Urban Farmer

Farm Land Auction in Vegreville Alberta, Canada

08 Wednesday
08th July, 2020 12:00 PM

Urban Farmer

Farm Land Auction in Vegreville Alberta, Canada

Wednesday at - 08th July , 2020


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Often farmers or investors looking to invest in farmland will buy land near an urban centre, knowing it will appreciate to a higher degree than land further away.  Well, step into the frame a bit further! ‘Urban Farmer’ is not just close to an urban centre, it is right within an urban centre.  Located in the South-East quadrant of the vibrant Central Alberta town of Vegreville, this Sixty Five acres of highly fertile farmland is going up for sale.  A genuinely distinctive parcel of land with almost three kilometres of frontage on the Vermilion River itself.  Location, Location, Location. This parcel borders Highway 857 on the east and is less than half a kilometre south of the major central Alberta commercial intersection of Highway 16A and Highway 857. 

The sale is all part of an estate divestiture.  There is no need to ask the owners if they are serious about moving ‘Urban Farmer’.  After you look at the Starting Bid, you will know the answer.  With a Starting Bid of twenty-five hundred an acre, the parcel is priced well below what most raw farmland is selling for in Central Alberta, miles from any urban centre.  Not hard to imagine what commercial or industrial use may be made of the land as the town of Vegreville moves south.  Sell off a lot on the frontage in due course and pay for the entire parcel. 

In times like these no need to be concerned about the uncertainty and overpaying, as the high bidder will only be one click ahead of the second bidder.  As the lyrics go "Every storm runs out of rain".  When the Alberta economy makes that one-eighty turn, you will want to find yourself standing on this parcel checking out the rainbow shining down on the world's largest Easter Egg. 

The high bidder on ‘The Southern Eighty’ will be entitled to receive a $20,000.00 credit to be applied to the purchase price of ‘Urban Farmer’ in the event the high bidder of ‘The Southern Eighty’ is also the high bidder on ‘Urban Farmer’.  Such credit is not assignable and both purchases must close in the name of the high bidder.  In the event the credit is used and the ‘Urban Farmer’ parcel is transferred to a third party within 1 year of closing, the high bidder agrees to repay the credit to the Seller.

‘Urban Farmer’ is being offered for sale by way of online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check out the website for updates from time to time. The high bidder will take possession after the 2020 crop is off.