2020 Vision - Pull the Trigger

Farm Land Auction in Vermilion Alberta, Canada

30 Monday
30th March, 2020 9:00 AM

2020 Vision - Pull the Trigger

Farm Land Auction in Vermilion Alberta, Canada

Monday at - 30th March , 2020


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If you’re looking to diversify some of your portfolio into prime Western Canadian Agricultural land, 2020 Vision should be in your crosshairs. East off Highway 41, also called Buffalo Trail, and due south of Elk Point this sounds more like hunting country than top farmland.  Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. This quarter is, in reality, one of the more fertile quarters in the area as is evidenced by its number 2 soil classification, located in a sweet spot where land prices have yet to heat up.

Numerous extraneous factors serve to pressure agricultural land prices to the upside over time.  One significant positive factor is the potential for off-farm income in an area.  With all the current oil & gas industrial activity near this land, no doubt some will see the possibility to buy the quarter and carve out a building spot and either rent or sell the balance of the quarter to area farmers.  The investment potential of this quarter does get better.  At the Starting Bid amount for this quarter, the current SLR of $10,700.00 a year offers up a return on capital of double that regularly seen in today's financial sector.  This is all aside from land rental income and common annual appreciation in farmland prices.  If into catching a wave early, be ready for a spectacular ride here.  When talking appreciation alone, in terms of price per cultivated acre, the Starting Bid for this quarter is approximately 50% of the land, without SLR, sold by CLHbid.com only 20 miles away in 2019.  The crop is off this quarter and it is ready to go to work for its new buyer.  Additional acres could be broke and cultivated in the South West corner if a buyer so decided. 

2020 Vision-Pull the Trigger will be offered for sale by CLHbid.com by way of online electronic tender.  Check the website for updates from time to time.  The high bidder will be entitled to early possession upon payment of the deposit.