5) Tamper with any fuses or components that would make the vehicle appear less valuable to other attendants. 6) Take photos of non-forfeited assets, or of the storage facility. (iii) Authorized Agents ARE NOT permitted to 1) allow access on any other date/time specified for the posted auction. 2) discuss their opinion on the vehicles condition. 3) provide specific details on engine types, specifications, or modifications. It is up to the attendant to make their own determination. 4) provide their opinion on the value of the vehicle, or what they believe it will sell for at auction. It is up to the attendant to make their own determination. 8. ITEMS ADDED OR DELETED FROM THE SALE: Seller and Auction Company reserve the right to add or delete Property to or from the Auction at any time. 9. "AS-IS, WHERE-IS": (a) DESCRIPTIONS: These assets are auctioned off AS-IS, WHERE-IS, WITH ALL FAULTS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO AGE, YEAR OF MANUFACTURE, MAKE, MODEL, ODOMETER, CONDITION OR ANY OTHER SPECIFICATION, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY. DESCRIPTIONS OF VEHICLES, WRITTEN, PUBLISHED, OR ORAL ARE FURNISHED AS A GUIDE ONLY. NO GUARANTEE AS TO THE ACCURACY OF THE DESCRIPTION IS MADE. The Auctioneer shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness, or defect in any lot and makes no warranty in connection therewith. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. No allowance, refund or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness, error in cataloging, imperfection, defect, or damage. In addition, any statement that a vehicle starts means that the vehicle was started (with or without assistance) upon arrival during an initial inspection by an Authorized Agent. It is not a warranty or representation that the vehicle will start or run at any time thereafter or that the vehicle is roadworthy. (b) INSPECTION & DUE DILIGENCE: It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to ascertain, confirm, research, inspect, and/or investigate any Property offered prior to placing a bid. Buyer expressly agrees not to base a bid or otherwise rely on any information provided by the Auction Company or any Authorized Agent. Information on conditions is limited and subject to change without notice. Bidders may obtain additional information by attending the live previews and visually inspecting the items. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to have thoroughly inspected the property and to have satisfied him or her as to its condition and value and to bid based upon that judgment solely. (c) TITLE REMARKS: Some vehicles may have branded titles and or odometer discrepancies. Branded titles and odometer discrepancies, when known, are announced, included in the description, or noted on the vehicle. Absence of mention of branded titles or odometer discrepancies or remarks does not constitute any warranty or guarantee. (d) ACCIDENT HISTORY: Some vehicles may have accident history. It is the buyer's responsibility to gather and examine all available information pertaining to the vehicles history and conduct a thorough review prior to bidding. (e) THIRD PARTY INFORMATION: Seller and Auction Company do not certify the accuracy of the information presented by any third-party company that assist in the sale and will not be responsible for any error or omission made on their behalf. 10. TECHNICAL BIDDING DETAILS: (a) SOFT CLOSE: All lots end with a "Soft Close." A "Soft Close" means that if any bid is placed within the last three (3) minutes of the close of the Auction, the bid will automatically extend the closing time an additional three (3) minutes. Example: If a bid is placed at two (2) minutes before close, it will extend the closing time to five (5) minutes. This feature protects Bidders from being outbid without the opportunity to be notified, and therefore allows a Bidder to place another bid before the close of the Auction. (b) PLACING A "MAXIMUM BID": Please be aware that when placing your "Maximum Bid", the website will bid on the Bidder's behalf at the preset bid increment until the Bidder's "Maximum bid" is exceeded. At that point, the Bidder will be notified that they have been outbid (if that option is selected when registering). High Bidder will only pay one increment more than the competing Bidder. Please watch the Auction's closing time stop-clock to determine exactly when the lot will close. (c) TIE BID PRECEDENCE: In the event of a tie bid, precedence is given to the earliest bid. Hypothetical Example: Bidder #1 places a Ten-thousand Dollar ($10,000.00) max bid on a vehicle that currently has a high bid of Five-thousand Dollars ($5,000.00). The high bid is now at Five-thousand and twenty-five Dollars ($5,025.00). Bidder #2 places a max bid at Seven-thousand Dollars ($7,000.00). Bidder #2 is immediately outbid by the Ten-thousand Dollar ($10,000.00) max bid and the high bid immediately adjusts to Seven-thousand and twenty-five Dollars ($7,025.00). Bidder #2 decides to place a Ten-thousand Dollar ($10,000.00) max bid this time. He does not surpass the initial Ten-thousand Dollar ($10,000.00) max bid by Bidder #1; therefore Bidder #2 is not the High Bidder. In the case of a tie bid, precedence is given to the earliest bid. (d) PENDING BIDS: Pending Bids are bids that are placed that are not immediately accepted or put into effect by the Auction Company. Typical reasons for pending bids are as follows: (i) BIDDER REPUTATION: Auction Company is part of a nationwide network of auctioneers that use the Hibid bidding platform. Hibid has developed a rating system for Bidders to protect