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825 Levee Drive
Manhattan, KS United States
Phone: toll free 1.866.608.9283 Contact: Customer Service
Fax: 785.539.5356 Email: Email the Auctioneer
Website: http://www.purplewave.com

Purple Wave Auction is an internet auction service that will sells used equipment to the highest bidder. The easiest, most straightforward way to buy and sell used equipment. Visit  www.purplewave.com or email us at auction@purplewave.com

Tuesday August 05, 2014
Kansas City, KS. United States
Wednesday August 06, 2014
Wichita, KS. United States
Wednesday August 13, 2014
Flemington, MO. United States
Thursday August 14, 2014
Kansas City, MO. United States
Monday August 18, 2014
Wichita, KS. United States
Tuesday August 19, 2014
Plymouth, MN. United States
Wednesday August 20, 2014
Concordia, KS. United States
Wednesday August 27, 2014
Leon, KS. United States
Thursday August 28, 2014
Winona, MN. United States
Saturday August 30, 2014
Atoka, OK. United States
Wednesday September 03, 2014
Sioux Falls, SD. United States
Tuesday September 09, 2014
Vermillion, SD. United States
Wednesday September 10, 2014
United States
Thursday September 11, 2014
United States
Tuesday September 16, 2014
United States
Lending and auction – the basics
Purple Wave Dave reviews the basics of Purple Wave with a focus on lenders. The post Lending and auction – the basics appeared first on Purple Wave.



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