The Big T Intersection

Farm Land Auction in Fort Vermilion Alberta, Canada

07 Tuesday
07th July, 2020 11:00 AM

The Big T Intersection

Farm Land Auction in Fort Vermilion Alberta, Canada

Tuesday at - 07th July , 2020


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The NW 32-109-13-W5 will someday be the textbook example of ‘buy low and sell high’.   This mostly cultivated quarter is located at arguably one of the most strategic intersections in northern Alberta at the intersection of Highway 58 on the north and Highway 88 on the west. Major highway intersections are well known for some of the best long-term investments in raw land.  In addition to the average annual appreciation of farmland, these key quarters often receive a further increase in value as traffic counts escalate.  The Big 'T' has only recently been rezoned Rural Industrial General for commercial development.  The intersection is currently awaiting ground breaking in the NE quadrant across Highway 58 for commercial development.   

This quarter is ideally suited for a service-related business such as a bulk fuel, fertilizer outlet or agri-business staging.  The Big 'T' is only 35 miles east of High Level and a short 10 miles across the mighty Peace River from the Hamlet of Fort Vermilion.  The energetic town of La Crete is located only 25 miles away to the southwest.  This quarter is likely to be an integral part of a major commercial hub in time.  It is not uncommon to see quarters such as the Big 'T’ have small frontage lots sell for well above what the entire quarter was bought for only years earlier.   

The Big 'T' will be offered for sale by by way of online electronic tender.  Check the website for updates from time to time.