auctioneers. Bidders accrue points placing bids and registering for auctions. Any time a Bidder is permanently declined by an auctioneer, the bidder loses 20 points. If a bidder has a negative score, he or she may not be able to bid with other auctioneers on the Hibid platform. (ii) DEALER ONLY SALVAGE AUCTIONS: Additional bidding qualifications on assets offered with salvage/ dismantler notations must be met prior to the auction closing. Salvage dealers that wish to bid on these assets must submit a current copy of their State issued Salvage Dealer license to [email protected] for review. Once approved, the Auction Company will update the Bidder's account and any bids that are Pending will be approved/ accepted. This must take place prior to the auction closing. These bidding privileges will remain in effect until the expiration date on the license. It is the Bidder's responsibility to resubmit a new license upon renewal to avoid Pending bids. (iii) ASSET REQUIRES A DEPOSIT: If the Bidder's bids show Pending and the asset is not deemed salvage as mentioned in section (ii) or in negative standing as mentioned in (i), then the asset requires a pre-bid deposit. See Section (6) for deposit instructions. 11. RESERVE: (a) CONSIDERATION OF BIDS: This Auction is conducted with Reserve. The Seller reserves the right to approve the final transfer of Property to the successful High Bidder, even after the Auction lot closes. If the minimum reserve price is not achieved, the Seller may withdraw the goods at any time. In addition, the Seller and/or the Auction Company retains the right to reject any bids for any reason or to make counter offers or accept back up offers at their sole discretion. (b) DISCLOSURE OF MINIMUMS: Neither the Seller nor the Auction Company will disclose the reserve amounts. Please note there will not be a "Reserve Met" or "Reserve Not Met" disclosure during the Auction. 12. AUCTION END AND BID APPROVALS: (a) PROCESS: At the close of the sale, all Bidders will be emailed their bid results and the totals will be forwarded to the Seller for final approval. Once the Auction Company receives approval from the Seller, the Bidder will receive an email notification that the bid has been approved or denied. Payment instructions will be given at that time. Each vehicle is considered a separate purchase. (b) AUTHORITY: Seller and/or Auction Company, reserves the right to: (i) declare an item sold, (ii) postpone or cancel the Auction, (iii) extend the bidding time for this Auction (which may re-open bidding on closed items, if any), (iv) waive any technical defects in bids and/or, (v) re-list the Property for auction at another date and time. The decision of Auction Company on this matter shall be final. Bidder acknowledges that by registering in any auction held by Auction company, Bidder accepts the Terms and Conditions of this disclaimer. 13. PAYMENT: (a) DEADLINE: All items must be paid in full within forty-eight (48) hours (i.e., 2 business days) from the bid approval email. NO EXTENSIONS FOR FINAL PAYMENT WILL BE MADE FOR ANY REASON. (b) ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHODS: Acceptable forms of payment are by method of bank wire transfer or cashier's check with overnight delivery made payable to Apple Towing Co., 2525 South Shore Blvd., Suite 202, League City, Texas 77573; ATTN Kristina Cortez. Account information for bank-wire transfers will be provided in the approval email. The wire transfer must include the buyer's name and reference the lots purchased. Title work will be processed the following business day of the bank wire posting to the account. (c) UNACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHODS: No personal, business, or private issued checks, bank letters, credit/debit cards, money orders, or letters of credit will be accepted. In addition, onsite payment will not be accepted. A High Bidder should not attempt to finance any purchase through a bank or credit union, nor will the Auction Company negotiate with any lender. A Bidder must have the funds available before placing all bids. Payment must be made by the successful registered Bidder. Payment received by parties other than the successful registered Bidder will not be accepted. (d) DEFAULT/NON-PAYMENT: The failure to make required deposit or final payments and/or comply with the timeframes specified in the sales catalog/brochure for removal of the Property shall be deemed forfeiture of any rights, title, and interest the High Bidder may have acquired. The title of such Property shall revert to the Seller without further notice to the High Bidder and will result in the forfeiture of any monies paid. The transaction shall be null and void as to the High Bidder. The Property will be processed for resale at the next available Auction. If a High Bidder does not pay within the specified time frame, backs out, submits a check containing insufficient funds, or issues a "stop payment" that High Bi...


Government Auction - Apple Towing Co | Apple Auctioneering Co is conducting an online auction with reserve on behalf of the United States Marshals Service. All participants in this sale are responsible to read, understand, and comply with the terms of sale as specified herein and agree to be bound thereby. ***$1,000.00 DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO BID (CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT DEPOSIT)*** There will be (one) $1,000 refundable pre-bid deposit required prior to placing a bid on any and all asset(s) in this auction (See Terms & Conditions for instructions).



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