Antique Collectible Items Auction

Auction in 53203 rgrd212, Adrossan Alberta, Canada

21 Saturday
October 21st, 2017 10:30 AM
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Antique Collectible Items Auction

Auction in 53203 rgrd212, Adrossan Alberta, Canada

Saturday at - 21st October , 2017


Hi Folks this a very clean one owner auction of antique collectible items,as you can see from the pictures the owners had thier home decorated with these items very nicely done.

I thank the owners for favouring Ed Jones Auction Service to conduct this auction,i had done a previous auction of similar quality and cleanliness for them appr 7years ago i thank them agian.


                                               Terms And Conditions

1 All goods are sold on an"as is" "where is" basis and any description of goods is set out or offered as a guide only; the Auction firm accepts no responsibility for errors in description it being the responsibility of prospective buyers to inspect the property before the sale and satisfy themselves as to condition, age, authenticity.

2 All goods must be settled for in cash or by approved cheque on sale day and before being removed from the auction site ,but nevertheless become the responsibility of purchasers immediately upon the fall of the hammer or sale of an item by the customary manner.

3 The Auction reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and shall control the bidding at all times and in all cases of despute the auctioneer's decision shall be final.

4 I hereby certify that i understand the terms and conditions of sale and that i will be responsible for paying for the goods charged to me.

5 If i pay by cheque,i further certify that there is now on deposit to my credit at the bank on whitch the cheque is drawn,sufficient cleared funds to meet payment and that said funds will remain available for payment of said cheque upon presentation.larger cheques may require letter of credit from bank contact auctioneer 780 668 3946 leave message'

6 If my cheque is not honored for any reason i understand that i will face civil and or criminal charges which will not be withdrawn.

7 Neither the owner or the auction firm will not be responsible for any accidents, or discomforts occured on sale day, on or off sale site.



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Auction Items For Sale

PARCIAL LISTING                 note  wood stove in pictures will not be sold
no buyers fee
Medalta Ice Wateres
Medalta jugs(various)
Medalta Butter Churns(Various)
Medalta Ginger Beer Bottles
Medalta Foot Warmers(Various)
Salesmen samples(jugs, irons)
Cream Cans(Various sizes)
CNR Lanterns
Medalta Insulators
Old Phones
Old Bottles
Medalta Chicken Waterers
Medalta Vases
Old Windows
Singer Sewing machine
2 Burled Walnut Armoires  
Iris and herring bone crystal
Buffet and hutch
Ringer Washer very good condition  1950's 60s
Wash boards
Old snow shoes
Old school desk
Old toys
Yellow Arborite kitchen table and chairs
Medalta Kiln Brick
Cannon Balls
Various Tins in great condition
Various Merchandise containers
Old Cameras
Wagon Wheels
Wooden tools and plains
Wool Carters
2 head cabbage cutter
Grind stones
Wood toboggan
Push mower
Push Tiller
CNR shovels
Wool Carders
Well Pump
Licence plates
Suzuki 100(not running)
1948 Chevrolette one ton truck c/w factory hoist rare.this truck is running needs brakes owner has the parts and some others that go with the truck very good shape and almost completely original no rust a must see
Collecter coins  and bills showen in pictures
1  1881 Canada 1 cent
2  1888 canada 1 cent
3  1901 Canada 1 cent
4  1903 Canada 1 cent
5  1906 Canada 1 cent
6  1906 Canada 1 cent
7  1891 canada 5 cent
8  1896 Canada 5 cent
9  1899 Canada 5 cent
10  1906 canada 5 cent
11  1919 Canada 5 cent
12  1920 Canada 5 cent
13  1942 canada 5 cent-Tombac
14  1943 canada 5 cent-Tombac
15 1968 Canada $1
16  1982 Canada $1-constitution
17  1984 Canada $1-Cartier
18  1935P USA 5 cent
19  1936P USA 5 cent
20  1937P USA 5 cent
21  1923 Canada 25 cent  5 cent bill - shinplaster
22  1937 Canad $1 bill
23  1967 Canada $1 bill-No Serial Number 1867-1967
24  1967 Canada $1 bill-Serial Number
25  1986 canada $2 bill
 Many more items not listed or pictures
all items must be removed sale day